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A current popular seasonal Recommended Diet 6

Swine influenza is an influenza virus infection by swine respiratory diseases. Of those infected will be high fever, thirst, cough, anorexia, fatigue, red eyes, headaches and other symptoms, it takes about one week incubation period. Appears from Mexico, after cases of swine influenza in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany and other Western countries have also emerged in cases of swine influenza infection is rampant, there have been deaths. Recently, Asian countries have also appeared in suspected cases of swine influenza. Therefore, we should actively do a good job protection measures. Usually in addition to reducing out, pay attention to rest, exercise and other prevention methods, we can produce some medicated food, to enhance the body's own resistance. In the following we introduce several medicated food to the people:

1, honeysuckle chicken


Daisy 15 grams of honeysuckle 15 grams of salt 200g chicken breast 3 grams MSG 3 grams cooking wine 5 grams soy sauce 2 grams sesame oil 2 g wet starch, spring onion, ginger pieces, vegetable oil amount.
Efficacy: Qingrejiedu, wind-dispersing heat. Apply to cold, fever, cough, dizziness and other symptoms.
1. The honeysuckle, chrysanthemum washed; chicken, cleaned, cut wire, put the right amount of salt, MSG, soy sauce and cooking wine, as well as starch, grasping uniform, marinate for 5 minutes.
2. Pot by adding vegetable oil, set the fire, till the five into the heat, put chicken wire rapid slide open, the next piece into the spring onion, ginger, saute and put it into honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, and the remaining salt, MSG, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, stir well you can fry. .

Second, Agastache rugosa carp soup

Formula: 50 grams of white cardamom fresh Agastache 8 grams yam 10 grams carp 1 (about 250 grams) of salt 3 grams MSG 3 grams ginger, onions, vegetable oil amount.
Efficacy: Jieyu, clears phlegm. For cough, fatigue, poor diet and other symptoms.
1. Will be fresh rugosa, white cardamom, yams washed, cut into smaller Agastache rugosa; carp slaughter, to scales, viscera and gills, wash; spring onion, ginger Wash, ginger slices, spring onions cut into sections.
2. Pot by adding vegetable oil, set the fire, till the 6 into the heat, the next into the crucian carp, the sides Jianzhi golden, pour the right amount of water, into the yam, white cardamom, Shao Fei, low heat boil for 15 minutes , add salt, MSG, and rugosa, mix thoroughly, clean wok can be eaten.

Third, cold sweat horse teeth

Formula: fresh lily 50 kema teeth sweat 200 grams of salt 3 grams MSG 3 grams garlic 10 grams of ginger soy sauce 3 grams m 5 g sesame oil 3 grams vinegar.
Effectiveness: Qingrejiedu. For Hyperactivity, coughing, insomnia and other symptoms.
The lily, MA Khan, teeth cleaned, into the boiling water, boil and cooked, remove and drain, MA Khan, cut into 3 cm long tooth segment, into the salt, MSG, garlic, ginger rice, soy sauce, vinegar and Mix sesame oil can be eaten.

4, wind porridge

Formula: 10 grams of astragalus wind 10 grams rice 100 grams of sugar amount.
Efficacy: published, pain, Qufeng. For headache, Exogenous Fanre, upset and other symptoms.
The wind, Astragalus washed Run thoroughly, cut fine; japonica panning. The wind, Astragalus, and rice into the pot with the use of fire boiled porridge, into a bowl, add sugar can be eaten.

5, Ganoderma honey drink

Formula: Ganoderma 10 grams of water amount of 250 grams of honey.
Effects: cough, soothe the nerves, Yijing gas. For cough, palpitations, insomnia and other symptoms.
Run the Ganoderma lucidum thoroughly, cut thin slices. Pan by adding water, into the fungus, with the fire Shaofei, the use of small Huoao 10 minutes, poured into the cup and put it into honey, mix well can be.

6, almond steamed Sydney

Recipe: Almond 10 Kechuan Bei 8 grams medlar 5 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of Sydney's four raisins 10 grams candied fruit 15 grams of crystal sugar 20 grams
Effects: cough phlegm, and raised the spleen and stomach. For cold, cough, fatigue, lack of body fluid and other symptoms.
1. Would be almonds, Chuanbei, Chinese wolfberry to the impurities, wash, almond peel; Sydney wash it, peel it, away from the pedicle of the 1 / 3, cross-cutting knife; Sydney, hollowed out inside with a knife, water immersion; rice with warm water 10 minutes; raisins, candied fruit cut into smaller crushed rock sugar.
2. The sticky rice, candied fruit, almonds, Chinese wolfberry, Chuanbei, crystal sugar evenly on the pears, etc., the cover pears cover, into tray, into the steamer, stir-steam 40 minutes, you can remove the food.

Anti-Influenza A H1N1 influenza life, attention to details of the four major

Some health experts have summed up the WHO, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies generally recognized by experts in the lives of health tips. From the details of life to prevent influenza A H1N1 influenza should pay attention to the following four points:

Wash hands
Hand is a respiratory virus, a major route of transmission. The prevention of influenza, it is imperative that wash their hands frequently.
Cover their nose and mouth
Of influenza virus transmission is another means of transmission is "people from the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, splashing out in the saliva." Experts therefore recommended that people sneeze bent arm, with the arm blocking the nose and mouth to prevent the saliva into the air.
Shao-touch face
People as little as possible touch the face, because the face of the eyes, nose, mouth enables the virus to circumvent the Road, a natural protective barrier of skin and directly invade the body.
Avoid patients
Taking into account the specificity of influenza, experts recommend that people stay away from influenza patients.

Health ginger feet orPrevention of swine influenza feasible?

Their feet can promote blood circulation, promoting the stability of the nervous system. If adding ginger, then there is the role of wind-expelling cold, and this for the body still has a certain health effect. In this season of the virus are active, use these methods to regulate the body's balance, which still has a role in disease prevention. It is not to say that only for swine influenza virus, but by adjusting the body in a state of equilibrium, or the body in an optimal state, thereby strengthening the body's defense function, play a role in disease prevention. Adjust the body's balance, strengthening the body's defense function, no matter at what time is practical. Chinese medicine called "righteous memory, and evil can not be dry," meaning physical health adjusting well, alien invasive disease, your body would not have had. Therefore, in the absence of illness, when, it is necessary to strengthen the body's own defense capabilities, improve the body of a barrier function, this is the most important.

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