Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sheng Chi Buyao hot foot bath before going to bed

There are a lot of people's feet acupuncture points connected with the visceral, washing feet at night before bed, massage these points is conducive to good health, and sometimes a simple footbath, more useful than the Chi Buyao.
Ancient Chinese medicine, people's feet on the distribution of the six in turn, attached liver, spleen, stomach, kidney and other organs, plantar 66 points, meridians throughout the body and blood, regulate internal organs function. Therefore, the appropriate stimulating the feet, the body can maintain the blood smoothly, and can promote the metabolism.

This is 66 points in the soles of the feet, the most important thing is Yongquan Point. Yongquan probably the location of the front foot 1 / 3, drawing a horizontal line, the middle is the Yongquan Point. Regular massage Yongquan, with kidney brain, enhance the effectiveness of intelligence and can feel at ease rather God, Shugan eyesight.

Now, to recommend the two feet or a small methods:

 Bath Salt feet or

Wash your feet with warm water, then take another pot of warm water, scoop 1 tsp bath salts thrown into the basin, soak the feet in them. Cleaning is only incidental to bath salts, more importantly, is the composition of the algae and various trace elements brought to relieve fatigue, relax, calm effect.

 Oil feet or

Of tea tree oil with anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties, can cure athlete's foot, muscle swelling, burns, frostbite, but also to accelerate wound healing, balance oil secretion, for women, also has a role in skin whitening; lavender essential oil can alleviate skin aging, dry, dermatitis , eczema and other problems; lemon essential oil can be used to sterilization, anti-inflammatory pain, it is rich in vitamin C, can prevent skin aging, but also has whitening, balance oil secretion, improve acne and oily skin. These types of essential oils can be said to be the best feet of natural essential oils. You can drop two drops of each Xi Jiaoshui feet to fully soak for 20 minutes

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