Monday, January 18, 2010

Attention! Such groups should be no additional amount of calcium!

In accordance with the laws of human growth, human bone mineral density of the peak value is 30 to 35 years old, this time the maximum amount of calcium in the bones. Prior to this, people can more intake of calcium, so that the next accumulate more calcium. 35 years later, the loss of calcium in the body faster and faster, bone density is declining. If you wait until then calcium in old age has not make bone mineral density increase, can only slow down the loss of calcium in the body speed. Therefore, we should note that before the age of 30 from the dietary supplement of calcium so as to maximize peak bone density, and thereby prevent and delay the occurrence of osteoporosis. Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that: The average adult daily requirements for calcium 800mg. In addition, there are two types of people need to pay extra attention to increase the calcium: 1,11 ~ 18-year-olds are in physical growth and development stage, the rapid bone growth, daily calcium requirements for the 1000mg; 2, pregnant and lactating women because it is in special physiological period, the required calcium is higher than normal, daily from 1000 ~ 1200mg. In summary, the population most in need of additional calcium for children, pregnant women and lactating women and the elderly.

With a few vegetables to improve osteoporosis:

【】 Luo Bohai soup with pork ribs

Ingredients: 250 grams of pork ribs, white radish 250 grams, 50 grams of water, hair seaweed, rice wine, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate the amount.

Production: ① spare ribs boiled with water to remove floating foam, combined with ginger, rice wine, a small fire Dunshu.

② cooked by adding shredded radish, cook for another 5 minutes to 10 minutes, after the seasoning into the kelp silk, MSG, boiled or since. 

Tofu dried small shrimps soup】 【rib

Ingredients: 250 grams of pork spareribs, North tofu 400 grams, egg 1, onions 50 grams, 1 garlic, 25 grams of dried small shrimps, rice wine, ginger, onions, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate the amount.


① ribs after boiling water to remove floating foam, combined with ginger and spring onion, rice wine Zhulan small fire.

② cooked, add chunks of tofu, dried small shrimps cooked, then add onion and garlic, cook a few minutes later, after seasoning cooked, boiled can be. Often eat gluten Zhuanggu, lubricate the skin, nourishing the five internal organs, heat-detoxification. 

【Papaya soup】

Ingredients: 100 grams of lamb, apples 5 grams, 300 grams peas, papaya and 1,000 grams, 500 grams of rice, sugar amount, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper to taste.


① Clean the lamb, cut into square blocks of six points. Rice, apples, peas, panning clean. Papaya juice stand-by.

② lamb, apples, peas, rice, Mu Guazhi, water amount into the pot, using Wuhuoshaofei, the switch to the text Huodun to Shulan peas, meat cooked, add sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper Serve. Regular consumption, Bu Zhong Yi Qi. 

【Tao Su refried beans】

Ingredients: 150 grams of lentils, 25 grams of black sesame, walnut 5 grams, sugar amount.


① lentils into boiling water for 30 minutes after cooking to the skin, then steamed bean-jen overripe, water Daocheng mud.

② Kashiba fried hemp, waiting for the late call.

③ Oil Thermal Mud will be duplicating the lentils to water will do, put sugar, stir well, then add sesame seeds, sugar, walnut can be melted stir well. 

【Ke Xia Bing】

Ingredients: eggplant 250 grams, 50 grams of dried small shrimps, 500 grams of flour, 2 eggs, rice wine, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate the amount.


① eggplant shred Jiqu with salted water for 15 minutes, add wine soaked dried small shrimps, and add ginger, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and MSG, mixing into the stuffing.

② flour, add egg, water, transferred into the batter.

③ a spoonful of vegetable oil Liu Cheng batter into the hot scoop, transfer pot spread into the cake, place the middle of filling, and then covered with half a teaspoon of batter, two fried yellow. Regular consumption, calcium blood circulation and pain relief, detoxification

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