Sunday, January 31, 2010

TCM should pay attention to the six physical

Neutral constitution: Refers to the yin-yang balance, strong blood flow, organs functioning properly co-ordination, physical ability and strong physical characteristics of disease-resistant. A neutral person who is not only a congenital physical endowments good, the day after tomorrow are nursed back to health properly can form. Constitution of this type of people are not cold not hot, body fat, thin, well-proportioned, physically robust, hair-mao Blackpool, looking shiny, normal appetite, sleep well, cold-resistant summer, energetic, tongue Dan ruddy Arisawa, tongue Dan thin, gentle pulse strong.

  Yin constitution: With the physical side hot, Kang and other physical characteristics of virtual functions. Yin constitution were mostly due to lack of innate endowments and acquired nursed back to health caused by inappropriate or ill for a long unhealed, more common in the body than the thin person, the main presenting symptoms are: body weight, looking dim Dan matt or flushing, sometimes There Hongre a sense of tongue easy to dry, like to drink cold drinks when thirsty, limbs Heat intolerance, easy to trouble irritability, easy to sleep, stool partial dry, urine deficient, mamillata little moss, pulse breakdown.

  Yang and physique: Chinese medicine refers to yang side is bad, functional receded, less heat, cold physiological characteristics of a weak low capacity. Yang deficiency constitution were mostly due to lack of congenital or acquired endowments improper nursed back to health, the more commonly found in body Bai Pan, primarily presenting symptoms include: white matte complexion Dan, Dan thirsty mouth and body warmth cold limbs due to temperature , cold intolerance, lack of energy lazy words, diarrhea-like stools thin, long or short of clear urine, fat, tender tongue Dan Moss shallow, thin weak pulse Shen.

  Blood Virtual Physical: Traditional Chinese medicine for digestive function of the spleen and stomach itself, mostly poor or ill blood shortage after a long illness, this type is often pale or chlorosis, and speak weakly, limb fatigue fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, dry eyes, tongue Dan little moss, abdominal dull, empty feeling fall, women by the less color Dan thin, weak pulse slim and fragile.

  Stasis constitution: Chinese medicine is the main symptom is the blood line of slow poor, mostly because of the will of a long-term emotional depression, or lived long cold regions, as well as internal organs dysfunction caused by the body than the predominantly thin, common hair easy to fall off, color dull, lip color dark purple, purple tongue or ecchymoses, Dark eyes and other symptoms, pulse slim and fragile. This type of people, some clearly had not yet reached the older age spots appear, and some are often troubled by pain in certain parts of the body, such as: women's physiology is easy to dysmenorrhea, men in more than a bruise and so on, body ache at night is more emphasis (because of less activity).

  Deficiency of other physical constitution: Alter-ego, fear of cold, fear of the wind, hand, foot and cold, like hot drinks, speeches weak or easily tired, easily diarrhea or soft stool, frequent urination, urine and other than Dan

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