Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to reduce eye wrinkles conditioning diet?

The effect of diet on skin how much? Diet can give two to help improve the skin condition.

First of all, your skin needs nutrition to maintain health;
Second, you need to reduce the toxins in the diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables eaten raw when they get fluoride, vitamin A and vitamin C and other antioxidants, good for the skin. Fruits and vegetables if more than 40 ℃, it will destroy one of the fluorine and vitamin C, so as far as possible raw food; raw fruits and vegetables also contain can promote digestion, improve the health of skin and intestinal activity of enzymes. Gastro-intestinal problems, skin problems must! In addition to eating right for your skin health to help the food, the you have to eat to reduce the toxins. This includes eating less high-temperature frying foods, such as all the baked goods, fried, fried, or baked to charred food, these things all contain toxins that harm the skin. The best eaten boiled, steamed, slightly roasted food or raw food.

Through the adjustment of diet can be gradually eliminate wrinkles, delaying the onset of skin aging, specifically to note the following: Please do not stress, here to share with you some simple, the effect has good Phytosome way, you may wish to try, adhere to a time, maybe give you a surprise!The following describes three kinds of wrinkles food.

  Changyin sour milk:Yogurt contains lactic acid and other organic acids such as citric acid with the Portuguese, its dilute solution also has a significant role in sterilization and anti-corrosion, known as the mucosa of the "cleaning agent", it helps soften the skin adhesive surface, removing the old dead cells in this process, the wrinkles also will be eliminated. The yogurt is rich in vitamin A, B, E, and carotene can prevent the body's cells within the unsaturated fatty acid oxidation and decomposition, to maintain the integrity of epithelial cells, and prevent dry skin, hyperkeratosis and make the skin white and tender and elastic and shiny, to avoid wrinkles.

 Eat nucleic acid food:Japanese experts tested, women would have to eat about 800 milligrams of nucleic acid, vitamin 2 g, 4 weeks after the disappearance of the majority of face wrinkles, rough skin becomes smooth and delicate wrinkles, age spots, freckles and so on will be part of the loss or dimmed. Many nucleic acid-rich foods, mainly fish, shrimp and dried small shrimps, animal liver, yeast, black fungus, mushrooms, flowers and pollen, ginseng, honey and so on. Eat the food, you can achieve physical fitness, Totale Phytosome purposes.
Fresh elections chondroitin sulfate food:Chondroitin sulfate, substances, mainly in chicken skin, fish skin, shark's fin, salmon head, as well as chicken and shark cartilage, etc.. Some people eat chicken, fish do not like skin or cartilage is indeed wasteful to discard. As everyone knows, chondroitin sulfate, constitute the dermis elastic fibers of the most important material, the human diet in the absence of chondroitin material, the skin will lose its elasticity, wrinkles appear. In addition, eat pork skin, collagen protein synthesis may also be added, so that the skin to reduce wrinkles or eliminate wrinkles, to maintain smooth and moist and flexible, and delay skin aging.

Phytosome Method Selection:

Phytosome the number of trotters trotters with mother only (Should the general trotters can not find available), cleaned boiled paste, apply on the face when you sleep at night, next morning wash clean, and insisted there will be half a month Phytosome obvious effect.

Jujube mud Zaoni Phytosome rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., for the most natural skin moisturizing, wrinkle effect, can be made mask Fumian, make face smooth, wrinkle stretch.

Alone in the fragrant rice group Phytosome after the rice well to pick something a little soft, warm without too hot rice bunched up into groups, on the face Qingrou to the grease inside the skin pores, dirt sucked out, until the Black Creek Group has become greasy rice, then wash off with water as it will give breathing through their skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.

  Phytosome chewing chewing gum a day 5 to 20 minutes, can reduce facial wrinkles, complexion ruddy. This is because chewing can exercise facial muscles, changes in facial blood circulation, enhance facial cell metabolism

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