Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eight male standard of mental health

Health includes not only physical health but also mental health. Experts believe that: it shall be beneficial to mental health of all the events or activities to respond positively to people is their mental health. Support the family and society as the main body of men, if they can in their daily lives, often through the criteria to measure their words and deeds, then you must be mental health.
Mental health is a continuous state of mind, in this state, the parties are able to have a good ability to adapt with life, vitality, and can develop its own capability and potential. Mental health is not good to go through the equipment to detect. Therefore, there is an evaluation criteria for mental health are better able to grasp a healthy state of mind. For the men, suffer more pressure and responsibility of the groups, the standard becomes more necessary. Expert analysis, mental health standards in the core is: Where the benefit of the mental health of all events or activities to respond positively to people is their mental health. Psychology view that full compliance with standards of the mental health do not exist, but the psychological health is always the people working for. Support the family and society as the main body of men, if they can in their daily lives, often through the criteria to measure their words and deeds, then you must be mental health.

Understand their own

One person will always live together with us, this person is our own - self. Confucius said: "confidante who provides that those intellectual Understand." Only when we understand ourselves, to accept themselves, be possible to be happy, be healthy. Understand their own strengths, we will make it clear their own direction of development; understand their own shortcomings, we will make fewer mistakes to avoid doing some of his own power can not and do.


We may not have born in a rich family; our work may not be satisfactory; our lover may not be able, with great solicitude; our children may not have bright, obedient obedient; we may be encountered with setbacks and suffering ... ... but we only address this first of all, accept all of this, on this basis, only the possibility of change. Only a clear understanding of reality, accept reality, down to earth, we can have a greater harvest.

Good with people at

People live in a society constituted by others, just as fish live in water, as left the others, to leave the help of others, people will not survive. Some psychologists to statistics, about 80% of the troubles of life with their interpersonal environment. Others find fault at every turn anger to others, violating the interests of others, pay attention to interpersonal measured, have their own will bring endless trouble.


In addition to nursing infants in addition, each person has their own responsibilities and work. Children should respect their parents and do their own thing within its power, adults have to bear the burden of the family and society, at work to obtain their means of livelihood and to be recognized and fun. Therefore, the fight against unemployment, to the adults is not only economically, but psychologically, it will make people lose their sense of worth and bring psychological crisis. Can have the courage to take responsibility for work, have fun from the people who are truly mature and healthy people.

The famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci said: "Labor day party was a night feel at ease forever; hard-working life available to a happy sleep." Evade responsibility, to avoid work can only make people feel annoyed and remorse.

Control emotions

Emotional mental health plays an important role. Mental health often able to maintain a happy, cheerful, confident and satisfied mood, good to seek pleasure from life, for life full of hope. On the contrary, recurrent depression, anger, irritability, jealousy and so is a sign of mental unhealthy. When a person is psychologically very healthy, his mood Table Daca as it were, deportment generous, neither stiff nor presumptuous.

Shaping personality

Personality is a stable psychological characteristics of people of all combined. The ultimate goal of mental health is to maintain the integrity of personality, cultivate a sound personality. There is an Indian proverb says: The attitude determines behavior, behavioral determinants habits, habits decide character, personality fateful. It is our character and destiny of every moment by the actions of our own self-made sculpture.

There is a family business

Family and career is an adult male responsibility and pressure sources. Family harmony and business success by no means mutually exclusive, their relationship is mutually reinforcing, "Family Harmony", unable to "regulating the family", I am afraid also were unable to "flat world." In the deal with the relationship between the two, but should have a healthy attitude.

In a proper way

"Gentleman's good money in a proper way." On the one hand is that above-board to increase revenue, on the other hand can be regarded as a healthy attitude towards their own selfish desires. Envy and jealousy in addition to a colorful world where the temptation to stride. God will always be an opportunity to those hard-working people

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