Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Furniture, a high degree of irrational health costs

Low furniture, popular now on the market, and even furniture on the fashion magazine advertisements, but also promote a number of mostly low table Aiji low sofa, in order to reflect their unique personality and fashion style. Do you know, many low-lying furniture, although the style unique, but highly reasonable, long-term use can easily affect the body's spine, lumbar spine, cervical, vision, shoulder and elbow, knee and leg joints, laid a lot of disease risks.
  1, table

Standing, flat stretch out your hands, the distance between the palm and the ground is the most suitable for your desk height. If the table is too short, the upper body will not help to lie on the desktop, the head will follow the low-down, bent over a long bow, spine, waist, neck pain is easy to be fatigue, severe cases may even lead to spinal disease, psoas disorders, cervical spondylosis and other diseases.

  2, chair

Feet flat on the chair, if the thigh parallel with the ground, legs can basically perpendicular to the ground, then the chair height on the right. The chair off the ground too close to the people sitting up straight leg is difficult to lower limb in a bent state, the leg joints can not relax for a long time down, legs, waist and arm fatigue easily and may lead to some lower back and joint diseases the occurrence of inflammation.


Edge of the bed height is appropriate mainly to see the users of the knee height. Natural sit immediately feet above the ground can be 1-2 cm. Edge of the bed is too low, sat in bed when the legs can not be naturally relaxed, the long run, the leg nerves would be squeezed. Easy to wet the bed, people sleeping, it will also breathe some of the dust on the ground.

  4, sofa

High seat sofa should be a high degree of post-match knees bent, this can people feel comfortable. Sofa back height of the lumbar curve is based on the design, above the waist must have a strong point scapula following order for the body relax. If the sofa is too low is too soft, then very easy to sit above the nest so that the whole body is inside, it will also affect spinal health. In particular, is in a stage of growth and development of children, is likely to occur, or scoliosis, kyphosis, while older people are more likely to make back the disease increased.

  5, table

Coffee table and sofa seat height should be flat, so that we can easily pick up on the stage thing. Coffee table is too low, people in the extract, the arm and back down the power had to make, it is easy to make back damaged.

  6, TV cabinet

TV cabinet height, should ensure that the audience seated just after the fall line of sight the center of the TV screen. If the cabinets are too low will result in overlooking, the first will not help to hang on the neck and the vision is not good.

  7, kitchen utensils

Under normal circumstances, stove table height of approximately 65 centimeters -70 cm or so is appropriate, console and a cleaner pool of approximately 80-85 cm is suitable. By the same token, if the kitchen is too low, people in the cooking process, often need to bend over, neck, legs are susceptible to involvement and fatigue, easy to make back, spine and neck and repeated strain injury.

In short, everyone in the purchase of furniture, you can not focus only on the appearance of trendy fashion, we must try to personally feel the body is very comfortable, effortless, easy fatigue, flexibility Caixing

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