Monday, January 18, 2010

Seven sedentary way against shoulder fatigue

The face of white-collar workers the day the computer after work shoulder more than a sense of discomfort, a time to learn the recipe for massage methods, and family bid farewell to the shoulder discomfort symptoms.

1. Hands middle finger, ring finger close together, in the back of the neck started to play a small circle from the shoulder to the ear.

2. Hands middle finger, ring finger close together at the back of the neck bone giant began to play a small vertical circle to the Feng-chi and acupuncture.

  3. Hands shook slightly on the neck on both sides, thumbs down circular motion starting from the neck to the collarbone Department.

4. Hands and four fingers on the ridge of the rear prop's shoulders, while the thumb circular motion in the shoulders, front-end.

5. Hands and four fingers close together at the shoulder and the rear pin down the shoulder, repeatedly pulling wiping several times, and click Fengchi.

6. Hands and four fingers close together, will shoulder caught four fingers and thumb, the four fingers in the former outward circular motion, and in the lower neck and shoulder several times between the repeated pull wipe.

7. Hands palms in circular motion to the shoulders, chest, and then go to wipe, after pulling to the shoulder point and click style pool half a minute

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