Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why do young adults more prone to lymphoma

News Network" announcer Rockingham due to lymphoma, died yesterday morning in Beijing. Actor Lee Ji-Young Yu After that, it was a public figure in this year die from lymphoma. Why lymphoma can frequently kill young lives?

In the ten malignant tumors, lymphoma incidence could be ranked No. 9 or No. 10, male incidence of slightly more than females. And stomach cancer, lung cancer and some other people familiar with than there is a feature of lymphoma, which in the two age groups in the high-fat, one is in the 20-40 year old young people, one is 60 years of age or older. At present, the cause of lymphoma is not clear, possibilities and rays, viral infections, environmental factors and genetic and other relevant.

And other tumors compared to early lymphoma is difficult to find, easy treatment of advanced easy to find, difficult to treat because it is the early stage of the tumor is often painless, easy to be overlooked, most patients are infected with the symptoms of fever before they can come for medical treatment, but once this happens, usually have to late. When the neck, armpit or groin lymph node enlargement, weight loss, fever, night sweats and other symptoms, should be early detection, if necessary, to do lymph node biopsy.

Malignant lymphoma is the first one to cure cancer, from the current situation, in the top ten common malignancy, it has a higher cure rate. Therefore, the public must pay attention to and found physical abnormalities should be promptly for medical treatment

Unhealthy living habits are culprits lymphoma

Lymph nodes and lymph tissue from invading the body's "military" throughout all parts of our body, when the external enemy - when the incoming pathogens and lymphatic leukocytes in charge of production, the "bad elements" drive out. However, this "army" is also often guilty of confusing the time, and sometimes could even suggest a sudden "defection" from the master to attack, while the primary malignant tumor in the lymphatic system, "lymphoma" is one of the most terrible kind of方式. Lymphoma is a malignant tumor in China, one of the ten common, mainly divided into Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma types. According to the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Professional Committee of malignant lymphoma of the end of 2008, a study shows that the incidence of lymphoma in China is rapidly increased - an annual growth rate of 6-10 million to 8 / 10 million, the death toll nearly 20000. Particularly non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, it has become the fastest-growing incidence of hematologic malignancies. Clinical show that about 90% of China's lymphoma patients are concentrated in the 30-60 age group, especially in 40-50 year old group, the incidence of more serious. What is more worrying is that the crowd of young adults suffering from malignant lymphoma is often a higher degree of fast development.

Although the lymphoma by genetic factors, infection factors, the joint action of a variety of reasons, but it sure is, environmental pollution and increase the pace of life accelerated, work pressures, long in the mobile phones, computers and other electronic radiation environment, and frequent hair dye, etc. all contribute to high incidence of lymphoma of the main factors. Therefore, the timely adjust their own patterns of life, to develop healthy living habits, smoking, alcohol, increase exercise, which can help us to resist the invasion of lymphoma. Beauty of the young women must control the number of hair, no hair dye is best to avoid lymphoma induced by chemical substances.

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