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Eight categories of women most susceptible to breast cancer

The following eight categories of people should pay close attention to women's breast health:Family history of breast cancer; menarche before the age of 12 years of age, irregular menstrual cycles, menopause after the age of 55 years or pass through more than 42 years; a bad diet, such as excessive eating high-sugar high-fat low-fiber foods; long-term use hormones or hormone replacement therapy; obesity; no birth or in early middle age older than 35 years old, post-natal breast-feeding or not there have been many times before first birth abortion; history of benign breast disease, such as hyperplasia of mammary glands; a history of radiation, as well as non-performing lifestyle, such as smoking.

Particularly noteworthy is the third-born population of baby boom period "after 80" young women, as a result of pressure, fast-paced lives, often neglect their own health; some women mental burden too heavy, sleep well and lifestyle disorders lead to endocrine disorders, will become the incentive for breast disease. In addition, high protein, high fat diet, so that women as early menarche, late menopause, leading to hormone in the body has remained at a high level. The same time, environmental pollution, food pollution, hormone in the body of the young women to the adverse changes in young women also suffer an increased risk of breast cancer. In addition, spacing and timing of urban women, pushed back, and some women, the blind服用减肥药materials, health care products, also with an increase in breast cancer are not unrelated.

Experts suggest that once-age women, preferably on an annual breast ultrasound and X-ray examination. If you find the breast or armpit lumps, nipple discharge, nipple retraction, areola eczema, and skin ulceration, etc. should go to hospital.

The Ministry of Health recently released a survey report shows that the rate of increase of breast cancer has become one of the fastest growing cancer in the past 30 years, the proportion rose as high as 96%, second only to lung cancer; now entered a 2% ~ 3% per year The rapid growth period, the peak incidence of 40-year-old women. The Ministry of Health identified eight kinds of cancer screening, breast cancer screening be used as a priority. There are about 120 million women worldwide each year of breast cancer, there were 50 million women died from breast cancer. In China, breast cancer has become the most common malignancy of women, one of the top ranking female cancer mortality.

Expert Weapon: To save the breast, check to be diligent

A self-test every month: In the absence of specific symptoms, many women in the early stage of breast cancer occurs more often than not knowing. Wait until there were minor aware of breast lumps and other symptoms when the cancer is already advanced, it is very important to carry out the census. Experts, the most basic way is to self-examination once a month, pay attention to the size of the breast is symmetrical, whether there is a small nodules, breast, skin, breast position of any change, suspicious of change, should promptly go to a hospital specialist examination.

Half a year in a row, "risk":If you are at high risk of breast cancer the following, please note that time self-test, at least every six months to the hospital for a breast health check: a family history of breast cancer; 12 persons before the age of menarche; 30-year-old young man children above 40 years old is not pregnant , single, age of marriage is too large or marital short persons; the side of the person who has had breast cancer, female; suffering from breast lobular hyperplasia, or ductal hyperplasia, obesity or a body associated with diabetes; girls exposed to radiation during a long history of frequent contact with radiation persons.

A physical examination every year: 35 years of age women, it is recommended once a year, B-breast examination, diagnosis can reach 85%; women over 35 years of age, in the physical examination, the proposed addition of molybdenum X-ray inspection items, diagnostic rate of 90%. Early signs of breast cancer include: abnormal breast lumps; non-lactating nipple with discharge; axillary lymph nodes, and upper extremity edema; breast shape changes, swelling occurs at the skin swell, local skin was orange peel-like, and even edema, discoloration, eczema-like changes and so on.

The U.S. news network MSNBC published a U.S. cancer experts to a female friend made eight recommendations to help people to stay away from breast cancer.

 Weight, In particular, to avoid obesity, waist: For women of any age, the overweight, obesity, cancer risks may be buried, for women who have passed menopause is especially important. Science has shown that post-menopausal breast cancer risk of obesity will increase by 50%. And the higher the weight, the greater the risk. It is worth recalling that the waist fat accumulation of the more risk is higher.

 Eat soy products: Eat soy and its products, will reduce the risk of breast cancer. A targeted survey of 73000 women, often women who eat soy and its products are not regularly eat more than women with lower risk of breast cancer 60%.

 Fruits and vegetables and no less: Vegetables and fruits carotenoids could well prevent cancer. Even if it is has been diagnosed with breast cancer in women, if they can eat more vegetables and fruits, will prolong survival and reduce cancer recurrence or the risk of cancer was the second.

  Changyin Green Tea: In 2000 a survey of Chinese women found that women who regularly drink green tea, will reduce the risk of breast cancer by 40%.

Adhere to 30 minutes of exercise a day: There is a positive exercise habits of the women's movement than the very few low-risk women, breast cancer by 20%. But we know that sports should maintain a certain degree of strength, but not overworked. Experts suggest that 220 minus your age, come to is the movement should not exceed the maximum heart rate.

Drink as little as possible:Alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer. And, with the increase in alcohol consumption or age of growth, the risk will increase. Is therefore recommended that women in a glass of wine a day is sufficient. Moreover, it is best to drink while taking folic acid supplements to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol.

 To avoid estrogen replacement therapy:U.S. Women's Health Initiative study, said: continued acceptance of combined estrogen and progesterone treatment of women, their risk of breast cancer increased by 28%. Of course, the doctor also suggested that if particularly severe menopausal symptoms can be used under the guidance of a doctor hormone replacement therapy.

  Stay away from tobacco,In particular, second-hand smoke: want to have a more healthy body, smoking cessation is a wise choice. And even if you do not smoke, they will take away from second-hand smoke. California Environmental Protection Agency survey shows that smoking will increase by 20% of breast cancer incidence.

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