Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Chinese standard to determine whether the health of human

1. Eye God

Eyes bright and piercing, no feeling sluggish, indicating precise charge, air foot, San Want, organs with good function.

  2. Noiselessly reconcile

To speak loud and clear voice, breathing leisurely, reflecting the heart lung function and circulatory function well.

 3. Urination unobstructed

Unobstructed urine, urine volume 1000-1500 ml per day, indicating urinary tract functioning properly.

 4. Bowel patency

Stool once or twice a day, no abdominal pain, diarrhea, suggesting that digestion healthy and vigorous.

 5. Physique moderate

Stay in shape symmetry, neither fat nor thin. Standard weight = height (cm) -105 (female minus 100) (kg).

 6. Teeth strong

To maintain oral health, virtually no dental caries and other oral diseases.

7. Yaotui agile

Maintain the movement of more than 3 times a week, every half an hour, so that the muscles, bones and limbs agile and free.

 8. Pulse of the normal

Pulse calm gentle, soft and strong, rhythm and tidy, non-floating is not heavy, medium-intensity, indicating a good heart and circulatory function.

 9. Eating festival

Daily regular quantitative, balanced diet, not picky eaters, non-partial eclipse, do not eat too much, not drinking, no smoking.

 10. Living on time

On time to get up and go to sleep, sleep and good quality

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