Thursday, January 21, 2010

The recipe for the protein to teach you to do pretty girls

Protein girl" image: "She, like proteins, like: health, purity, nutrition, minerals are no longer a complete ... ... the cold, rough fiber, fatty cholesterol, calcium scarce." To be a "protein" the same woman, I do not think people do not aspire to. Three beautiful and functional protein

1. Nennen amino acid to bring water of

Proteins are composed by more than 20 kinds of amino acids, the skin, the stratum corneum where 40% of all amino acids, amino acids is the skin's natural moisturizing factor. If the skin and the lack of amino acids, there will be wrinkles, becomes drier.

2. Enzyme goodbye to dull skin

Enzyme is an active protein, by a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Ultraviolet light, environmental stress and aging will make your face from the "peel egg" into a "boiled eggs", while the enzymes can save dull, tired skin.

 3. Peptide to help you face UP UP

Permutations and combinations of two or more amino acids can be used on the human body known as "peptides." Peptide able to command the role of the skin cells, thereby increasing the collagen is generated. To wrinkles and improve facial contours of peptides is the best helper. Easy Bianshen Protein Girl

Posted a small frozen membrane proteins For Body

To rapidly Bianshen "Protein girls", we must select Collagen Mask. Collagen Mask are generally frozen membrane is to be wet then become the essence of collagen gel. This mask can be deposited for more than 40 minutes to allow the skin to absorb slowly. Before an appointment can be deposited film mask enjoy Tiaoyi Fu, anyway posted heterozygosity class, walked up and down will not be down, reportedly at the dinner before they do so aristocratic.

2 nourish the skin in power love to eat protein

People can not eat into a fat one, we should want to proteins of girls, but also a uniform long-lasting care. Containing collagen, amino acids and peptides in skin care products on the market is now a hot product, they will become very small nutrient molecules, can be easily absorbed by the skin. Do not have to worry about skin "not used to," the original amino acid composition of the skin itself does not cause skin allergies.

 3 on a regular basis to drink out of a bottle of beautiful

Now very few women wanted to "face like Yin Pen", even if that "Yin Pen," a smooth glossy. Protein-rich foods often contain a lot of women do not want cholesterol and calories. Therefore, the purchase of amino acid, collagen protein nutritional drink is Bianshen "Protein Girl" short-cut. These drinks especially popular in Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also taste good and convenient, will not cause skin beauty and body weight growth. You can age according to their skin to determine what the frequency of drinking: the skin younger, a month you can drink 10 bottles, and mature age people can adhere to skin drink a bottle a day.

 55g of protein per day can not be 4 less

Nutritional doctors tell us: you want to keep the best skin, a day to ensure that the protein intake of 55 ~ 65g. There are many girls who diet to lose weight will find that although thin thin, but the skin has become lax, rough, and this is precisely because the protein intake resulted in skin aging. Protein-rich foods include: lean meat, seafood, milk, protein, trotters ... ... To the skin is good, eat these things, the most direct and most simple, can satisfy their appetites

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