Saturday, January 23, 2010

Single women how to meet the body's desire to

According to introduction, death of a spouse, divorce and marital separation and other adverse life events would result in varying degrees to the lives of individual psychological impact. This psychology known as the "stress response." In Shenzhen, the husband having an affair and divorced women, generally there is considerable mental stress.

By the emotional blow, some people may feel depression, frustration, boredom and loneliness lonely, and some indulge in the romance among the past, while some couples create resentment. In such a depressed state of the people who, though not necessarily suffering from depression, she can still live a normal life, work, and others from the surface, I can not see any changes, but this does not mean she was all right.

Loss of fixity partners, should be self-psychological adjustment

Doctors cautioned that the divorced women, there are more problems a common phenomenon. Divorce will make some very good psychological state of women appear frigidity. They have been diagnosed after the need to use medication and psychotherapy treatment.

In addition, prior to divorce, some women have maintained regular sex life. After the divorce feel a "loss of libido," "do not want a" this is only a temporary loss of women in the legal and fixed the case of sexual partners to carry out the self-psychological adjustment. Sexual activity with varying degrees of reduction that can help them to adapt to a new life. If you remarry, these people still be able to resume normal function.

The suitability of products to ease the pressure on

Doctors advise, for there is no sexual partner after the divorce for people who purchase and use of supplies masturbation is a normal thing. Like the human sexual organs and other functions, use and disuse. Appropriate way to address with some masturbation sexual desire, you can ease the mental stress. The survey found that many people use of alternatives, the body will certainly have a physiological response.

However, in a bizarre sex products on the market, doctors warned that we must choose a soft, glossy and regularly disinfected to ensure health. Of particular note was not in pursuit of stimulation, pleasure and the selection of those bizarre sex supplies, otherwise the marriage, the husband can not satisfy their demands instead of the

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