Friday, January 15, 2010

Women to holidays and that 7 days to health?

Women's menstrual health calendar is based on the characteristics of women's menstrual cycle, hormones drawn fully reflect the magic of the role of hormones. Carefully read the following menstrual health calendar, make your every day well, comfortable.

■ The first day: Be careful of migraine
With the beginning of menstruation, migraine headache is also the beginning of torture. Usually a female will become the nerve is very sensitive at this time, in the sense of a headache want to come, the best alone in the dark and quiet bedroom lying still, this can slow the onset of migraine symptoms.

■ The next day: Treatment Vaginitis

The second day of menstruation, lower body blood flow is most smooth, and this is a cure "candidal vaginitis," a good time, because then the most effective drugs. In addition, this time the body produces melatonin, more than ever before, you will sleep safely that day.

■ Day: supplementary vitamin

On this day, you should be particular emphasis on diet, eat foods rich in vitamins. In addition, also take some vitamin supplements can play a multiplier role in preventing colds.

■ fourth day: Body weight decreased slightly

At this point, your body is trying to rule out before the onset of menstruation due to hormone levels caused by excessive water. Then you will pleased to discover that there is no deliberate weight loss, weight has decreased slightly.

■ Day Five: Hair and Skin Care

Since this day is very low estrogen levels will make the hair dull, pale, so skin care, hair is a top priority.

■ On the sixth day: the body of waste discharged

At this time women's metabolism is running at full speed, is emissions of harmful substances in the body wastes and the best time, so you should drink at least 2 liters of water.

■ seventh day: drink red wine

Towards the end of menstruation, when blood vessels and heart of the protective effect of estrogen levels begin to rise slowly. Before going to drink a small cup a day of red wine, will help to better protect the cardiovascular estrogen.

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