Monday, January 25, 2010

Women lust 15 times a day of change

If you are a boyfriend, and lovers Qingyimianmian, do not know how to really enter the depths of her soul; if you are a husband, insipid life will light like a glass of water filled the marriage; if you are single and homeless, such as travel Like the soul wandering the streets at midnight, in order to find their own partners and sorry for the other, please carefully read the following text, perhaps you are helpful:

1. During the day in order to protect themselves and hide your skin at night in order to show themselves rather bare skin.

Women At night, not only like to wear thin clothes, more like the colorful, bold and trendy clothing, because they virtually day and night in order to emphasize the different clothes, of course, they also understand how to emphasize their charm.
2. While it is decent during the day, night, drink a point of wine, it would be very bold. Nothing can give a woman the same as the intoxicated during the day to forget everything that can be achieved meager spirits let her relax purposes. Then face to face conversation with her, then she would open their hearts, but sooner or later, remove inner obstacles. Psychological intoxicated woman to win the ace of Hearts.
3. In the night of the "sound", "light" and other small props stimulation, physiological excitement's easy to become sexually excited.
Ballroom can be said to enable women to physical excitement the best place in the ear-piercing sound, under the great men and women with the melody, passion excited torsional body will rise ... .... Such excitement once provoked, we would easily transformed into sexual arousal, but also easy to make a deviant behavior. And the music's strong rhythms, and physical illusion caused by light and movement caused by the psychological arousal, coupled with the night as non-routine nature to the intoxicated state brought about. This will make people think the logic of diminished capacity, emotional will become more excited.
4. During the day, as the vehicle for transport, car-obsessed night depending on the bed.
One film critic wrote: 『of the young woman, the car is used to abandon a virgin bed. 』Because the car can be described as just the two of them belong to the space, and its secrecy is not bad, not to mention cars can move around, so inevitably will stimulate young people's sexual impulses. A woman in the car can give a considerable sense of security, and then let her virtually liberalized in mind, and inevitably will revel in each other's arms just like a snuggle in the romantic atmosphere, but can not help.
When the cars containing the non-routine and non-routine nature of the night together, the car will become a double bed 』『 will be moving a. Because a drive at night if a person has become relatively weak sense of purpose, the two do not see the surrounding landscape, while in a small dark space (car) loneliness make two more close to the soon will be set up only to belong to two individuals 『』 sweet world.
5. During the day for others, make-up, the night is to create one's own sake and make-up.
Night, a woman can enter the make-up fantasy, and emotional world of the night, because makeup is to create the illusion of a mysterious weapons, heavy makeup is very suitable for the night. Will be preferred to a night of heavy makeup woman, eager to be able to create a different self, this with the masked men can play like crazy illusions of the night, while the men and women in contrast, a woman is only one of openness to indulge in them only.
6. For each day, yet there will be constant expectation for the future; of the night, respectively, then a feeling for the eternal parting.
According to Freud were the psychological analysis, if the train 』『 as a symbol of death, then the night train to leave is tantamount to give people a kind of impression to go to another world. Thus, a man parted at night, a woman, always a feeling for it is eternal farewell. Off at night the atmosphere is not remotely romantic.
7. Is implied strong, with a little dramatic at night when she would act as passionate lover.
Most women like the fortune-telling, a woman's being implied stronger than men, which is more passive, this is because women believe that all arrangements have been fate. If the woman is addicted to fantasy world of night, its been implied sex and passive would be even greater.
For example, exposure to a very fantastic romantic beach, the kind of dramatic effect on the obsessive-like state, plays a passionate lover role and regard this as a very natural thing. However, if such a dramatic place in the day, then, women will play a virtuous role, this woman is also a very natural reaction, do not think that the event of a relationship, she must become his lover, so was her refusal to Do not be surprised when.
8. At night when you see a purple interior easily increase sexual arousal. Woman's psychology seems to be stimulated by the colors, but have quite a strong change, its a bright color. Men will feel excited to see the red, while the woman due to physical experience, so when you see the red, it will not be too excited. As the human mucous membrane color and purple is very similar, so a woman may be from the purple and associated with mucosal 』or『 』『 sexual organs.
9. And sometimes want to leave but looking forward to real life adventure will be a single person wandering the streets at night. Women sometimes wear sexy clothes to attract male attention, a single person walking in the dark streets, this woman would certainly attracted the curious eyes of men, but their psychological if it was not looking forward to have a fantastic adventure, just wanted to get rid of monotonous routine of the atmosphere, its behavior is only trying to escape the world of self-repression day living.
10. During the day will have sense of exclusion, will be naturally integrated into during the night. For example, the playground at night, in the light irradiation of another round of fun in, giving a mysterious feel, can not help stirring a wave of fantasy play. Women are not strong for a bright self-consciousness, so most of them can dissolve naturally come out at night, created by the atmosphere.
11. In the near-natural, under fluorescent light can inhibit the self 』, in the full warmth of ordinary light, will show『 』couple falling in love really I choose to point the candle or light dim place, men's sweet it easy to impress a woman's affection, broke a woman's cities, because the micro-bright light can a woman's heart is full of warmth and practical sense, but in the sunshine, its tension will increase, that is, self-inhibition. Therefore, in natural light the lights will be issued under the category, shall not suitable for men and women falling in love.
12. Drank champagne the night will be a result of the rich aristocrats of literature of multi-effects, both physically and mentally easy to revel. Champagne and wine are suitable for a woman drunk on the night atmosphere of the wine. Especially in the night, wine is more a sense of noble atmosphere, so women are likely to arise over the role of alcohol drunk on that very sentiment is more fascinated by the atmosphere of the.
13. Because of their 』『 productive, so long night to stay the same place, one will lift Jingjie Xin.
Women are particularly fond of a place like that if men dating sites often change, then her mood is not easy to stabilize, but once you adapt to, and she would produce persistent right place. So to make a woman relax and is simple, as long as the changes do not always even dating sites on the list. Because of the strange place for a woman at heart there is always the fear, it is sometimes not easy things to do together!
14. During the day will not stand for themselves, but the night for the sake of collectivization and the charm of its own as emphatically as possible.
The reason why women go hand in hand, may be more beneficial than individual and group related to, or, when a woman alone is not a person she is more self-confidence bar. Women seemed to know go hand in hand to bring the advantages of each combination of one, so that they are really beautiful, men produce 『! 』Wonderful illusion. Moreover, if a few people together, then met strange men approached, they are less likely to tense, though somewhat dangerous, but this risk can be distributed to each other, but also people with action, but tends to attract the attention of men . This phenomenon is more easy to find at night.
15. To hide during the day wearing a simple dissatisfaction with their work, fancy dress at night to vent inner depression.
During the day's competitive society, she should be forced to adjust to everything, when at night she would come to liberate themselves through all the changes, so the more changes it wishes to pursue a woman, and most people who know how to make life more fun; the contrary, to the night those who do not make a change-oriented woman, feeling constantly impatient, while becoming increasingly emotional instability

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