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TCM should pay attention to the six physical

Neutral constitution: Refers to the yin-yang balance, strong blood flow, organs functioning properly co-ordination, physical ability and strong physical characteristics of disease-resistant. A neutral person who is not only a congenital physical endowments good, the day after tomorrow are nursed back to health properly can form. Constitution of this type of people are not cold not hot, body fat, thin, well-proportioned, physically robust, hair-mao Blackpool, looking shiny, normal appetite, sleep well, cold-resistant summer, energetic, tongue Dan ruddy Arisawa, tongue Dan thin, gentle pulse strong.

  Yin constitution: With the physical side hot, Kang and other physical characteristics of virtual functions. Yin constitution were mostly due to lack of innate endowments and acquired nursed back to health caused by inappropriate or ill for a long unhealed, more common in the body than the thin person, the main presenting symptoms are: body weight, looking dim Dan matt or flushing, sometimes There Hongre a sense of tongue easy to dry, like to drink cold drinks when thirsty, limbs Heat intolerance, easy to trouble irritability, easy to sleep, stool partial dry, urine deficient, mamillata little moss, pulse breakdown.

  Yang and physique: Chinese medicine refers to yang side is bad, functional receded, less heat, cold physiological characteristics of a weak low capacity. Yang deficiency constitution were mostly due to lack of congenital or acquired endowments improper nursed back to health, the more commonly found in body Bai Pan, primarily presenting symptoms include: white matte complexion Dan, Dan thirsty mouth and body warmth cold limbs due to temperature , cold intolerance, lack of energy lazy words, diarrhea-like stools thin, long or short of clear urine, fat, tender tongue Dan Moss shallow, thin weak pulse Shen.

  Blood Virtual Physical: Traditional Chinese medicine for digestive function of the spleen and stomach itself, mostly poor or ill blood shortage after a long illness, this type is often pale or chlorosis, and speak weakly, limb fatigue fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, dry eyes, tongue Dan little moss, abdominal dull, empty feeling fall, women by the less color Dan thin, weak pulse slim and fragile.

  Stasis constitution: Chinese medicine is the main symptom is the blood line of slow poor, mostly because of the will of a long-term emotional depression, or lived long cold regions, as well as internal organs dysfunction caused by the body than the predominantly thin, common hair easy to fall off, color dull, lip color dark purple, purple tongue or ecchymoses, Dark eyes and other symptoms, pulse slim and fragile. This type of people, some clearly had not yet reached the older age spots appear, and some are often troubled by pain in certain parts of the body, such as: women's physiology is easy to dysmenorrhea, men in more than a bruise and so on, body ache at night is more emphasis (because of less activity).

  Deficiency of other physical constitution: Alter-ego, fear of cold, fear of the wind, hand, foot and cold, like hot drinks, speeches weak or easily tired, easily diarrhea or soft stool, frequent urination, urine and other than Dan

Incoming cold air, which are most susceptible to influenza?

Incoming cold air, which are most susceptible to influenza?(2010-01-28 01:31:37)
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The cold air is blowing from the north, for influenza susceptible population, the strengthening of routine influenza prevention measures is particularly important. So, who are most likely to suffer from flu then?

  The first category, people who accumulate toxic fire

Modern medicine, Influenza is caused by a virus attack, the Chinese believed that the fire accumulate drug is the underlying causes of the spread of influenza. Too many friends of flu or cold have had such an experience, before the onset of influenza, most of them first, there will be a sore throat, gums, swelling and some "fire poison" symptoms, when the body's immunity is often low, it will susceptible to influenza viruses, fever, sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms. If you have recently little "get angry", you should back with drugs, do not let the flu virus you are.

  The second category, those who frequented places crowded with people

Influenza viruses are spread through the air viruses, many people crowded, confined places where air quality and air presence of the virus likely large, at high concentrations, the spread of the virus provides a more convenient conditions. Therefore, during an influenza pandemic should be minimized by plane, train or air-conditioned air-conditioned bus, fewer trips to the central air-conditioned hotel or large shopping malls.

  The third category, people with low immunity  

In general, influenza is the most vulnerable children and the elderly, because these poor people's immunity, in addition, exercise less, work and life pressure, life is not the law and so can make the immune system goes low, a high incidence of influenza season of the main victims.

In autumn and winter is the flu season this year, another influenza pandemic H1N1 influenza, so as little as possible to the people-intensive environment, enclosed places, try to maintain a light diet, eat people "get angry" food.

In addition, taking some effective anti-flu drugs. For example China's anti-flu, cold medicine with Chinese medicine to spend Qingwen capsule, the domestic authorities experiments confirmed that preventive medication against influenza virus will kill the effect.

Lian Hua Qing plague contained in Yinhua, forsythia, Banlangen, Guanzhong and other drugs can Qingwen detoxification, especially heavy fire PLASTER STONE Qing agent, you can clear Xiefei heat, rhubarb cut disease transmission to humans and the internal changes, let the fire toxic discharges from the stool, which is the fundamental basis for eliminating the incidence of influenza.

Recent experiments confirm that the domestic authoritative research institutes, and even spent Qingwen capsule of influenza virus have a clear antagonistic role in the fever, improvement of sore throat, cough, sputum and other flu-like symptoms is superior to Western medicine oseltamivir, viral clearance time with oseltamivir quite. In addition, even the flower Qingwen capsule has also joined the Tibetan resistance to cold, hypoxia tolerance of plant Rhodiola can improve immunity. Lian Hua Qing plague capsules, can be described as flu and cold prevention and treatment of family medicine necessary

100 strokes for a woman with less than a decent life

For in addition to their financial backing there is no other single women, the money events, how frugal life is also a decent first-class events fine. Remember that frugality is not Koumen, thrift, you can live in a face-saving. MISS now tell you how to spend money on knife's edge, how can you have in the bank keeps the case alive Youziyouwei high, there are norm-like.

Province, one of money than earn money, a lot easier, saving 10 percent of their daily expenses, life in fact has not changed. Compared with the open-source, cutting much easier, you do not need to lose time to spend with friends and family, but also not advocating that we have lowered their goals, on the contrary, in fact, hope that we demand of life, and then increased a little. What we need is just some small skill, time and money spent on those who really want and value for money on things, rather than wasted on useless place. Once we have done this, you will find: thrift, is in fact pieces of a happy thing.

The details of the training course, before that a few general principles of

1. Monthly salary after picking up the first thing is to save as on a regular basis as part of salary. As for how much per cent, on his own to master it, but do not be less than 10%, otherwise the matter no meaning.

2. To make friends to be careful. Your circle and to a large extent influence your consumption. To pay more have a goodHabitsFriend, not just those wild spending to pay for fashion, in order to chase famous as the face of a friend. Regardless of their actual spending power and blind comparisons can only lead to "deficit." In addition, do not make friends, and a stingy man, do not easily lend money to a friend.

3. Perhaps you disdain of men as ATM, but do not become a man's ATM.

4. To set ourselves a goal. For example, within a year to buy fur, within two years, a car, buy a house within five years.

Next, MISS is necessary to the details set out. Start learning bar.


Thought of your monthly spend to purchase a variety of magazines How much money? In fact, a few thought that the magazine can be like MISS this really make you happy also teach you do to save money? Those thick heavy magazines may simply be useless to send you a little cosmetic bag, do you not also a drawer is still a few useless packets 10 do do? Now that your friends or colleagues will buy it, why not view? Also, do not look at what is the relationship? Do not worry about keep up with the pace of fashion home with google, no worries about everything.

- If you see the magazine as "a letter that brings in gifts" and other similar words, do not believe it. This does not trouble, but also have much to gain.

- ADSL at home will be changed monthly timing. This at least has two advantages --

1. Saving. You do not have the money in order to recover the cost of monthly night driving DOWN the computer stuff.

2. Do not waste time. Do not sit in front of the computer all night, you have a lot of time to do something else. Even if it is to sleep, this was the mostAffordable beautyMethod.

- I remember the door to be locked out all the lights, if the fear ofHome late at nightWhen the door will be afraid, put all the lights are replaced by energy-saving light bulbs.

- If possible, put all the appliances are replaced with energy-saving type.

  We help you count pen off

  Lamp:An ordinary 40-watt incandescent bulb 1.5 to 3.5 yuan, the same intensity 8-watt energy-saving lamps of 10 yuan. 6 hours daily light meter, 8-watt energy-saving lamp energy saving 70 degrees each year, one-year savings of 40 yuan. Considering the life, the ability to save money more.

  Electric Ice箱:In the same material, the same volume, the same level and function of circumstances, a energy-efficient refrigerators in general higher than the average refrigerator 300 yuan ~ 800 yuan. However, the daily consumption of 0.5 degrees was 0.9 degree energy-efficient refrigerators and power consumption compared to ordinary refrigerator in one day would save 0.4 kWh a year, savings of around 89 yuan.

  Air Conditioning:Present in the same specification, general air-conditioning and energy-saving inverter air conditioner, but the difference between a few hundred dollars. A total of summer and winter by running 120 days, 5 hours per day boot count, power 2500 watts, 3.0 EER energy-saving air-conditioning and energy efficiency ratio of 2.5 the ordinary hanging air-conditioning compared to a year can be saved more than 180 yuan, energy-saving air-conditioning than the ordinary 1.5P Hanging Air Conditioning fixed speed can save 120 yuan each year.

  Washing Machine:Under the same capacity, water-saving washing machines difference with ordinary washing machine around 500 yuan. To 5 kg capacity, washing three times per week on average terms, water-saving 7.2 cubic meters a year, saving water around 12 yuan. With ordinary cylinder washing machine, do not use rollers, at least you suddenly think there are clothes to put to it without not open the door.

  Toilet:Domestic prices in the 6 liters flush toilet 700 ~ 900 yuan, mid-range 3 / 6 liters dual-use toilet prices in the 750 ~ 1,100 yuan. 3 per person per day in order to flush 5 times total, 6-liter toilet more than 9 liters per month can save 2.24 yuan, a year with the double bond can save 27 ~ 40. That can automatically high-tech products such as washing their bottoms a good husband you have married after the re-use passes.

  - Looking for part-time job.For example, on Taobao open a shop, things will be useless at home on the web, maybe next month you can buy that piece admire the long coat. Part-time office workers is a common phenomenon. Part-time jobs and there is need, according to their ability, the opportunities may be. However, regardless of any part-time, can exercise capacity, gain experience, but also you can accumulate a certain amount of capital, not occupation working hours, do not give up the current work, just to make up for office workers who want to venture a short board, can be said to achieve both objectives a good thing. However, when part-time office workers in the choice, we must pay attention with their expertise and direction for the future development of combination.Part-timeTheir own businesses in order to shorten the distance, shorten the distance between migrant workers to the bosses, if plunged into the part-time and part-time, petty profits preoccupied with the immediate point, but forget the exercise of their abilities and resources to the accumulation, then a little bit not worth the candle of.

- Smoking, alcohol.


- Do not eat snacks, chewing gum may be necessary, but even the bar chips, 200 grams of potato chips calories you need 5 hours of shopping can be consumed. Who packed colorful delicious, natural enemies of those who actually lose weight, healthy stumbling block. Moreover, the fool all know how expensive weight-loss drug.

- When dining out package, can be used as a lunch the next day.

- Who can treat you to dinner. An hour or two of time can have bored it?

- Try to cook their own food. As a friend to come over to dinner. Before inviting the guests, go to the supermarket to buy ordinary红Wine, go home later loaded into a beautiful bottle of red wine based wine vessel or advanced. Do not worry, no one drank out of, unless he is a wine expert. Also, do not read this magazine people do not think you would do so.

- Having spoken at home, the guests, on the way, tableware, home purchase and the details of layout, it is very important. Fine bone china tableware store inside the bar, the price is also nice. However, trade tableware shop can be purchased only half the price. Believe me, this will make your family dinner is particularly lovely. And even if the dishes do not taste so good, put this tableware years, and large restaurants have become as attractive in the dishes.

- Buy a full set of the Nordic home is not necessary, the details of the office in order to see a person's taste. Usually look at the life of many types of television programs, I believe they have two hands, turning waste into treasure just around the corner.

- Do not go to the supermarket to buy food, go to farms to buy food when they should not wear too dressed, inconvenience, and will be vendors make exorbitant demands.

- Let food counters keep almost empty state. You can eat how much? Waste food is a waste of money, but also quite shameful.

- Do not buy an off-season fruits, such as the winter strawberries and watermelon. Did not benefit the body. Know what the best fruit on the body do? 5 money samgun National Light - know what is the best Do? Their own pot of soup and make their own mask, as well as adequate sleep.


First of all want to emphasize that, never self-indulgent emotional bad time to shopping malls or supermarkets. There are many ways to vent, or very little money, a lot of flowers will be able to achieve the desired effect method, Shuabao credit card, will only make us more than the pain of the addition of the anxiety. If you do not worry about the credit cards, no money, then why has read this article?

- Go to the supermarket before you spend an hour carefully to confirm what to buy their own in the end, and written on a notepad. Prior to the closing, if we find that he is indeed a shopping list in accordance with the implementation of the shopping, you can reward yourself a little luxury, such as on the checkout near the exit of the small piece of chocolate.

- You stand on paper towels and toilet paper to the first counter carefully calculated what brand more cost-effective, no one would laugh at you, Faye Wong also've done it.

- Shampoo, soap, washing powder ... ... be able to buy "Family Pack"And bought home equipment.

- Go to the supermarket, when to bring a small calculator. There are newspaper discount coupons.

- Let's talk about the non-daily shopping, for example, to the mall SHOPPING. This inside knowledge is even greater.

We all like to go crazy when the discount mall shopping, but at this moment, is more sensible than the bulging wallet is what we need. Like go to the supermarket, like before, so at the mall also has to consider carefully their own in the end what is required. Original price 1,800 yuan a pair of boots to buy now only 500 yuan, I really attractive right? Think about your closet in the end there are no clothes to match, if not, do not even try all trial. Miss eloquence and shopping guide to buy cheap goods, pleasure is not worth the money 500.

- Pay close attention to your liking, but then can not afford the clothes, the reduction of the time flew win.

- Do not buy off-season fruit, but it can buy off-season clothes.

- When shopping, make full use of Card. Many credit cards have discounts in many counters. But do not believe that "interest-free installments."

- Instead of buying body sculpting underwear, we might sum of money to report a fitness program.

- In the counter test clothes do not need to spend money. After a good try at the counter on to the small shop Amoy style is almost exactly the same.

- Do not buy clothes off trying to learn on-line losses than gains. If you insist on this, I suggest you buy online you really tried that in reality, and know the size of the numbers and texture, and the price cheaper than the mall thing. Do not believe the photos. A few days ago one of our editors on freeloaders on Taobao 30 yuan to buy a piece of the bikini, it looks very beautiful picture - but get the kind found only a slight one movement, immediately3:00 absolutely shattered. 30 money just to fly.

- Available online to buy daily necessities, the small things. Remember shop around.

- Available online buy 12 brands of small accessories, such as key cases - LV, even if we had thousands of blocks it, you can not say for sure whether it is A cargo.

- Can be free of charge a variety of shopping malls, supermarkets, membership cards, do not harm one. Points cards are also pretty good, I remember that wherever you go.

Gift-giving and receiving gifts

- We often need a gift. Thought to produce their own gifts? For example, the hand-baked cookies. Wrap with plastic wrap, placed in cartons house, with ribbon marked with ribbon bows.

- In the need to send expensive gifts when friends or colleagues such as marriage, children, find a few people and send with you.

- Is there someone at home to send a gift? If not, has a special significance, as a gift can be sent out - do not give it as long as the original owner.

- Do not give expensive gifts to men. Do not ask why, just remember do not send on it.

- To encourage men to send a gift to you. In an interview, when expressed appreciation gift, and he smiled.

- And men after the breakup, not to show their personality into a gift is also back. He took also of no use, not as good as you give them to find a more suitable owner.

- Happy to accept a friend sent them through or to buy back that inappropriate clothing.


- Take full advantage of the discount period entertainment, as we all know that in the non-weekend night time periods toKTV singingBest buy.

- Select Guide, save money, but also personality.

- A child had any dream? For example when a painter? And now attend classes on the bar. You can go to learn a language, studying sculpture ... ... it makes you add intellectual charisma, and there is no time to spendthrift.


Investment risks, the market need to be cautious. It is a maxim. Moreover, the investment is very individual pieces of behavior, MISS not many here say. Investment opportunities in many things in Taiwan, but no one will lend you eye. If you really want the golden rooster lays golden eggs, we explore the bar across the river, you can try consulting a number of investment advisers, money well spent Debu wronged.

Some of that money is not the province of

Heard a word do? Take life change money before the age of 30, after 30-year-old money-for-life. So, do not save money in the insurance above. A health insurance is very necessary. Without it, a small tuck surgery are likely to make your deposit instantly cleared.

The price of second-hand goods is indeed tempting, but in some cases, we need to stay away from second-hand goods, such as Laptops,Mattresses, color TV.


Finally, we account for that. Perhaps many people will feel that accounting is the only pieceBoredAlso shameful thing. To immediately abandon this idea! Out loud to myself, bookkeeping is a very meaningful and very personal thing!

First of all, we want to establish a detailed accounting directory record amount spent for each spending category, and many people think that this would be very troublesome, remember one probably on it. Is not true. The purpose of accounting is not just because we are in total spending to record how much money, but also to find out from their daily spending irrational propensity to consume, we can learn from the process of recording visually see the various periods, the Class proportion of total consumption, and timely improvement.

Behavior is now the most fashionable online billing, in Baidu enter "accounting," we can find a lot of bookkeeping website, or download a lot of convenient easy to use accounting software that requires only 10 minutes a day get the absolute More than you can imagine.

Remember: a detailed record of just a good foundation, it is important to analyze.

Who stole the water in your body?

Who stole the water in your body?

So, in the end what are the factors causing people to feel more and more "dry"? Here in the experts opinion, from outside to inside the many factors that have let us escape the "dry" troubles.

The larger environment also "dry." "The first reason is the natural environment has changed dramatically." Zhang told Voice of Health "Life Times" reporter, global warming has become a headache for countries around the world are the climate problem, the air we breathe everyday existence of a large number of pollutants, urban greening area is not enough, etc., have led to the larger environment we live in lower humidity, the moisture reduction. In addition, the modern air-conditioned environment for long hours in office, do not attach importance to sports and other factors can not be ignored.

Bad habits. Dry eye questions arose Yongyanguoduo, with eyes very much related to improper practices. Li Ying said, computers, TVs and other electronic equipment makes up the modern man a lot of time, which led directly to the high life of dry eye. The dry mouth, constipation, high fever is inseparable from the people keen on high-fat diet.

Clean excessive, heavy use of cosmetics. Deputy director of Peking University First Hospital, Dr. Yang Shuxia dermatologist, said many reasons for dry skin, but too clean, heavy use of cosmetics is one of the important reasons. Moisture on the skin barrier function of healthy play a, if you are too clean, wash too diligence, or the use of irritant big detergency strong cleaning supplies, skin surface of the stratum corneum contains some of the "natural moisturizing factor" will be reduced, the skin surface oils in the lipid membrane and cuticle structure would be too much to remove. The foundation and other cosmetics (especially the make-up supplies) in order to maintain the effect of a longer time, often contain a lot of coagulation components, which will lead to moisture loss.

"Needs attention is that there may be dry and some diseases, the most common than Sjogren's syndrome." Peking University People's Hospital of rheumatic immune Professor Zhang X on the "Life Times" reporter, said that about 63.8% of the in patients with Sjogren's syndrome is not diagnosed in time.

The incidence of the disease in our country is about 0.77%, a high incidence in the 40-year-old middle-aged -60 years of age, in which male to female ratio was 1:9. If the patients significant dry eyes, dry mouth, parotid gland swelling and pain repeatedly, multiple dental caries and tooth block off, with arthritis and lung, liver and other organ damage, you have to be vigilant to the hospital for medical treatment in time. In addition, diabetes, liver disease, hypothyroidism, uremia and other diseases, or some type drugs such as retinoic acid, lithium-agent problems may also lead to dry.

  The recipe to help you retain water

From the Chinese perspective, the body fluid are considered to be overcast, and if too little body fluid, it will lead to an imbalance of yin and yang, giving rise to a variety of health problems; not alleviate the dry skin and a long time may cause itching; constipation may lead to colon cancer changes, induced myocardial infarction and other serious consequences ... ... body water hazards can not be overlooked, the experts made the following recommendations to help you retain water.

Drink at least 1000 milliliters of water per day. Prevention of dry, water is very important. For a normal person is concerned, be sure to drink enough to ensure that each day 1000 ml of water. From the food perspective, we must reject spicy, high-oil high-fat foods, eat some raw fruits and vegetables, Tianjin, such as celery, loquat, lily, apple, pear and so on. Sesame oil and sesame seeds are also very good.

Washed once a week or two old. The northern spring, autumn and winter are relatively dry, as long as you are not particularly dirty environment in which the body is relatively clean, the older person can be washed once a week or two, the water temperature should be controlled at 38 degrees up and down.

Younger, and one week can be washed once or twice, and there is no need or use the bath each time Cuozao milk and other cleaning supplies. Living in the South the weather hot flashes, should, in particular, be careful not to over-frequent use of bath milk. After washing, but also timely use moisturizing products to help your skin retain moisture.

Protect good "leg" is very important. From the Chinese perspective, "spleen" is acquired the book, the main transportation and transformation, is the body's main organ uptake of nutrients, but these nutrients is to turn our anger, blood, body fluid raw material, spleen and good care will help to body fluid increase.

Zhang Sheng-sang, said thorough consideration overweight, overwork spleen are the "enemy" and therefore must maintain a calm, optimistic and a good attitude, pay attention to work and rest. Modern man to stay in office too long, it should exercise at least twice a week, and the law of life as possible, to ensure adequate sleep.

In order to alleviate and prevent dry eye, Li Ying has emphasized that we should break every 30-45 minutes, 5 minutes, take the initiative to look at a distance, almost. Because of the vast majority of eye-drops containing preservatives should be used with caution, avoid the use of irritating the eye drops too strong.

Another eyelashes roots is a big opening like an open space, is easy to "filth", you can dip the cotton balls on a careful eye drops scrub, which is conducive to oil and tear secretion

He most likely to believe in "sex" blessings Lies

He probably thinks you have half a sexologist. Unfortunately, the fact may not be like this, some self-righteous he might have a wrong understanding of issues.

In his mistakes, we identified the six most likely to believe his lies.

1, in the following three kinds of situations that he can not make you pregnant, if you:

1. Was menstruation.

2. His penis out before ejaculation.

3. He wore a condom.

Truth: This is the concept of three kinds of errors is likely to lead to hundreds of thousands of unintended pregnancies each year, it should be carefully listened to.

1. Pregnant women in the menstrual period, though impossible, but we can not rule out the possibility - of your menstrual period is shorter than the others, and his sperm into your body once may survive for several days, so you are pregnant.

2. Experts say, there are some semen, called an erection before the semen, they will erect into the vagina before, those full of the same semen sperm. In addition, he intends to come out in time does not mean that in the forthcoming ejaculation time he can do, even though he had been successful several times in the past, "retreat" of the. According to the study results show that within a year of couples trying to coitus interruptus, nearly 1 / 5 of his wife is still pregnant.

3. Experts say the proper use of condoms, the state is good it will play a role in contraception. In fact, every year, for every 100 pairs of couples rely on condoms is still there will be 4 to 10 wife is pregnant.

How to do: Do not have chances for contraception, you should be cautious attitude to contraception, choice of a higher success rate of contraceptive methods, such as oral contraceptives, or let him wear a tight some of condoms. If he feels bad, you should seriously consider how to deal with a little life to come.

Second, his sex life is far from a rich single partner.

Truth: People think that would be every night Shengge bachelor has a rich and colorful nightlife. In fact, this is only his imagination. In fact, according to a recent survey, the sweetest sex life than married men. Survey shows that most married men have 2 or 3 times a week sex life, every month, there are several sweet time; while the situation of single men will not be so optimistic, they are only a few and not the law of sex life.

How to do: For single men, no longer need to fear getting married! Because the fact is, marriage is not a good sex life and the end!

3, each sex and too less than 20 minutes without due respect.

Truth: We habitually think that if a man can not continue for long periods, he was somewhat less macho, or the woman he would not be met. Indeed, while explanations abound, but most of the findings of the report shows that men have sex an average time was 10 to 20 minutes, while more than 30 minutes is almost impossible. In fact, many women may not be the climax through sex, so experts suggest that men "need to use other techniques to complete your sex life."

How to do: Increase your sex life of the program, telling him, in addition to "enter", the love you both before and after sex can fully enjoy sexual pleasure.

In addition, if you want to increase their sexual pleasure and asked him to try to reach high tide is about to take a deep breath, slow down their movements so that they are quiet.

Fourth, if you did not get orgasm during sex, then he certainly has done anything wrong.

Truth: Men want as much as possible to give a woman happy, this is not only out of love for you, but also to preserve his self-esteem needs. However, from the Florida medical director Daniel Sitanboshi pointed out that only 30% of women orgasm during intercourse won (but that does not mean that the other 70% of women do not enjoy the fun of sex).

How to do: According to Sitanboshi view, if a man in love, while their hands to stimulate you, or to use women to men under the posture, you can better control the pressure, and thus more accessible to the climax. If you do not have access to the climax, which means that he can take a more direct way to stimulate you.

Of course, men want to show some more brave, we must conduct in-depth communication with you, so that he will be able to make love, when a timely response to your signals. Moreover, the more you know him, the more confidence in him, and also more and more relaxed, so as to more easily access to sexual climax.

Sometimes, however, he has tried its best, you still can not fulfill its wish to be the climax, which does not mean that his sexual performance problems, because nearly 50% of women can not get orgasm clitoris stimulation.

  5, wear a condom is the harassment of him from the full protection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Truth: "Condoms can substantially reduce your likelihood of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases." United States Marilyn University School of Medicine of therapist Michael Paul Roth said, "but the condom is not a panacea, either contraception or prevent them from being sexually transmitted infection. "So, while good quality condom use was also appropriate, there are still men, or infection may be transmitted through genital contact with a number of non-transmitted diseases, like herpes.

How to do: Since the condom is not a panacea, it is necessary to tell him, "romantic night" idea is totally unacceptable there.

6, at sporting events or important that night before the negotiations are not sex life, helping him to keep plenty of energy.

Truth: an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, "male sexual health" Richard Spark, author of the book pointed out that "this lie from the Bible records, ancient times, warriors refused to fight the next day before the sex life because they believe it will draw their energy. This concept continues today, as men a little bit superstitious, they always feel that there is what can take away his good fortune. "

However, the McGill University researchers found that sex life of the man's energy, endurance, or the ultimate success is not directly affected. Therefore, a competition, a negotiations are not enough to disturb the law of your sex life.

How to do: If the sex life has indeed weakened his performance, it is because he believe in his sex life and will draw energy. Any negative beliefs are likely to be his self-predicted, then helped him to relax it, and his playing point game to ensure he had enough sleep.

If he has the excellent performance the next day, well, tell him that this is his strength of mind.

To determine whether you have more than six down, and it is impossible to print out, show it to see your husband or boyfriend, and told him to learn the truth this is the sex. Worry, are the recommendations of the expert level and will not Huyou you!

Also self-cultivation in winter white-collar health food

Also self-cultivation in winter white-collar health food(2010-01-29 00:41:33)
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The cold weather in winter to the dry climate, our bodies there will be a corresponding drying problems through our daily diet can be resolved. In the end what we are eating more nutritious it can be more health?

 Jujube has the role of nourishing the skin
Jujube is a tonic agent in traditional Chinese medicine commonly used drugs, with the spleen, Qi, raw blood, nourishes the skin of the role of the organ. The determination of vitamin content of mince jujube highest, was hailed as a "living vitamin pills." Medical studies have shown that: the skin of vitamin C can inhibit the oxidation of DOPA quinone, reducing the formation of melanin to prevent pigmentation. One of the important functions of vitamin A, is activated and regulation of epidermal cell growth, anti-keratosis, so vitamin A help to improve the skin's water barrier properties, such as with the simultaneous use of vitamin E can delay and reverse the skin aging. Vitamin E is the "youth hormone" and laudatory, with anti-oxidation and the role of scavenging free radicals and promote skin tissue blood circulation.
Vitamin B family and have a moderating role of sebaceous gland secretion. So the saying goes, good "day to eat three dates, life is not significantly older."
  Walnut has beauty benefits of the power capacity
Walnut folk called longevity fruit, there are physical brain, beauty benefits of the power capacity. Empress Dowager Cixi is said to face old age is not bad, that is eat it regularly walnut meat. Black sesame is rich in cystine and vitamin B and E, can increase the sebum secretion, improve skin elasticity, maintain the skin delicate, the Japanese scholars as to change the rough skin of the best food. Sesame seeds and walnuts are rich in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, can nutrition, brain, skin, anti-aging, nourishing beauty, and quickly added stamina that if meat and black sesame seeds crush walnuts combination has really perfect match, complement each other, saying that get on more with less. Yongnaoguodu, neurasthenia, physically weak fatigue, dry skin are particularly good for drinking.
  Weapon: Walnut sesame milk (Bunao puzzle moisturizing the skin)

1 tsp sesame seeds, walnuts 10 grams, milk 200 ml, soybean powder 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp. Grinding sesame seeds, walnuts, after removal of thin film cursory crush, and then release all the juice machine juice beaten

  Pig skin can be lubricated
Female hormone is to maintain the women's physiological function and fitness an important material basis, such as the female hormone levels are too low will lead to menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea, and affect the skin, breast, body's fitness. The latest scientific research found that, in pumpkin seeds, soybeans and other plants on the existence of a hormone similar to the material composition. Li's in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," said the pumpkin seeds can "Bu Zhong Yi Qi," From this is certainly not a bubble. If a female friend who have low hormone levels, may wish to try the south of seeds Sibu effective. A woman do not want to Yimapingchuan, with "peace Princess," the title of this embarrassing, flat-chested and very important reason is that low levels of sex hormone, breast malnutrition, this time may wish to try a peanut Zhushou soup, pig's trotters are rich collagen protein, blood Tongru Chinese medicine commonly used in the post-partum prolactin. Peanuts contain the eight essential amino acids the human body, rich fat oil, as well as calcium, iron, vitamin E and other nutrients, for women have prolactin, increase the role of milk, the two combined will give "peace Princess," who brings unexpected surprises . The diet can also lubricate the skin, to prevent dry skin, wrinkles, aging great benefit.
Cold and dry winter weather, sweat and oil secretion inhibition, dry skin, less oil, lost in the moisture, there dry, wrinkles, or even chapped. Softens skin and is women's primary task, the best option than eat it regularly pigskin. "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic," said the pig can "and the blood, skin Run," Research found that: pig skin contains large amounts of water necessary for the function to maintain skin collagen and the hardening of proteins. Vegetables in pigskin can increase the protein intake to prevent dry skin and protect the skin's elasticity to prevent loose skin and wrinkles appear. And the fat content in pigskin instrument for pork 1 / 2, long-term consumption do not have to worry about body fat. TCM cream in women taking nutritional supplements like the use of donkey-hide gelatin Fang generally, the Department of Black Lvpi donkey-hide gelatin made from spring water evaporation, nutrient composition and pig skin is similar to a blind woman the highest frequency of use, and has Ziyin blood, beauty skin care The natural health medicines.
  Weapon: Southern Peanut Zhushou milk pot (Breast Breast)

Zhushou (trotters) 1, 60 grams of peanuts, milk 100 grams of Southern Wine 1 / 2 cup, salt 1 tsp. Zhushou boiling water boil for a short iron to the hair, wash cuts, peanut washed into the pot in the same, and then wine, water and milk together with the South into the stew cook until Rousu can slow fire.

  Honey has the reputation of women's beauty saint drugs
Mining flowers of the essence, a woman of laudatory beauty saint drugs, regular consumption of honey make people "face, such as Peach Blossom." Dry skin, dry in winter with less oil, and honey contains all kinds of rich biological active substances, can improve skin nutrition to keep the skin smooth and delicate. Especially the honey contains 47 kinds of trace elements, such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium are all essential for human health and beauty. It not only win the love of Orientals in the West, the acclaimed, reportedly Western medicine Hippocrates, the Greek father of the long-term consumption of honey and Ting to 107 years old. Consumption of honey can be used alone, but also with the donkey-hide gelatin, red dates, longan meat, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry, etc. fill paste made taking.

  Yuk Ngan, Becky cream (YangYinShengJin, emollients Yuk Ngan, Becky)
Polygonatum 500 grams, 250 grams Baimi the election Feibai Polygonatum cut into thick end of the torture of three to the residue water concentration, plus Baimi income cream. 30 grams a day morning and evening empty stomach, to white water brewed into tea.
  Immortal porridge (old age Phytosome)
System Shouwu 30, rice 60 grams, jujube 20, with bamboo scrape off the first upi, sliced Jianqu gravy to the residue, would be gravy with rice, red dates within the porridge in the casserole, add appropriate amount when cooked brown sugar , and then boil Serve. Sooner or later fasting food ,7-10 days as a course of treatment, across five days after consumption.

  Longan has the effect of blood Ziyin
Also known as longan longan, sweet natured, has raised Anshen, Ziyin the efficacy of blood, the most suitable for the frail and sick, heart palpitations, insomnia, minimalist looking female tonic purposes. Long serving the meat will add crystal sugar brewed into a "Yu-Ointment," a tablespoon every morning and evening blunt, simple and convenient easy to store. According to Ancient records wolfberry there, "added Zhu Jing gas shortage, easy color, white ... ... very long life" effect. The great Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi praise it as "manna taste of varying capabilities, but also know that a spoonful to Trillium." Fierce competition in modern society, the most easy to wear and tear fine gas, such as in the work of the gap not forget to drink a cup of rosy sweet, taste like grapes, Chinese wolfberry tea, can be considered as a kind of modern women to treat their own treasure the perfect expression of life.
  Lotus seed longan soup (blood moisturizing, whitening beauty)

Lotus 30 grams, 30 grams Gorgon, MI Ren 50 grams, 8 grams of longan meat, add water, 500 ml, micro-Simmer 1 hour, seasoned with a little honey, a sub-served, and lotus seeds and drinking from the same soup

Winter cold baths are really lots of other good

Winter cold baths are really lots of other good(2010-01-29 00:43:43)
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Cold bath is a method of exercise using natural factors. Cold bath can improve the body's ability to adapt to the cold stimulation, when the body is a contact with cold water stimulation, a sharp contraction in the skin blood vessels so that blood flow to a large number of deep body tissues and organs; then, the skin blood vessels expand again, a large number of blood flow to re-surface again. In this way, systemic blood vessels have participated in the systolic and diastolic motion.

Cold bath on the nervous and cardiovascular system useful. When the body when the skin contact with cold water, in the nerve under the skin and blood vessel relaxation after the first contraction, thus improving the skin's blood circulation to strengthen organized under the skin nutrition supply to skin glands to increase , the skin becomes flexible lubrication, elasticity, resistance to strengthen, not susceptible to skin disease.

Experiments show that when the body stimulated by the cold, nose and throat swelling and hyperemia of the mucous membranes will occur, these cells physiological parts reduced white blood cell decrease, resulting in partial disease resistance weakened, giving the bacteria invaded by multiplicative ie. However, after cold-water exercise, due physically to be tempered by the cold stimulation in the nose and throat mucous membranes can be well adapted and difficult to place a class of common cold diseases.

The role of the cold water, because the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory and digestive systems to enhance the function of other organizations and organs corresponding improvement in the skills, so that the whole body level of functioning improved. Barrier function of enhanced disease resistance improve. elderly or prime-age adult cold bath regular exercise can reduce fat accumulation and deposition of cholesterol in the blood, so that helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure disease.

  Cold bath implementation methodology

Cold bath the initial stage, may first brush with a towel, to be used to dry brush, may start shower, the water temperature should be gradually reduced. In addition to the shower head, the whole body the skin should be subject to cold-water shower, bath, the same should be the skin rub red. Over time, such as the response is good, cold bath can be outdoors. But we know that the lower the temperature, the shorter the time cold bath. as long as the bath, I felt very warm and comfortable, relaxed powerful, is water ice could persist in cold water bath.

Even: break the ice bath. "Normal winter cold bath in room, starting at room temperature can be around 20 ℃, then gradually reduced. Insist on outdoor winter cold bath (shower or winter swimming) is not a person or something that can be done, due to the winter cold bath in the outdoors, a great stimulus intensity must pass through the system of indoor cold bath, the body's ability to adapt to the cold after a certain increase in order to adapt to.

  After the cold bath to rub the skin red

In the bath, because water temperature is much lower than body temperature, so cold bath during the rapid loss of body temperature. In this case, through reflection, the surface of the body will once again shrink blood vessels, especially in the upper respiratory tract vasoconstriction, so that there's blood reduce the supply of anti-bacterial material supplies are affected, the original germs lurking in these parts, or the virus can become active Cheng Xu.

Respiratory diseases, people are likely to occur. If the bath and immediately rub the skin red, can help skin temperature quickly return to or exceed the pre-bath levels, the body will feel the body heat, warm and comfortable.

  Cold bath implementation time

At first, you can use every day, after morning exercises, 1-2 minutes, quickly brush with wet towels, and then rub the skin dry towel until the reddish date in order to promote the body warm and comfortable. If there is no time for the morning, noon, PM can also be carried out. General should not be cold bath at night. Bathed in their daily life, preferably a fixed.

Because it allows the body to form a conditioned reflex, a time to exercise, the body one organ system immediately mobilized and ready to meet the needs of exercise. Of course, exercise time, if not fixed, nor irrelevant, but as long as the exercise is timely, method is reasonable, there will be no adverse effects on the body

Little trouble from frostbite in winter coup

Frostbite is a well-known winter common skin disease, though not a serious disease, but can seriously affect the work, study and rest. Therefore, knowledge about prevention and treatment is necessary.

Frostbite is mainly a long-term cold (10 degrees or less) applied to the skin walls have cold after the subcutaneous artery contraction and expansion of long-standing paralysis of the blood vessels, venous stasis, so that localized poor circulation, cause malnutrition, organization, and even tissue necrosis can occur. This disease is cured in the exposure and the site of poor peripheral circulation, hair fingers, back of hands, face, dorsum, foot edge. Heel, ear, etc..

According to severity is generally divided into three degrees to frostbite.

Once: start can be due to a temporary leakage, color purple, or green. Can be accompanied by edema, cold touch of a cool feeling. At this point the event of warm, color can be converted to redness, swelling, and the emergence of itching, pain.

SECOND: If the cold and heavy, small artery contraction time is too long, tissue injury aggravated in the blisters occur on the basis of erythema, or bullae, content, clarity, blisters formed after breaking erosion leaking fluid or scab.

Three times: As the cold and heavy and the weave necrosis and the formation of ulcers.

In general, the typical frostbite can easily be recognized, but the symptoms and recover from illness is not a typical case of the Department should pay attention to and erythema multiforme, erythema, lupus, erythema nodosum, erythema induration differentiated from other skin diseases.

Due to lack of exercise over the disease, local humidity, local skin pressure, cold temperatures warm mutation, obesity and malnutrition and other factors hair, so preventive measures should be developed for these reasons, it is necessary the following aspects:

1, early winter weather suddenly getting colder at this time of the most vulnerable to frostbite, paying particular attention to warm, especially the site of frostbite occurred in previous years.

2, persist in physical exercise, can improve the whole body blood circulation, improve the capacity and the body's resistance to cold, is the best way to prevent frostbite.

3, adhere to wash their hands with cold water, wash face, feet, or cold bath, winter swimming, etc. can obviously necessary to avoid the Ministry of judgments blood circulation, improve cold tolerance.

4, wear a spacious and comfortable, sweat resistant and the insole seepage to keep dry, avoid local compression.

5, as in a cold environment in the time is too long, such as biking to go out, go home soaked in cold and warm water immediately after the remote and local compression of the Department of heavier accompanied by, or rub massage ways to strengthen local friction and movement, to rapidly improve local blood circulation.

6, better nutrition, attention to weight reduction is an important part of prevention of frostbite.

The event of a treatment as soon as possible to strengthen the thermal cut out to prevent disease progression. Once frostbite may be 3% tincture of iodine partial erasure and massage a day several times, effective. 5% camphor or alcohol, turpentine, pepper tincture (fresh pepper 3 - 5 only on 75% alcohol or 250 grams of white wine, the seal 7 days branding for such erasure and massage affected area. Or cold water (10 degrees Celsius ), water (38 long or so) alternately soaked, daily number of production and marketing. can also be used garlic stems, eggplant stalks, chilli stalks first boiling water until the water temperature dropped to 40 degrees when the thermal bath, 1-2 times a day . second degree, three degree frostbite should be treated under the guidance of a doctor in order to avoid infection, so that disease progression

After dinner, how often to sleep it fit?

Time to go to sleep about a third of a person's life, and more than one-third of people complain about poor sleep. There are many reasons for poor sleep, fast-paced life, mental stress, impact of the disease ... ... but people tend to ignore one factor: eat right, but also let you sleep well.

  And sleep "do not come together," the food

Do not eat dinner, will also affect sleep. Here are some of the food is not conducive to sleep:

Excited about the brain food. Coffee, tea, cola, and other containing caffeine, theophylline drinks or food are not suitable for human consumption before going to bed. Caffeine can be refreshing, it is well known, for some people particularly sensitive to caffeine, is likely to continue exciting time for longer. In addition, there are diuretic effects of caffeine, too much coffee, easy to people urinating increase, which will also interfere with sleep.

To stimulate the gastrointestinal tract or abdominal pains caused by food. Eating too much spicy food, soy, onion, potato, carbonated drinks, etc. flatulence food, so gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal badly, certainly can not sleep.

Wine. Drink the short term may be easier to sleep, but the long term, the central tolerance so that increased capacity for liquor in order to achieve the same effect, otherwise, would be a deeper degree of insomnia. If you often drink or evening entertainment nightlife drinking, excessive alcohol affect the absorption and utilization of vitamin B1, finally also lead to lack of B1 neuritis, there finger numbness and other symptoms.

It was the "Zhumian wine" finalized as red wine, red wine, in fact only more than the average wine antioxidant, in addition, no abnormal with other wine (adult men to drink alcohol a day no more than 25 grams, the equivalent of 750 ml of beer or wine, 250 ml wine, or 38 degrees 75 mg, 50 grams of a high degree of alcohol; women drink alcohol less than 15 grams, the equivalent of 450 milliliters of beer or wine 150 ml wine, 38 degrees 50 grams).

  Dinner and sleep the best 4 hours apart

A family of white-collar workers in the city, there is usually a bad eating habits --- breakfast neglect, casual lunch and dinner rich. In fact, this diet is not conducive to good health. Take dinner speaking, Zhao Yong Yi that dinner should be to eat less, light some, amount of protein, rather than the lavish meals. Because of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fat, the most difficult to digest in the stomach emptying time, the longest dinner if eating a lot of fat foods, then gastric emptying is often more than four hours, so into the bed of the When the digestive system is still hard work, this information is passed to the brain, can cause the brain active and lead to insomnia.

Similarly, the dinner did not eat, too hungry can also affect sleep, therefore, a half-hour before going to bed at night you can eat millet gruel or milk with a small amount of cookies to send.

Experts suggest that the best dinner and sleep four hours apart to minimize eat too much before going to bed. If you have to eat supper, should choose a mild liquid or semi-liquid food.

  A cup of sweet milk, half an hour before going to bed

Hot milk has long been thought to induce sleep. Zhao Yong Yi said, but the best Zhumian food is hot, sweet milk. Because of the warm hot milk, you can make the stomach congestion, promote the absorption of tryptophan; sugar, you can make L-tryptophan through the blood-brain barrier, so that the brain receive a signal to relax and sleep. Therefore, the hot, sweet milk, known as "effective hypnotic agent", while the evaporated milk and yogurt Zhumian effects on the poor of the. Experts believe that, generally about half an hour before bed, drink milk, the best results. However, this method only for underweight or normal weight people speaking, does not apply to obese and overweight persons. In addition, tryptophan-rich foods are millet, cheese, South Guazi Ren, scallops, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, black sesame, soybeans, eggs, and so on

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Gold breakfast must have four elements

Breakfast time "is not the best effort we can fortification period," the U.S. Penn State University nutrition professor Barbara Rolls said, "give themselves a bowl of cereal costs simply can not be long."

A healthy breakfast meal of gold must have the following four elements.

1, a number of multi-fiber intake. Study confirmed that resistance to digestion of high fiber foods can easily gave people a feeling of fullness. Several studies in 2001 found that if more than a day of fiber intake of 29 grams of about 4 months, body weight will reduce the nearly 4 pounds. Both cereals contain fiber and is very delicious, and the same time, the heart of the experts also recommended adult daily intake of 25-30 grams fiber.

2, enrich your breakfast. Rawls suggested that when you eat cereal with low-fat milk, also add some fruit. Fruit is not only nutritious, in a note to bring you a sense of fullness at the same time does not increase too much heat. Study confirmed that the use of such measures to increase food intake not only to meet the appetite, but also can achieve the effect of diet. If food is relatively thick, some, who feel that they eat a meal are more common.

  3, more intake of some proteins. It seems the nutritionist, protein, called the breakfast of choice, research confirmed that the protein-rich food could easily satisfy the people, have significantly reduced the calorie intake. In 2005, the research staff to 19 for adults for as long as 12 weeks of the experiment, they found that protein content of the diet accounted for 30% of the people, than those in the diet protein content of only 15% of the daily intake of less 440 calories a day. Experts recommend that people drink a mixture of milk or soy milk beverage, in which the added whey protein powder. Fruit and whole-wheat cereal, toast or muffins are an excellent choice

4, sugar and refined cereal consumption should be controlled. Experts recommend that people eat eggs at breakfast, oats, or bran tablets that slowly release heat food, but do not choose corn flakes because it wanted to keep the mind agile. In 2003, in the 106 female college students, tests found that if you eat breakfast slow release of glucose, memory will be relatively strong. This is most likely because these foods contain protein and fiber slow down the release rate of glucose, which then eliminates the level of blood glucose and insulin instability. Since the glucose and insulin to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of transient increased, it is no wonder that people would say that eating whole grain foods can contribute to weight loss and mortality

Vegetarian really do make people live longer

Mention vegetarian, people will naturally think of two aspects: First, Buddhism, the second is health.

Vegetarian mainly refers to eat animal food, and eating vegetables, fruits and foods. For Buddhist children, the vegetarian food is called "Vegetarian" is a kind of self-cultivation behavior. If you are a vegetarian, others associate will ask: "Are you Buddhist devotees?"

The ancients believed that vegetarian health benefits. Scientists children foolproof, wrote in the Ming Dynasty's "health is necessary to" where proposed, vegetarian, that can make the body, spirit at its best. With the development of modern nutritional science, experts have found that a lot of cardio-cerebral vascular disease, liver disease, diabetes, are caused by excessive carnivorous type. Therefore, it was believed that vegetarianism is good for longevity.

Vegetarian and longevity in the end there any relationship? This is not a simple question, we have to talk about from the nutrition.

Five categories of nutrients

The maintenance of human development, growth, physical activity is called nutrients, are:

(1) carbohydrates, including sugar, starch, the main activities required to provide the human body heat;

(2) fat, in addition to providing the heat required for activities outside the human body, or constitute the human body must be material;

(3) protein, also known as proteins, constitute the main body of material, but also can provide heat;

(4) vitamins, including the dimension A, B, C, D, E, B12 and many other, mainly involved in the body's physiological function;

(5) minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and so on, are also involved in the body's physiological functions.

Food items are mainly summarized as meat, grain and fruits and vegetables three categories. In general, the above-mentioned five categories of nutrients exist in a variety of foods, but a variety of nutritional content of various foods there are differences only.

Of food containing carbohydrates, the highest, about 70%, containing protein, nearly 10%; meat-containing protein, most of which contain 40% as much lean meat. Fats from soybean and peanut plants, but also from fat. Vitamin A, Vitamin C in fresh vegetables and fruit in the most up to calcium in the milk, B vitamins in the coarse grains in the larger classes, but the vitamin B12 found primarily in animal meat and offal.

Rice, noodles made of food, plus meat, oil, vegetables and other cooked dishes made of, people are reasonable and constitutes a basic form of nutritious food.

Abundant supplies of protein, then the physically fit and well-developed, the lack of the infirm. Carbohydrates and fats are the body heat of the main raw material supply should be sufficient, otherwise unable to maintain body weight and labor; excessive fat is easy to form. Vegetables, fruits to eat too little, make vitamins, mineral deficiencies, poor health, susceptibility to disease. Therefore need to balance the diet. Some people think that something good nutrition, a large number of eating, eating every day; another person something (such as eggs, meat) do not like, never eat. This long run, nutritional imbalance, harmful to health.

Good habits are often transferred to eat different foods, eat everything, not picky eaters. People have a habit, is "a continuous eat, do not want to eat; for a long time not to eat, eat." This helps to maintain nutritional balance.

Vegetarian Nutrition makes incomplete

Vegetarian food is non-animal food diet. In addition to animal protein, the vegetarian range of other essential nutrients. So, vegetarian able to maintain the most basic of human life, growth, development, reproduction and activities.

But the protein, after all, constitute the body's vital substance, not a lack of. If instead of vegetable protein, such as food, can we? In general, the more difficult. Because of low protein content in plants, and the quality (ie essential amino acids contained in the type and amount of the number) than animal protein better, so terms of the number of plant protein quality, are not easy to achieve the desired standards. Of animal meat as food, has become a major source of protein intake of all mankind. This is the human consensus, no doubt.

Plant proteins, including vegetables, fruits, grain, etc. a person's vital nutrients, is vegetarian protein sources, but also to sustain life, but its role better than to eat with the meat the same.

Vegetarian not help longevity

Why do some people eat meat products will get the disease? This is because they are meat eating animals, when not used properly. Animals, meat and offal, fish, shrimp, etc., contain more cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient, but too much use can cause atherosclerosis. Is a cerebral arteriosclerosis, heart infarction, and the cause of cerebral embolism is the major cause of death of older persons. Animal food is a curse to blame those who, in fact, eating too much animal food is not the fault of the animal food.

In fact, longevity is a complex of issues, including the body's own genetic factors and environmental factors. Environment, air, soil and water, cultural, educational, scientific, economic, political, human relations and so on, a number of factors are associated with longevity. Nutrition is only part of it.

Based on current research scientists, but also help to confirm vegetarian longevity, but has confirmed, including animal protein, nutritional balance, including diet, contribute to human health and longevity

Quest "healthy" people why the sudden death?

Usually appear healthy people, a sudden and unexpected death occurred in non-violent nature of the phenomenon commonly known as sudden death in forensic science or Jisi. World Health Organization will be out of view of symptoms within 24 hours after death, are defined as sudden death. Sudden death is how did this happen? Usually it is the result of the interaction of internal and external occurred.

1, sudden death of the internal

This is the sudden death of the fundamental, the first reason for this is that the deceased body of potential disease or lesion.

1. Cardiovascular diseases

Such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocarditis, pericarditis, hemopericardium, cardiac valvular disease, aneurysm rupture, pulmonary artery
Vein thrombosis and so on.

2. Respiratory

Such as laryngeal edema, lobar pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia, interstitial pneumonia, cavitary tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism.

3. Central nervous system diseases

Common are subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, brain tumors, epilepsy and so on.

4. Digestive Diseases

Such as acute gastrointestinal bleeding, acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, stomach and duodenal ulcer perforation and bleeding, poisoning, acute bacillary dysentery and so on. Other diseases, such as adrenal insufficiency, ectopic pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism, thymus lymphatic constitution and so on, are also likely to be caused by internal factors of sudden death, leading to death results to happen. Cause of sudden death in these diseases to cardiovascular disease is most prevalent, followed by respiratory diseases. Sudden death in adults over from cardiovascular diseases caused more by a sudden death in children with respiratory diseases.

Second, external causes of sudden death

Sudden death is mainly caused by internal factors, but in most cases, the incidence of sudden death have the role of external factors and participation. External causes of sudden death is to induce or encourage the body's potential to the malignant transformation of a sudden illness, leading to sudden death occurred in external factors. These factors gave rise to sudden death, despite the conditions played a role only, but sometimes it is an indispensable condition for sudden death. And internal diseases, a pretend, can induce sudden death occurred in external factors are also many common are:

1. Psychological factors

Such as ecstasy, rage, extreme tension, terror, fright and other spiritual and over-excitement or over-inhibition, there are potential disease can be induced in patients with sudden death.

2. Physical activity

Such as running, swimming, climbing, heavy manual labor or vigorous exercise such as fatigue, allow goods to induce sudden death in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Minor trauma, overeating, cold overheating and infection, also can be a sudden death causes.

These external factors, for healthy, normal people, maybe there is no harm or danger is not, but for those who have some underlying disease, though it may induce or accelerate the deterioration of the disease, leading to death from happening. But in any case, regardless of external factors on the occurrence of sudden death is played a little role in how indispensable it is, it can only serve as an external; indirect, conditional factors, can not serve as the direct cause of sudden death. Clear on this point is essential for clarifying the responsibility.

Death body examination to identify the deceased's past medical history, signs of dying, for determining the cause of death is certainly helpful. The identification of signs of sudden death in the body's appearance can also provide clues to identify the cause of death and help, but because of the appearance of signs of sudden death in the body does not have a specific, and therefore tests based only on dead form it is difficult to ascertain the true cause of death. Sudden death to determine cause of death, mainly by post-mortem, through the various organs and tissues for pathological anatomical examination and the exclusion of poisoning deaths and other violent deaths possible, down to achieve. Thus, the test of sudden death the body must be detailed and thorough examination of the various organs and tissues whether the lesion, the extent of the lesions and lesions. Should also be extracted stomach contents, blood, urine, or liver and brain tissue to conduct toxicology and other laboratory analysis checks. The vast majority of sudden death, the deceased's more obvious organic lesion, through the autopsy was able to identify the occurrence of sudden death caused by disease, identify the cause of death. But there are a few exceptions, and some despite a detailed and systematic examination of the corpse, still can not find out enough to constitute a cause of death in pathological changes. Beginning of this section referred to in young adults Jisi syndrome, a case in point. Ji Si test for such incidents must be cautious not to easily make any conclusions

Why do people live longer orgasm

British study shows that there are two orgasms a week people likely to die less than once a month, half the people.

The general life of the modern urbanite pressure, lack of sexual desire, even in a lot of couples in the emergence of the "asexual marriage" status, a phenomenon that has aroused the concerns of relevant experts. Recently, the World Health Organization's initiative, from different countries of digital sexologists organized a series of thematic discussions, and published an article pointed out: a healthy sex life can promote, including reproduction, including the three aspects of physical and psychological health. "Once or twice a week, the health of sex, let the number of human immune globulin increased by 30%, people from disease."

The promotion of male and female reproductive health, sexual life

Genitals with the other body organs, like the absence of the regularity of use, then it will gradually degraded. British Drug Research Center expert John pointed out that the sex of the human body the most direct benefit is the ability to promote the health of male and female reproductive system.

Statistics show that more than 75% of men over the age of 50, there will be varying degrees of symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy, and some may even develop into prostate cancer. The regular sex will promote the secretion of testosterone to maintain prostate health, while allowing men to maintain a healthy level of sexual desire.

Sex life is also conducive to women's reproductive health. The study found that sex life, women higher levels of vaginal lubrication, for maintaining its acid-base balance, enhance vaginal immunity against infectious diseases has been promoting.

Sex life and the promotion of physical health

The experts suggested that sex is but the happiest of mankind's oldest sport, its role in our physical health is enormous.

British study shows that there are two orgasms a week people likely to die less than once a month, half the people. Sexology, Dr. Terri Zeke Lang repair in her monograph on "sex and love magic," a book that long survey shows that a happy sex life than those single and divorced for longer life. Because in the process of sex, the body secretes DHEA (a male and female sex hormone precursor) to promote sexual excitement, is precisely that it can help balance the immune system, improve the digestive system, promote bone growth, maintain the normal repair tissue, so that aging of the human body is not easy.

Sex expert Dr. Shi Mifu said that sex keeps the human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Because the sexual process, the person's heart rate and blood pressure have increased in systemic blood circulation to speed up, breathing becomes deeper, blood oxygen content increases. When carrying a lot of fresh oxygen in the blood reach the body cells, organs and tissues when the body would seem to be the same as the fresh air filtering, so that the human cardiovascular aging, fatigue, illness or even harmful substances will be cleared. In addition, sex also helps to reduce the body's cholesterol levels, and to promote positive transformation of the bad cholesterol.

Almost all experts agree that the role of sex hormones in the magic, the body's sense of pain will become dull. Sex is like a powerful natural painkillers, the elimination of arthritis and headaches and other symptoms is particularly evident. John conducted a study shows that during orgasm, women are uterine contraction, the uterus is a good exercise and relaxation, to achieve the purpose of ease menstrual pain.

Sexology experts also confirmed that sex can be thin people to lose weight. A warm kiss will burn 12 calories, and 10 minutes of foreplay can burn 50 calories, that is, the slow movement the most sex, 1 hour you can burn 150 calories

A cup of tea several times better?

Life, some people like to brew tea repeatedly, until the drink not taste so far; some others brew a tea twice a quick change. Which of these two approaches is correct, a cup of tea brewing times what is better? Nutrient absorption from the point of view, is best for brewing tea bags 1, bulk tea, then do not more than 3 times.

Tea contains a tumor suppressor role of tea polyphenols and tea polysaccharides can lower blood sugar, so that the central nervous excitement caffeine, and a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. How many of these nutrients can be precipitated, and the number of brewing a great relationship. In general, the larger the particle shape of tea, precipitation of nutrients more slowly; particles smaller, faster precipitation.

Compared with the bulk tea, tea bags, tea in the processing and manufacturing, through the cut rub, fully destroyed the leaf cells, particle shape is relatively small, tea, the nutrients for the first time after 3-5 minutes of immersion, there will be 80% - 90% precipitation, the second brew later, the remaining 10% of the nutrients are also nearly all of the precipitation. Therefore, Yin Jun Feng suggested that the best bagged tea brewing time, not only in nutrient absorption, no losses, but will not affect the taste and flavor. Bulk tea is relatively large particles, the first time to brew the best a little longer should be about 5 minutes, of which 60% of nutrients -80% precipitation; after the second brew, there will be 80% -90 % of the nutrients in precipitation; third time, after brewing, nutrient leaching rate of more than 95%, and then continue brewing, has no role in the nutrition.

As experts point out that after numerous brewing tea, will make one of the pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances leaching. Yin Jun-feng said that this argument although there must be some truth, but do not be overly concerned about. At present, China pesticides used in tea production are mostly very low solubility in water, 10 grams of tea per person per day basis, even if the brew 1 mg / kg residue in tea intake of pesticides is only 0.0001 mg, the World Health Organization requirement for each intake for several days to allow one-thousandth. Tea in the leaching rate of heavy metal lead is relatively low, as long as the purchase of regular tea manufacturers, and their contents will not exceed the national standard

The younger the use of mobile phones the higher the risk of brain cancer risk

The younger the use of mobile phones the higher the risk of brain cancer risk(2008-09-23 09:00:34)
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Terror: 20 years ago began to use mobile phones risk suffering from brain cancer five-fold increase

Sweden, a surprising new study shows that children and young people to use mobile phones, will make their future risk of brain cancer for more than five times higher than chance. Experts point out that the study worrying, brain cancer, young people today may become the future "epidemic."

Sweden, a surprising new study shows that children and young people to use mobile phones, will make their future risk of brain cancer for more than five times higher than chance. Experts point out that the study worrying, brain cancer, young people today may become the future "epidemic."

According to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" on the 22nd quoted foreign reports, the study of radiation according to further analysis of the largest cancer risk data from one of the studies, from University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden Prof. Harder. Harder in this by an independent organization "Radiation Research Trust" held at the Royal Society of London meeting, said, "two-year-old before people start using mobile phones," the opportunity with glioma than five times. The young people generally have the use of household cordless telephones and long has the additional risk of the kinds of tumors, but also almost as large, that is four times more. Glioma in support of the central nervous system glial cells derived from a cancer.

Harder added that the young man began to use mobile phones of people suffering from acoustic neuroma is also an opportunity for more than five times the original. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor, but often result in hearing loss. The reason why their risk is higher because of their brain and nervous system is still developmental stages, but also because of their relatively small head, skull are thinner, radiation penetrate into the deeper the degree of their brain.

Harder said: "This is a warning. Is cause for concern. We should take preventive measures." He believed that children under the age of 12 years of age except in emergency, not the use of mobile phones; even teenagers should also be used to avoid put device, or to SMS as the phone's main means of communication. By 2 years old, the threat will be reduced, because by that time the brain has fully developed. However, he acknowledged, in fact, children and young people were affected, it is possible for the Institute than what he had inferred large, because his findings did not show that they use the telephone for many years by the impact. Most will lie dormant for years before cancer onset, longer than mobile phone market but also a long history.

The study shows that cell phones have been more than a decade of adults suffering from glioma and acoustic neuroma opportunity to be much higher. However, Harder said that at present not yet sufficient data to show that this relatively long-term use, will be how to increase a young age the risk of those who started using mobile phones.

Harder hopes to conduct more research, but the risks to children will not be included in the above tracking 90000 people in the United Kingdom within the scope of the study. "Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Program" Management Committee Chairman, Professor Cogan said that children have not been included in the scope of its study is that by the Swedish Karolinska Institute in an ongoing study to young people.

He said: "Looking at an early age to start using (mobile) who actually five times higher risk of cancer the opportunity to really teach people to be afraid." But he said that once all the evidence come in handy, but it shows the risks so high, He will also "extremely surprised."

Currently Britain has Jiucheng the 16-year-olds and more than four percent of primary school students have their own mobile phone. British official "Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Program", since the beginning ○ ○ Banian cost 3.1 million pounds, for the use of mobile phones cause cancer risk study. The study plans to investigate the threats faced by young people as a "top priority", but ultimately it is not included in the study.

The European Parliament recently by 522 votes to 16 votes, by urging all government ministers across Europe, in contact by mobile and cordless phones, Wi-fi and other devices to release the radiation, the introduction of more stringent restrictions on

Men's Health: before going to bed, "three Gizo bogey"

Men's Health: before going to bed, "three Gizo bogey"(2008-09-24 09:59:21)
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Sleep is a great source of health. How can men sleep well? First, we must cultivate a good time to fall asleep and wake up habits, follow-phase alternating sleep and wake objective laws. In this way, will be able to stabilize sleep, cortical cells to avoid fatigue. A strict system for the rest such as sleep and awakening for the significance of physiological processes is great. Strictly abide by the rest of time will enable us to sleep and awakening process - there might even be a conditioned reflex, as did - to be more natural, for even more profound.

In addition, intense mental work before going to bed will not avoid strenuous exercise or manual work. Instead, should be a walk in the outdoors to minimize the subjective stimulus. Character, easy-to-excited men, before going to bed is not suitable for an exciting speech, inappropriate touching to see the books, not watch people a long time can not forget the movies or theater. Dinner not too late and should not overeat. The light should eat easily digestible foods, pay attention to eat vegetables and a certain proportion of cereals to maintain smooth stool. Seasoning should not use too heavy. Night, not smoking, not drinking tea or coffee and other irritating beverages, do not drink too much juice drinks or stream. Tobacco, tea and coffee will stimulate the brain, the brain is not easy to enter inhibitory state. Beverage Service and the flow of juice, too much will lead to urinary frequency, is not conducive to sleep again. As we all know, before going to bed brush your teeth, wash your face is necessary. But also to cultivate the habit of feet with warm water, which can promote blood circulation and lower limbs is conducive to sleep soon. Conditions, you can brush with warm water or hot water bath. Bedtime to remove their jackets, underwear to be washed a timely manner, able to do so, you can wear loose clothes, blankets to keep clean, and often drying to keep dry and kill the bacteria.
Men's bedtime, "three Gizo bogey," a man's life, there are more than one-third of time is spent in sleep. Normal and good sleep, physiological functions can be adjusted to maintain the nervous system balance, which is an important part of life. Sleep disturbance, lack of will man the next day confused and general weakness. Thus, sleep and health, the relationship between work and study very closely. To get a good night sleep, pay attention to before going to bed three Gizo bogey is very important.

3 should be:

First, a walk before going to bed.

2, foot bath before going to bed, "before bed, hot foot, win by taking sleeping pills." Feet with warm water 15-20 minutes before bedtime, so that foot vasodilation, promote blood circulation, make people more susceptible to sleep Township.

3, brush your teeth before going to bed.

"Three bogey" is:

A bogey eat three square meals, dinner can be fed into a 78. Do not eat anything before going to bed, so as not to increase the gastrointestinal burden.

2 avoidance of excessive entertainment. Bedtime should not look at the intense scenes of TV drama and game, do not talk about sad or frightening nostalgia thing.

3 bogey drink tea and coffee. So as to avoid frequent urination and mental excitement affects sleep.

In addition, pay attention to the night environment is comfortable and clean bedrooms, air circulation, to healthy

How can modern men out of depression, stress

Withdrawal, isolation, loss of interest in work or personal relationships is our well-known classic depressive symptoms. In recent years, more and more doctors found that some men are not the "sheep-type" withdrawal symptoms show, but "Chailanghubao type."

In addition to irritability, alcoholism, drug addiction, the some people will workaholic, a little to stimulate the making unwarranted, and the crazy gambling, he threw things around, impulsive behavior such as speeding, these symptoms seem macho, but so themselves, family or doctors, were deceived, even worse, many domestic violence is also related to depression and pigeon-holing, the potential hidden in all corners of society patients.

Bound by the traditional values of men were required to perseverance, strong, carry the social and family responsibility, achievement orientation is high, people always want to play the role of protector.

Medical science has on the real causes of depression, there is still a lot of speculation:Neurotransmitter imbalance, in particular, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine imbalances, brain cells, hypoplasia and degeneration, brain damage, the cell suicide mechanism to start too early, long-term medication, genetic, stress hormones cause trouble and so on. "Depression is not the real reason is very clear that men are more common, and most have external setbacks," Social environmental factors to explain. Unemployment, economic frustration, midlife crisis, empty nest period, did not properly plan for retirement, a sense of loss, coupled with trying to flaunt, depression dictates, the men can easily be denied that this "does not honor the disease," Nengcheng the stays.

According to statistics, the suicide cases, 9 as above with mental illness, including seven as a depression (in particular, severe depression), 15% of the final to commit suicide to end their lives. What are the common symptoms of male depression? How do I help?

  From the side to help

If you observe around men have depression tendencies may use the technology, the first web or by phone Wenzhen, if the doctors to study the need for treatment, and then motherhood for medical treatment.

Men are usually reluctant to elaborate on the disease, at most, account for insomnia, or physical illness, family becomes very important to the narrative, and finally "strong charge" a man to the hospital, faster access to treatment.

  Covert observation

Insomnia, weight loss, followed by decreased attention and thinking skills, emotional instability become impatient, previously favorite sports (sports product, sports information) now does not feel dejected mentioned, alcoholism, drug addiction, often a daze, asking what to say No, do not pay attention Ai Sheng Shi You heard him sigh, taking note of his family watching him, but also happy, are the focus of observation.

Harvard Medical School Professor Pollack: "partner, close family support is the best medical men of depression," and made a warning to men to prove masculinity do not need to rely on high-altitude parachuting or rock climbing, try to right Pink is known to have relatives or friends tell their minds and prevent their involvement in depression storm

Teach you the recipe for how to drink less liver injury

China's drinking is characterized by drinking alcohol, are more common. Tian Han, people believe that drinking can be cold, this understanding is a misunderstanding. How to contact the feelings of both can not damage the health drink it? Teach you the recipe:

1. Bogey fasting drink: drink a glass of milk before drinking or yogurt, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa;

2.B vitamins: an estimated drinking for a long time in advance until the vitamin B family entertainment have become rare, in order to protect the liver. Can also be consciously eat more rich in vitamin B family of animal liver, pork, beef, mutton, egg yolk, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains, in order to enhance the body content of VB family;

3. Drink boiled water: Baijiu, we should drink boiled water, to facilitate the alcohol as soon as possible with urine excreted; drinking beer, should wash the toilet; drinking spirits is best on the rocks;

4. Bogey booze: alcohol should not be too fast and too, it should be drunk slowly, let the body time to break down the body's alcohol;

5. Eat more green leafy vegetables: drink eat green leafy vegetables, including anti-oxidants and vitamins can protect the liver;

6. Eat more soy products: drink eat soy products and lecithin in which the role of the protection of the liver;

7. Do not drink carbonated drinks: Do not drink carbonated drinks alcohol so as not to accelerate the speed of the body to absorb alcohol

Buy bread, which you have committed an error?

Supermarket food has become increasingly diverse, and purchase food, consumers are increasingly confused. The face of shelves full of goods, dazzles I do not know how to choose. Now let us look at the bread purchase point where it is. Comparison, you have committed those common mistakes?
  Bread: health value of a careful look at

Bread is always very attractive look, classification is also cumbersome. By end-use, can be divided into "staple bread" and "breads and pastries" categories; according to texture, can be divided into "soft bread", "Crispy bread", "spongy bread" and "hard bread" four categories; according to raw materials, can be divided into white bread, whole wheat bread, three types of bread and cereals.

From the heat, the order of the Crispy skin simply the lowest calorie bread because they are not sweet bread, sugar, salt and fat are very few post-baking sheet Picui hard, still hot to eat very tasty. French staples of bread and a Russian "big column buses" fall into this category, broadly similar nutritional value, and buns. Hard bread and soft bread by adding eggs, sugar, milk, oil and other materials, just the addition of water different. Children like the "toast bread", "bread and butter," and most of the color breads and pastries are all soft bread. Soft sweet bread and sugar content of about 15%, fat 10%, toast bread, some more. But since joined the eggs and milk, have higher nutritional value, suitable for baby food.

  Points 1: try to avoid Danish Bread

Is the highest calorie bread spongy bread, also known as "Danish bread." It is characterized by adding 20% to 30% of the butter or "shortening" can form a special layered structure, often made of croissants, raisins flat package, chocolate cake packs. It taste Suxiang soft, very tasty, but because there were too many saturated fats and calories, but may contain very harmful for cardiovascular health, the "trans-fatty acids." This should be as little as possible to buy bread, preferably no more than one week.

Point 2: Learn to distinguish whole-wheat bread

The bread is usually made with white flour, the texture soft and delicate, easily digested and absorbed, dietary fiber were very low. Nutritional knowledge of many rich people are aware, whole-wheat bread, more conducive to good health, because it is rich in fiber, can help clean the intestinal tract of human waste, can also slow down digestion and absorption, beneficial to prevent obesity. Children over 2 years of age can begin to try to eat whole-wheat bread, in order to cultivate love of "thick" good eating habits.

Whole-wheat bread is not removed with the bran and wheat germ out of the whole-wheat flour bread. It is characterized by micro-brown color of the naked eye can see a lot of wheat bran specks, rough texture, but there are fragrance. Because of its high nutritional value than white bread, B vitamin-rich, micro-organisms particularly like it, and so more easily than regular bread, quality health mildew.

Consumers should note that the color brown hair does not necessarily indicate product is whole-wheat bread. Some enterprises in order to give consumers even more love to eat, it will take to do white-flour bread, then add a small amount of caramel color dyed brown, it seems it sounds a bit "dark", but the essence is still white bread. We must notice that a sufficient number of wheat bran fragments can be identified as whole-wheat bread - oh, but taste was really a bit rough.

Remove the whole-wheat bread, the ingredients with a variety of grains bread and cereals such as oat bread, rye bread, soy flour bread, etc., can provide a lot of dietary fiber.

Three main points: buy attention to freshness

Bread shelf-life packaging will be marked: "the second and third quarter (spring) 2-3 days, a fourth quarter (winter) 4-5 days." When you purchase your sure to select fresh bread as much as possible. If the fast time expired to purchase, we must eat right away, do not let bread and mildew in the home had expired. If the store is promotional discounts, but also to open their eyes wide to see if it is near expired!

Need to know a lot of food companies in order to extend the time product sales, often to do some "production date ahead of" a small trick. If you get petty purchased immediately expired bread, home where there are a couple of days can not eat, can let themselves into a dilemma: the throwing of the bar, what a pity; slowly eat also brings insecurity. If placed in the refrigerator, taste will be getting worse

6 kinds of methods to prevent memory loss

Is there any way to prevent the memory of a world recession? Would take a look at the recommendations of psychologists around the world bar.

1, multi-chewing can be increased or memory

Japanese researchers found that chewing can effectively prevent the middle-aged person's memory of a recession. Were the latest thing to remember before there is simply the brain's hippocampus, the hippocampus is a key component of human learning. The finding that older people who chew a good memory of the most fundamental way. Researchers who are chewing brain activity analysis showed that chewing did improve the signal activity in hippocampus, but chew how to stimulate the brain is still a mystery to be solved. Some people believe that chewing has been able to improve people's memory is because it can make people relax, because the person chewing something to ease tension from time to time by themselves, hippocampus can control the blood hormone levels. Therefore, if the old people chew less, of the hormones in their bodies is quite high enough to cause short-term memory loss.

Second, nagging encourage memory

Women love nagging, especially older women, and to some extent helped to extend the memory and life of women. A 20-year American Psychological studies have shown that mental health indicators for older men and women are different, in the above average, female patients the remaining 90%. Experts believe that women are better at than men to adapt to aging, with people more willing to verbal communication; men grow older, the silent majority. The speech is an indispensable means of psychological catharsis can prevent memory loss.

Third, choose diet to help memory

Researchers in Hawaii since 1965 on the 8006 Japanese-Americans began eating habits conducted research to understand the relevance of diet and disease. The researchers suggested that intake of an appropriate amount of "healthy fats" in order to reduce the incidence of thrombosis, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, fish oil) is the normal circulation of blood to maintain a good choice; intake of foods that are high antioxidant ingredients are also very important, should eat foods rich in vitamin E; rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetables is also a good choice for maintaining a healthy.

4, multi-play with a stimulating intellectual

United States, Dr. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Fuji Si over the age of 75 carried out a study of the situation of older persons suffering from amnesia. The results suggest that physical activity can improve health and mental activities are able to significantly reduce the risk of memory loss. Dancing, playing musical instruments, reading, playing cards, crossword puzzles, foreign language, can increase the number of synapses, enhance the signal transduction between nerve cells, the consolidation of memory.

5, sports and fitness can prevent memory loss

We usually think that people have a brain at birth, while the brain as people age, the growth gradually decline until death, and now we have found a number of factors can contribute to the brain's self-renewal, while the exercise is one contributing factor. The University of Illinois Urbana Colcomb that cardiovascular exercise can reduce the long-term growth due to the age of brain tissue loss occurs. The reduction in brain tissue loss means a reduction in memory loss.

6, to talk about the physical and mental pleasure Love

Swedish medical research staff of 989 50-60 year-old follow-up observation of 9 years old and found that divorced or widower suffering from senile dementia in the rate of 22%, while the old age couples who long marriage only 14%. Therefore, scientists have believed that the elderly should not be insulated with love. Sexual gratification of the well-being of older couples will experience some of both endocrine hormones and the body of acetylcholine and other substances beneficial to enhance immune function, slow brain aging, and to the elderly in the active state of mind

Damage to the brain of white-collar high-fat diet carefully

A new Canadian study suggests that high-fat foods will not only blocked arteries, but also damage to the brain function - at least in laboratory rats is the case.

One of the authors of the study, located in Toronto, Baycrest Center for Geriatric Nursing, senior scientist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, said GordonWinocur, the researchers compared with rats fed high-fat foods and the use of standard laboratory low-fat foods cognitive function in rats fed. High-fat diet containing 40% fat diet similar to the Americans. The study shows that three months later, the rats eat high-fat diet showed a wide range of learning and memory in serious injury. The researchers say the same thing may also occur in humans.