Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watching TV a long time susceptible to cold

An average of 3 hours per day watching television or more persons, can suffer from TV syndrome. The study shows that there are about 50 kinds of diseases and watching television-related, and they are the following:


TV screen surface, there are a large number of electrostatic charge, its accumulation of dust to pass through the beam shooting people in the face, if not promptly cleaned the face, it will give birth to ugly rash.

TV Autism

3-7 year-old children watch TV for a long time may develop a very lonely and difficult for him to communicate the character, which is a mental illness.


Over time due to sit front of the television, outdoor activities, little time, lack of sun bath, breathe fresh air, makes the blood run sluggish, physical activities, powerless, and can not adapt to indoor and outdoor environment, reduce the body's immune system disease, so it is susceptible to cold.


Watching TV makes physical exertion reduced subcutaneous fat accumulation; watching TV will be no restrictions on eating high-energy snacks; another food ads on television promoting the role of appetite.


A long time staring at screens, make eye congestion, and even make eye retina photoreceptor dysfunction, while the eye will appear dry; also cause visual impairment, resulting in autonomic nerve disorder.


While watching TV while eating, cause stomach disorders. According to statistics, more than 40% watching television 3 hours or more persons have gastroptosis, ulcers and other symptoms.

Increased cardiovascular disease

Watching the program will cause strong irritation blood pressure or heart attack and so on.

Television leg

Watching TV sedentary to lower limb blood returning blocked, resulting in inflation, hemp, pain and other symptoms; due to venous wall is thin, easily compressed, resulting in blocked blood flow, promote blood clotting process, deep venous thrombosis, the formation of TV legs.

Coccyx Disease

Sat a long time before the television screens, there will be varying degrees of coccyx pain symptoms, and sometimes radiation to the buttocks and thighs, called "TV of coccyx disease."

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