Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disease may also be sweating too much

According to "Health News" reported that the summer sweating seems to be more natural thing to do, but some people sweat more unusually, clothes are always Shenzhe salted, then on the thought of if they are suffering some diseases:


Sweating more than one of the diabetes illness. When the patients complicated with autonomic neuropathy will be sweating more than when. This is due to glucose metabolism leading to autonomic dysfunction, so that the increase of sweat secretion. High blood sugar lead to increased metabolic rate is also one of the reasons hyperhidrosis.


Common symptoms in patients with paroxysmal sweating. Paroxysmal attack, the patient flushing or white, will appear palpitation, tremor, limb hair cool, high blood pressure and headaches and other symptoms.

 Menopausal Syndrome

Women entering menopause, ovarian function gradually diminishes, there may be varying degrees of autonomic dysfunction, Xu contractile function in problems of control, leading to hot flashes, sweating.


As the metabolic rate in patients with increased blood flow around the body heat caused by the promotion.


Low blood calcium can increase sympathetic nerve excitability, thus contributing to an increase in sweat secretion. At the same time children are irritability, easy to panic and the performance of sparse hair.

Can be seen that can not be taken lightly for hyperhidrosis, timely diagnosis and treatment

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