Sunday, January 24, 2010

How long will produce dried small shrimps stored carcinogen?

Newly purchased dried small shrimps are generally white, there is no obvious Ammonia Odor. But at home, put a couple of months later, the color becomes pink, dried small shrimps of the Ammonia Odor is very strong. In addition to dried small shrimps, the variety of dried seafood, have similar problems, such as dried shrimps, shredded squid, dried fish, but a slightly different flavor of the thick extent only. This is how it? This dried small shrimps can eat? How storage of the dried small shrimps in the end?

Dried small shrimps can be long-term preservation, the main inhibitory factor is the low moisture, salinity big. Both are indispensable. However, people usually buy dried small shrimps are generally not the dry, mainly there are two reasons, one may be because the sea air is humid, the other may be due to not put more emphasis on some of the dried small shrimps and profits higher. This did not dry the dried small shrimps, because of the high protein content, are especially likely to breed bacteria.

If the room temperature storage, the role of the protein through the micro-organisms, first into peptides and amino acids, and then broken down into the lower amines and ammonia, amines are low-level source of stench gas, ammonia is the source of the taste stimulus.

Amines not only in itself a certain low-toxicity, even worse, they are very easy and a small amount of nitrite in aquatic products combine to form a strong carcinogens --- nitrosamines. Of such substances is to promote the incidence of esophageal and gastric cancer an important chemical factors. Nitrosamines toxicity of substances is very large, chronic toxicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity. It is also volatile, inhalation from the air can cause toxicity.

A variety of seafood and meat products are an important source of nitrosamine. Not fresh salted fish, bacon, dried small shrimps, dried shrimps, shredded squid, scallops, dried fish and others have exceeded possible. Therefore, once the dried small shrimps unpleasant smell, do not pity, must be resolutely discarded. Even after washing, can not be assured.
Source: "Life Times"

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