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Treatment of Rhinitis Cure standard

1, saline nasal wash

Formula: the preparation of saline (100 ml bottle put two spoons of salt, water dilution), using toothpicks cotton balls dipped in salt water wash volume nostrils, and then temporarily left nostril in cotton wool, this time Yang-head or body, or lying down, with the index finger and thumb on both sides by the nose, and forced to suck, so that the cotton into the nasal cavity Baozhan saline, and then into the throat. Spicy nose began to feel unbearable, on several occasions that the adaptation can also be the first to use light more concentrated saline wash gradually increases, so that gradually adapt to the nasal cavity. I insist that sooner or later, the nasal wash once a month or so later, nasal flow, smell sensitivity, for many years rhinitis cured.

2, Huaihua honey can cure atrophic rhinitis

Cases: one colleague was diagnosed with atrophic rhinitis, a method that she create their own therapeutic effect significant. When you wash your face every morning and evening, with a small finger dipped in the flow of water in the nostril clean, clear nasal secretions within the scab and fully exposed after the nasal mucosa with cotton swabs or fingers dipped in honey marketed in Sophora japonica L. evenly coated in the nasal cavity lesion . She insisted on his treatment of more than two months, the nasal cavity is no longer their primary concern, no knot hernia-like discharge, the sense of smell has been largely back to normal.

3, garlic governance rhinitis

Case: I am suffering from rhinitis, after years of treatment, no obvious results. Good times and suffering. Introduced by the Chinese party to cure the doctor, the latter introduced to the people there are marked with this side effect. Will be a smashed garlic, BEAN BAG with a clean cloth, squeeze out the garlic juice dripping two drops of each nose hole (then the pain stimulus) and then hand pressed to his nostrils a few fans in the nose can be deposited into the garlic stick, light a one-in weight from the second Jiyu (Editor's note: Garlic irritating strong, starting from the micro-test; garlic allergy disabled).

4, loofah Toji sinusitis

Case: I was vice-sinusitis patients using a variety of treatments have been ineffective. Even after the party had achieved better effect. Method is: find an old loofah vine a few meters, drying in, cut into small paragraphs, and then placed on baking tiles to the semi-coke (do not paste in), and then in the panel, the research into a broken hand, back into the bottle. When used to clear the nasal cavity in the nose clean, wipe it again with a clean cotton ball nose, and then thin plastic tube (such as Suannai with a small tube on the line), so that family members help make a loofah vine powder blown into the nasal cavity, and then dry cotton ball plugged nostrils. This method is best applied at night before going to sleep. Be cured for several days.

5, cold water governance rhinitis

Cases: in 1975 I had sinusitis, very serious. Intranasal bottle of the net two days was not enough, as long as the withdrawal, nostril immediately without ventilation. Long incurable. Then a doctor Zhang told a recipe: wash your face do not have hot water, use cold water, hand-heart Sheng water pipes put out cold water, cover their nose on the cold water absorption into the nose and then blowing out, and then filled with water suction go, and then blowing out, successive daily insisted. I use this cold water treatment for 10 days, sinusitis better. These 20 years, I never stopped with cold water therapy, sinusitis has yet to repeat.

6, erythromycin and tetracycline eye ointment for treating rhinitis

Taking erythromycin or tetracycline eye ointment applied to the sterile cotton swabs, the nasal stretching evenly coated with ointment, each one painted nose prevail, twice a day, generally there are 3 to 5 days rhinitis can be cured, without sequelae.

7, jogging cured my sinusitis

Case: I am 49 years old this year, more than 30 years ago, due to a bad cold came to a root cause of sinusitis. Since then, nasal block-up, what the taste is smell, but also often a headache. I've eaten all kinds of rhinitis drugs, bought a rhinitis treatment instrument, did puncture, but also had surgery, but failed to play big role. In 1985, a friend told me run can alleviate the suffering of rhinitis. I started jogging every morning or evening 40 minutes to adhere to adhere to two months his condition improved, stick to less than two years of my sinusitis had completely eradicated. Now, I have changed jogging to walking. Over the past decade has insisted that even cycling to work have changed as the walked.

8 drops of sesame oil Treat Allergic Rhinitis

Case: I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for seven years, one-off Liqiu started sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching, nasal congestion, severe simply can not sleep. Even last year, was a party: drops of sesame oil. After the test results quite well. Sesame oil is a common edible oils, three to five times a day, each about five drops, trickle-down nose.

Note: Do not drop a serious nasal congestion can change what position until after the nose ventilation drops, dripping nose before blowing clean. Perseverance, will bear fruit. This method is said to ordinary rhinitis was also very effective.

9, self-allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis and more from a cold. Disposable drug taking exercise can be self-healing.

Method is: wash your face every day before the first nostril into cold water, gently inhale, so that full access to cold water with the nasal mucosa, and then the water exhaled, and so repeated and sustained a 1 3 minutes (can be payable to ventilation), washing End of the face and then rub with the middle finger pressure on both sides of the nose about 20 times or so. Guizaijianchi. I method has been applied not only relieved the pain of Ca Biti, even the common cold has also disappeared.

10, massage Eyeground curable rhinitis

Case: I have won more than 30 years old rhinitis, really excruciating, take medicine and injections neither bear fruit. As the saying goes: "eye-sore nose harm," so I try to massage with your fingers around the eyes. When the massage to the Eyeground bone below the eye, when, I felt a bit nasal Sudi ring, and some sense of relief, so I made a effort in this area. After a period of time, really lifted my pain. 40 years have passed, never had recurrence. I once made this law had told other people, and the results are good.

Approach is: hands index finger pressed on the two sides under the Eyeground bone has a very shallow pits, using some power from top to bottom Roudong or two hundred, under less than twice a day, persist for some time to take effect.

11. Qiao Zhi rhinitis with light blue

Civil earthworks, concrete production methods are: fresh onions, wash, take very light blue, smashed, put nail a few small groups as small as cotton wool soaked onion juice stand. Treatment first with the cotton swab stick light brine or cleaning the nose, and then soaked in onion juice, a small cotton group squeezed inside the nose to maintain a few minutes began to feel a pungent, gradually lose the irritation disappeared after the new ones when the effect of cotton group.

Every time such a plug half an hour to an hour or so. Two or three times a day, in order to facilitate more onion juice may be more prepared, sealed with plastic wrap, empty on to do the treatment at the same time to do other things, a little bit does not affect the normal life very easy.

12, the effectiveness of garlic vinegar, big rhinitis fast rule

The slashing of the root bark of the garlic into jars, then filled with vinegar drenched not until the garlic, and then sealed. A month later unsealed side of fresh garlic, with a small mouth bottles on the side of garlic vinegar, night-Aligned Double-nose smoked half an hour. Can treat allergic rhinitis. Patients worth a try.

In addition, U.S. pharmacologist noted that garlic can lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, work is unique and spicy taste of garlic. According to the research, contained in garlic allicin and garlic enzyme, each exist independent of each other, after dipping vinegar garlic seeping under the action of enzymes, garlic acid decomposition, generating a volatile colorless oily liquid shall be spicy garlic Su. Japanese scholars study found that garlic is rich in natural anti-cancer trace element selenium and germanium, have strong anti-cancer effects.

In addition, there are four roles vinegar: ① lifting fatigue. ② to prevent arteriosclerosis. ③ kill pathogens. ④ beauty.

13 Treat Allergic rhinitis nasal spray cold water

Case: From the early 70s of last century, I suffer from serious chronic allergic rhinitis, every morning at about 5:00 or so, they begin to stuffy runny nose, stuffy nose peacetime event, it sensed the weather to change, the weather suddenly changes will be cold cough nasal congestion, runny nose, and made the impact I am very uncomfortable to work and life. At that time I had taken a variety of treatment methods, drop-off jute Su, nose and eyes the net, Ying Xiang Point therapy, eaten rhinitis drugs only temporarily alleviate the effects. Some doctors also believe that my need for surgical correction of the nasal passages bend, but I could not make the determination; while others say: time is too long will occur with chronic rhinitis and malignant lesions. How to do? Feel frightened helpless, fatalistic they can not be reconciled. In order to alleviate pain, stuffy nose every morning, I will use two-handed thumbs, massage the nose wings Ying-Xiang points, get up and wash your face when you brush your teeth, I heart the water nasal spray hand, just began to feel a little pain, to stimulate the long period of time , not only pain but also to encourage the nose does not pass, if the weather cools a little stuffy nose, nose and eyes on the drops a little bit of the net, really wonderful! In this way, I insist that a few years, the nose is not stuffed, cold weather south, I have virtually no cold runny nose, nasal congestion do not occur in the morning also had a runny nose. Not been used recently in 2078 and then a net nose eyes, there is no rule rhinitis drug had eaten. Persist in using the nasal spray cold water cured my chronic allergic rhinitis, this is true facts.

14. White radish boils water governance stuffy nose

Cases: a child often accompanied by a stuffy nose and headache, and later grandmother taught me a law: take white radish 3 1 4 released plus clear pot boiling, then boil or steam with snorting a few minutes later, the nose gradually smooth, headache disappear. Later, I would often soak in the cup Luo Boqie film, with steam snorting, no repetition of the disease.

15. Alternating hot and cold water massage treatment of allergic rhinitis

Case: I am 20 years ago, suffering from allergic rhinitis, whenever cool dust and so on, then a continuous sneezing, flow of tears. Severe winter, the very need to wear a mask to sleep the whole night. Medication, nasal puncture and other multi-treatment were ineffective, then, sooner or later, I used alternating hot and cold water method of massage that morning, wash your face two massage hands and nose cold water on both sides 16 times, wash with warm water at the same massage 16 times. Symptoms were relieved after three months, one year later disappeared, after two years, very little recidivism. To date, we adhere to massage

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