Monday, January 25, 2010

Napping is not good for everyone

For most people (especially young people and children), the nap is conducive to health, to complement efforts to restore strength; however, does not nap beneficial for everyone, for some of the elderly, more than a nap would be one more heart and brain vascular disease, the possibility of attack. Especially those with underlying cardiovascular disease, the elderly, if not pay attention to these small details in life, it may cause irreversible consequences.

Sleep feel withdrawn from circulation: Some older morning exercises at home, likes to sleep. This morning exercise habits not only affect the results, is not conducive to heart and lung functional recovery. Moreover, the morning exercise when the muscle metabolites produced by lactic acid removed, but people feel the spirit of trance, limb weakness relaxation.

Sleep too much: Some elderly people, sleep for more than 10 hours. In fact, lethargy and hardening of the arteries on the elderly, sleep too long for the elderly sleep less than the age for the elderly, one-fold higher incidence of heart disease, stroke and 4 times higher. In addition, the sleep state of a slower heart rate, blood flow slowed down, prone to thrombosis.

Nap inappropriate: nap time should not be too long, to 30 ~ 60 minutes is appropriate.

Avoid sleeping on draft, the abdomen, it wanted to build something, to protect us from cold. Nap before eating better, even if sleep for half an hour than sleep for two hours after a meal to eliminate fatigue effect is good. Never nap immediately after lunch lie down, should rest 15-30 minutes before sleep. Both seasons should be people trying to sleep alone in his chest covered with towels because the elderly hair Khieu emptiness, frail, easily catch cold catch cold.

In addition, not every old person suitable for sleeping too, such as some elderly people wake up frequently dizziness, headache, heart and other uncomfortable situation involving fatigue. The study that the age of 64 years of age, and weigh more than standard body weight more than 20% of the people, who are too low blood pressure, blood circulatory system there are serious obstacles, particularly because of the brain blood vessels narrow and often appear dizziness, head halo people. This is because during sleep, heart rate is relatively slow, cerebral blood flow reduction, easier for them to temporary insufficient blood supply to the brain occurs, resulting in autonomic dysfunction and lead to other diseases. As long as these people during the day (especially morning) be careful not to over-exertion, suitable to do some physical exercise, living a regular, on time and go to bed at night that can guarantee quality of sleep

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