Sunday, January 31, 2010

After dinner, how often to sleep it fit?

Time to go to sleep about a third of a person's life, and more than one-third of people complain about poor sleep. There are many reasons for poor sleep, fast-paced life, mental stress, impact of the disease ... ... but people tend to ignore one factor: eat right, but also let you sleep well.

  And sleep "do not come together," the food

Do not eat dinner, will also affect sleep. Here are some of the food is not conducive to sleep:

Excited about the brain food. Coffee, tea, cola, and other containing caffeine, theophylline drinks or food are not suitable for human consumption before going to bed. Caffeine can be refreshing, it is well known, for some people particularly sensitive to caffeine, is likely to continue exciting time for longer. In addition, there are diuretic effects of caffeine, too much coffee, easy to people urinating increase, which will also interfere with sleep.

To stimulate the gastrointestinal tract or abdominal pains caused by food. Eating too much spicy food, soy, onion, potato, carbonated drinks, etc. flatulence food, so gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal badly, certainly can not sleep.

Wine. Drink the short term may be easier to sleep, but the long term, the central tolerance so that increased capacity for liquor in order to achieve the same effect, otherwise, would be a deeper degree of insomnia. If you often drink or evening entertainment nightlife drinking, excessive alcohol affect the absorption and utilization of vitamin B1, finally also lead to lack of B1 neuritis, there finger numbness and other symptoms.

It was the "Zhumian wine" finalized as red wine, red wine, in fact only more than the average wine antioxidant, in addition, no abnormal with other wine (adult men to drink alcohol a day no more than 25 grams, the equivalent of 750 ml of beer or wine, 250 ml wine, or 38 degrees 75 mg, 50 grams of a high degree of alcohol; women drink alcohol less than 15 grams, the equivalent of 450 milliliters of beer or wine 150 ml wine, 38 degrees 50 grams).

  Dinner and sleep the best 4 hours apart

A family of white-collar workers in the city, there is usually a bad eating habits --- breakfast neglect, casual lunch and dinner rich. In fact, this diet is not conducive to good health. Take dinner speaking, Zhao Yong Yi that dinner should be to eat less, light some, amount of protein, rather than the lavish meals. Because of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fat, the most difficult to digest in the stomach emptying time, the longest dinner if eating a lot of fat foods, then gastric emptying is often more than four hours, so into the bed of the When the digestive system is still hard work, this information is passed to the brain, can cause the brain active and lead to insomnia.

Similarly, the dinner did not eat, too hungry can also affect sleep, therefore, a half-hour before going to bed at night you can eat millet gruel or milk with a small amount of cookies to send.

Experts suggest that the best dinner and sleep four hours apart to minimize eat too much before going to bed. If you have to eat supper, should choose a mild liquid or semi-liquid food.

  A cup of sweet milk, half an hour before going to bed

Hot milk has long been thought to induce sleep. Zhao Yong Yi said, but the best Zhumian food is hot, sweet milk. Because of the warm hot milk, you can make the stomach congestion, promote the absorption of tryptophan; sugar, you can make L-tryptophan through the blood-brain barrier, so that the brain receive a signal to relax and sleep. Therefore, the hot, sweet milk, known as "effective hypnotic agent", while the evaporated milk and yogurt Zhumian effects on the poor of the. Experts believe that, generally about half an hour before bed, drink milk, the best results. However, this method only for underweight or normal weight people speaking, does not apply to obese and overweight persons. In addition, tryptophan-rich foods are millet, cheese, South Guazi Ren, scallops, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, black sesame, soybeans, eggs, and so on

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