Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let the bad habit of a woman five years of life lost

1, repeated weight loss

Hazard: The medical profession in the past used to think that repeated weight loss will lead to metabolic disorders, muscle density, reduce, or even sudden death, but the in-depth study has been presented for the negative trend of the above conclusions. However, repeated weight loss, fertilization effects on health are not optimistic. Recently, the Washington Medical Center research shows that: the human body will lose weight repeatedly, a long-term immunity. Although not yet identify the specific reasons, but the researchers found that repeated weight loss will reduce the cell viability and fight colds, infections, and early the ability of cancer cells.

Remedy: For people who are overweight to reduce 4.5 kilograms of body weight can reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes, lose fat, certainly better than dragging an excess of fat on health, natural and unrestrained, but the key lies in how to defend their own weight-loss results. First, we must identify the causes of obesity, get rid of unhealthy lifestyles and habits of the past; and then take practical action, according to nutritionist's recommendations and their acceptance of scientific weight, happy weight loss - not only to control over-eating, but also to ensure that every on the human body of various nutrients required for intake. Once again, regular exercise can reduce both the physical pressure can also promote fat burning, so that the effect of weight loss a more visible and more durable. Finally, no matter how good ways to lose weight need to lose weight who sustained determination to match.

2, and fond of sunbathing

Hazard: Many people believe that tanning is not only bring them something more attractive color is also healthy. Do not underestimate the sun, but worse - frequent or too long sunbathing may also lead to skin cancer and premature aging (eg, stains, wrinkles, skin tone and broken capillaries, etc.). While no one can prove that tanning with skin cancer have themselves to what extent a direct causal relationship, but studies have shown that those who have once experienced by people suffering from sunburn melanoma (skin cancer in the highest mortality of a) is more likely to more than others. A recent study showed that in all groups of people like the sun, the white race of people suffering from the possibility of melanoma three times higher than other groups.

The way from the sun, the "artificial" sun's harmful even greater, because the skin will be very concentrated in a short time to absorb ultraviolet light.

Remedial measures (effect of medium): from being sun burnt skin cancer, the disease is diagnosed, during which could be through an incubation period of 10 to 30 years. So if you are a child once the sun burns off, now need to be vigilant. Every month to check their own body's skin to see if there appeared a new mole in mind, is there a mole in mind the old colors, shapes, if you find any suspicious symptoms should immediately seek medical treatment. Also, if you've got moles in mind more or frequent sunbathing someone in the family had skin cancers, then you should also do a professional skin examination each year. Of course, there is the most basic point: in the absence of smear sunscreen no longer acceptable under the direct sunlight.

3, often in noisy environments

Hazard: The young man loves to rock and roll you'll find yourself hearing had deteriorated. Often in a noisy environment likely to cause auditory system to receive a reduced ability of the MW sound, and sometimes could not hear the words of others, around the time of the noise is even worse. As the age increases, people will then slow to a higher-band sound, that is, listening to high-pitched sounds, such as the doorbell, the phone's ability to reduce.

Remedial measures: hearing loss is irreparable. But we can take action to avoid the hearing continued to decline. For example, watching television, listening to music when you deliberately put a small bit of volume in the use of vacuum cleaners and other noisy appliances, such as wear earmuffs. If the ears always buzzing sound, indicating you may be suffering from tinnitus patients, for those who like loud music, people, this is a common disease. Although there is no final solution, but if the symptoms occur, or should be timely medical treatment, in order to exclude the possibility of suffering from other illnesses, and find out ways to alleviate symptoms.

4, unprotected sex

Hazard: You are likely to have no awareness of the case of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia, but no clinical symptoms, and most of the women with gonorrhea show only mild symptoms, such as urine or vaginal discomfort with yellow liquid outflow, there can not think of themselves in need of treatment , unprotected sex would be the spread of the disease to male. In addition, 80% of male patients with genital herpes do not have a very clear clinical symptoms such as pain. More in-depth study found that up to 75% of men are human papilloma virus (HPV) of the harassment, which is currently the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is usually no obvious symptoms, but if left untreated can be transmitted to women, can lead to cervical cancer.

Remedy: If you do not have the habit of regular check-ups, then from now on should be required to do this themselves. The face of a doctor, you have the situation in terms of his openness to speak out. Herpes is a chronic disease, the use of drugs can control the progression of the disease to avoid pain and infection.

5, alcohol

Hazard: Alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism, especially in their immediate family members in the case of such patients. Alcoholism is defined as the medical profession: one drank five bottles of beer or 5 bottles and above, or, in the blood alcohol content at or above 0.08. Because a large number of alcohol kills brain cells in large, long run, lead to memory loss. May also cause fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, the situation is serious need for a liver transplant in order to save lives.

Remedy: If you are dependent on alcohol have not yet reached the degree, then from now on to set himself up to drink a bottle of beer a day. With the reduction in alcohol intake, the liver is very likely to naturally return to normal state. At the same time, although we can not make resurrection of the dead brain cells, as long as no large amounts of alcohol to stimulate the brain's memory function will be gradually restored.

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