Friday, January 22, 2010

Study found that friendship can bring happiness not only to promote longevity

According to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao," citing U.S. "New York Times" reported that a 10-year Australian study shows that a small social circle who, in the study period, the mortality rate than those with many friends of the subject the interviewer is higher than 22%; the other, according to a 2007 study, if the respondents were close friends weight gain, the respondents the possibility of body fat also will increase nearly 60%. Harvard University researchers have pointed out that the process of aging in people, there is a good social network can promote brain health.

University of California, a visiting professor of psychology at De Paul has pointed out, many studies reported that the health effects of friendship, in fact, far more than the partner or family member is also great. For example, in 3000 breast cancer nurses, there is no close friend of the patient's mortality than with 10 or more four times higher than patients with a friend, but there is no spouse and patient mortality rates were not linked.

From the above we can see that these studies of the precious friendship beyond imagination, it brought not only pleasant stay, but also allow us to reduce disease and thus live longer. Is this why? Let's start with the definition of look at the friendship.

Friendly generally refers to people contacts in the long term to build up a special friendship and mutual friendship of people have called "friends." True friendship does not depend on anything, does not depend on the cause of good and bad fortune and status, does not depend on experience, status and situation. Utilitarian in nature, he refused and refused to ownership, refused to lease. He was echoing among the independent personality, and confirmed that he is alone but not lonely people with each other interpret the meaning of their own existence. Therefore, the so-called friends, is to make the other to live a more warm and more comfortable for those people. Due to want nothing but a deep friendship, regardless of each other is balanced or unbalanced. Friendship is the spiritual sustenance. Sometimes he does not need too many words, only need a tacit agreement.

Reminds us of the friends, the hearts are warm, and friends get along, is itself of. Who live in the community will certainly be a variety of pressures, if the pressure of nowhere to release will no doubt affect our mood and health, a long time will accumulate into a disease of the. If we often communicate with friends and contacts, that these pressures are such a pleasant exchange disappear.

The so-called pressure, there are three kinds of interpretation: First, the objective environment, there is a certain threatening stimuli, such as earthquakes, fires, traffic accidents, etc. The second is that a threat of a response to stimulation, such as interpersonal relationships regard, the 3 refers to the interaction between stimulus and response. Closely related to stress and emotion, but generally refers to a negative reaction. It mainly include the following aspects:

1, life changed.
Often used to have certain laws, predictable way of life. Once the sudden appearance of major events, will give people with intense negative emotions and even painful experience. As the saying goes: days of unpredictable things can happen, people have good and bad fortune overnight, life changes are often inevitable. Life changing events over a period of time, then the risk of physical disease and the possibility of major mental illness. Life changed in the addition of life events that bring people's negative emotions, events. Psychologists to develop a special sense of scale and pressure of life changes, life changes will be heavier to light are dozens of items in order to mark a certain period to determine how much stress is. Listed in the front are: the death of a spouse, divorce, marital separation, death of loved ones, personal illness or injury, wedding, unemployment, retirement, the family was sick, pregnancy, sexual relationships to adapt to difficult to borrow money, change careers and jobs, children, adults away from home, the suit and so on. These events, some of the vast majority of "bad", but there are some "good", so it was included in the event of life changes, because even a good thing, there are many matters to involve the energy, will also be pressure to bear.

2, it is worry of life events.
These events, in the nature of everything although sufficiently serious to warrant an immediate hazard, but the accumulated results of the human body and mind will be adversely affected.
(1) household spending. Basic necessities, children's education, medical care, buy a house buy a car and other fields should be spending the majority of families feel a heavy burden.
(2) work occupations. The nature of work, interest, benefits, etc. do not necessarily wish people accordingly. Can also be said that those who are disappointed and more satisfied with less.
(3) physical and mental health. Once the sick family member or himself, not only I am affected, other family members also had to change the patterns of life. Among family members, work units exist between people are complex relationships, handled properly, it would be a serious pressure.
(4) time allocation. Accelerate the pace of life in modern society, people often feel a lack of time available, people are eager to rise to more things, but because of time constraints, many people have trade-off anxiety.
(5) living environment. Nearly five decades, the world incidence of lung cancer increased by 10-30 times men and women increased by 3-8 fold. Substantial evidence that more than 90% of lung cancer is due to be caused by inhalation of particulate matter. Therefore, environmental pollution, food safety, and so we are not a small pressure. In addition to the objective environment, there are pairs of non-performing culture, such as soft environment concerns.
(6) Life security. One must take into account the future safety and security, such as academic upgrading, job security, job promotion, economic savings, retirement arrangements. If these areas can not have adequate safeguards, the hearts will panic and disappointment.

3, psychological factors.
(1) setbacks. Sexual frustration is an obstacle to individual motivation, causing annoyance, confusion, anxiety, anger and so on. There are many people have been motivated, thus there must be motivation can not be achieved. Living life is inevitable setbacks.
(2) conflict. Conflict is caused by the psychological plight of two motives. If you want to buy a house or a car double-trend conflicts, got sick did not want an operation would not want to take medicine to avoid conflict in the double, good drink and have alcohol and other conflicts in approach-avoidance conflict.

Live and work in the face of pressure, can cause both physical and mental aspects of people's reactions.
Physical plant can cause the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system dysfunction, leading to a variety of diseases. There are many diseases that seriously affect people's health is caused by psychological factors, such as hypertension, ulcers, chronic headaches, and so on. With gastric ulcer, for example, patients with gastric ulcer are a lot of pressure working or living people, they tend to show very strong in spirit, but a strong psychological pressure is relatively weak in their search for the stomach to a breakthrough on the stomach ulcer, that is, a symbol of that breakthrough. There are recognized as A-type personality (personality impatient, eager hope for success, good competitiveness in, etc.) susceptible to heart disease, C-type personality (too much care about other people evaluate others, the pursuit of identity, to suppress emotions, etc.) vulnerable to cancer.

See more psychological stress caused by physical symptoms include: palpitations, headache, neck tight, insomnia, cranky, and often stuffy chest felt tight, hands and feet linolenic acid, inability to concentrate, etc., in which case, if there is no obvious physical examination , serious physical illness, may indicate a more serious psychological pressures. Pressure acting on the person's psychology, is apt to cause such as fear, anxiety, depression, apathy and other negative emotions, these negative emotions are caused by psychological adjustment difficulties and mental illness important reasons. Long-term pressure will change people's character and behavior patterns.

Pressure is objective, is subjective. Face the same kind of pressure, individuals can have different reactions. This is a person's personality traits (inward or outward, sensitive or not, etc.), personal experience and experience, predictability and or controlled, how to explain the stimulation, social support system, whether and how much related. Mentioned here the system of social support, including relatives and friends, friends are essential to life, it is noteworthy that, even if the distance between friends, or do not usually frequent contact, but as long as has the support of friends, you can right people's overall health play an active role.

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