Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 kinds of methods to prevent memory loss

Is there any way to prevent the memory of a world recession? Would take a look at the recommendations of psychologists around the world bar.

1, multi-chewing can be increased or memory

Japanese researchers found that chewing can effectively prevent the middle-aged person's memory of a recession. Were the latest thing to remember before there is simply the brain's hippocampus, the hippocampus is a key component of human learning. The finding that older people who chew a good memory of the most fundamental way. Researchers who are chewing brain activity analysis showed that chewing did improve the signal activity in hippocampus, but chew how to stimulate the brain is still a mystery to be solved. Some people believe that chewing has been able to improve people's memory is because it can make people relax, because the person chewing something to ease tension from time to time by themselves, hippocampus can control the blood hormone levels. Therefore, if the old people chew less, of the hormones in their bodies is quite high enough to cause short-term memory loss.

Second, nagging encourage memory

Women love nagging, especially older women, and to some extent helped to extend the memory and life of women. A 20-year American Psychological studies have shown that mental health indicators for older men and women are different, in the above average, female patients the remaining 90%. Experts believe that women are better at than men to adapt to aging, with people more willing to verbal communication; men grow older, the silent majority. The speech is an indispensable means of psychological catharsis can prevent memory loss.

Third, choose diet to help memory

Researchers in Hawaii since 1965 on the 8006 Japanese-Americans began eating habits conducted research to understand the relevance of diet and disease. The researchers suggested that intake of an appropriate amount of "healthy fats" in order to reduce the incidence of thrombosis, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, fish oil) is the normal circulation of blood to maintain a good choice; intake of foods that are high antioxidant ingredients are also very important, should eat foods rich in vitamin E; rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetables is also a good choice for maintaining a healthy.

4, multi-play with a stimulating intellectual

United States, Dr. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Fuji Si over the age of 75 carried out a study of the situation of older persons suffering from amnesia. The results suggest that physical activity can improve health and mental activities are able to significantly reduce the risk of memory loss. Dancing, playing musical instruments, reading, playing cards, crossword puzzles, foreign language, can increase the number of synapses, enhance the signal transduction between nerve cells, the consolidation of memory.

5, sports and fitness can prevent memory loss

We usually think that people have a brain at birth, while the brain as people age, the growth gradually decline until death, and now we have found a number of factors can contribute to the brain's self-renewal, while the exercise is one contributing factor. The University of Illinois Urbana Colcomb that cardiovascular exercise can reduce the long-term growth due to the age of brain tissue loss occurs. The reduction in brain tissue loss means a reduction in memory loss.

6, to talk about the physical and mental pleasure Love

Swedish medical research staff of 989 50-60 year-old follow-up observation of 9 years old and found that divorced or widower suffering from senile dementia in the rate of 22%, while the old age couples who long marriage only 14%. Therefore, scientists have believed that the elderly should not be insulated with love. Sexual gratification of the well-being of older couples will experience some of both endocrine hormones and the body of acetylcholine and other substances beneficial to enhance immune function, slow brain aging, and to the elderly in the active state of mind

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