Monday, January 25, 2010

Drinking yogurt should pay attention to 6:00

Yogurt is the people's lives, frequently consumed foods, its health effects, has long been valued. But the consumption of yogurt should pay attention to the following areas.

  1, to identify varieties of

Currently on the market, there are many from the milk or milk powder, sugar, lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, spices and preservatives such as processing of preparation made of "milk yogurt" and its role in health care do not have sour milk when you buy carefully identify the .

  2 to 2 hours after dinner drink

PH value of lactic acid bacteria suitable for the growth of pH 5.4 or above, fasting gastric juice PH value 2 below, such as drinking yogurt, lactic acid bacteria susceptible to killing, health, the role of the decline; meal gastric juice diluted, PH value rose to only 3-5.

  3, to drink a timely manner after the gargle

With the development of lactic acid series of drinks, children's tooth decay rates are also increasing, which is some of the lactic acid bacteria played a leading role.

  4, do not heat

The activity of yogurt lactic acid bacteria, such as by heating or hot water dilution, then a large number of death, not only the disappearance of the unique flavor, nutritional value wiped out.

  5, not the same clothes and some drugs

Chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics, sulfa drugs and treatment of diarrhea, the convergence of doses of carbonic acid, tannic acid eggs drugs, can kill or damage of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

  6, Do not give baby feeding

Yogurt, low calcium, the infant is growth and development, required a lot of calcium, and yogurt is generated by the lactic acid bacteria, antibiotics, although many pathogens can suppress and eliminate micro-organisms, but also undermines the human body has bacteria growing conditions, but also affect the normal digestive function, especially for gastroenteritis in infants and premature children is negative

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