Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woman, I hope you can seriously look at

I want to tell you, these are from my heart. In addition to love, you have to find outside can make you strong and stand with both feet on the earth thing. You want to find a way to make a living. Now consider not too late. I never do not think there is any important qualifications and talent are not regular professional training, but not regular professional training, and even bit-part player are Pao Bule.
You have to put those thoughts floating, such as Willow, gradually transformed into a clear thinking and simple text. Gorgeous and are easy to float a long time. You know, not enough to give pleasure to read the text, content, ideas, realm, soul, spirit and wisdom, which was important. Do not see more of those and you are a large ones of the writer's text. Do not trivial, and making a fuss. Do not think of anything to write. Do not flow in small sentimental and small moving.
I want you to believe that a warm, beautiful, trust, dignity, strong words of those old-fashioned. I do not want you decadence, emptiness, confusion, spoil themselves, harm other people. I do not want you to have to deal with their own mess. Moderate their own feelings. Not everyone can be. Experience of life, is another thing, does not mean decadent and indulgent. Do not agree that those disguised cool and alternative. They are nothing to do find out who have nothing to do its own excuse for laissez-faire. Really cool is in his heart. You need to have a strong heart. Should be left to the passage of time will not be tormented and yield convictions.
Not because in an ivory tower, only to say I love the world that.
Is aware of the outside black, dirty, ugly, we still wanted to say that.
Good to love, to live. Youth so short, do not sigh and old. Occasionally, you can stop to rest, but do not bend over and look around. A way to go, when, I remember Do not look back.
From time to time to ask ourselves why himself.
Sad and aggrieved, should keep crying. Kuwan washing face, patted his face, squeezed out a smile for yourself. Do not rub, otherwise the eyes will be swollen the next morning.
Himself a promising future and goals. I remember always looking at the sky. Keep in mind when looking at the sky will look at the foot.
At any time, any person who asks you, there have been many times in love, the answer is two. Time was that he loved me, and I do not love him. I love him once, he does not love me. Good Love is always next time.
Do not give a man the same opportunity to hurt you twice. Do not believe the bed oath. Do not value a virgin, but maintaining the purity. Do not desire to shame, and enjoy, but never a man to endure humiliation and neglect. Believe me, sister, more than men is much more than the three-legged frog. Do not easy to say "love." Trust your instincts. Do not provoke other people's men, unless you are very, very love him, and he was very, very worthy of love. Do not provoke similar to finding and ex-girlfriend, and his mother, sister, a woman like a man. Do not provoke rebel, young artists and middle-aged man. Do not provoke too pure man. Do not people together and Moxinmofei. Do not Fanjian When true love. Humiliate themselves to please a man, when you are, do not so impressed. The cigarette burns on him, the next one may be hot on you. Take a look at a man's friends, what kind of pay attention to his friends to treat a woman's attitude. Also, Do not believe that one is not prepared to introduce you to his circle of friends man. Shouted a man is only willing you "Baby" when he insisted on calling your name. A man will no longer come to you, when would not have to look for him. Do not believe in love on the people with the means. Do not I break out the malicious remarks. Learn, but do not regret it. Regret to no avail.
Do not dry tear photos, burning letters, diaries tear such a class of three-stream of love and television shows have people do things.
I believe love. I believe there are still a good man, but also unmarried, still in the vast crowd, looking for you. Do not say "Men never a good thing," This gives people the misconception that you have read the words of countless people.
Promise me never to do that at midnight carrying luggage, a boyfriend from home, living on her boyfriend home to another woman.
Love substances, as appropriate. Will never know the spirit is more important. Than those watches, designer, fashion, and more beautiful is your own.
Do not look down on working people. Do not labor shame. Land is not dirty, sweat is not offensive. Please respect the living conditions of those who appear not as good as your people, because it is the only respect themselves. Always sympathetic to people who live at the bottom, because our loved ones is in these populations. We are not precious.
Do not belittle a penny. May wish to look at themselves to earn earn.
Been hurt when a friend, do not suspect that friendship, but beware of those who betray you. Forgive, but not forgotten. A man kept a bit naive innocence to his friends to maintain some chivalrous feelings.
Want to be happy, to be cheerful, to be tenacious, to be warm. This character has nothing to do.
I am afraid you are too low-key, sometimes a little tough, when the bullying, we must get back to! But do not bear grudge. Villain's view, as they go better. Compassion, will make you noble.
To forgive this world and themselves. Would like to tell myself that I deserve to have the best of all

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