Friday, January 22, 2010

New York Environmental woman advocating new healthy lifestyle - Wen Fruit

For the physical and mental health effects of odor today a hot research, perhaps you tried to go into a room full of plants, and only a computer into a room, had brought their own fresh and natural feeling is completely different, In daily life, the fragrance is not new to us, the emergence of a variety of fragrance and essential oils is sufficient to prove this point, we are presenting today is the fruit flavor of the women's health effects.

Grapefruit Xiang
Grapefruit is a recognized health experts have decompression, Fat Burn efficacy of fruit, in a situation of enormous pressure to use a better effect.
Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago, the latest research shows that when a woman's body radiates out when grapefruit fragrance will make her a man much younger and vibrant eyes.
If the desk put a grapefruit, this ray of grapefruit scent can make you calm, a sense of boredom disappear. And the aroma of grapefruit also appropriately raise the degree of nervous tension, improve work efficiency.
The most so that women are pleased that the aroma of grapefruit, or thin a good helper, through direct stimulation of your sense of smell to induce secretion of adrenaline sympathetic, direct burning off excess fat free, in particular, tension and pressure due to accumulation in the waist fat, and can speed up the lymphatic drainage.

Smells Methods: the grapefruit skin crumble, put gauze bag, and then hung on the lamp next to the use of heat lamps volatile fragrant grapefruit.

Oranges Xiang
Smell the aroma of oranges a day will help bring the body transported to the in vitro low-density lipoprotein, played lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, increase immunity to the cardiovascular system. The survey confirmed that Japan's medical experts are often heard of people suffering from orange aroma heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, ratios are much lower.
Australian scientists found that the aroma of oranges will help send a woman to overcome the tension to ease the psychological pressure, becomes feel good, but not very useful for men.
Orange aroma, but also regulate the role of bile secretion, and promoting appetite.

Smells Methods: The discharge point of orange skin in the room, Full House is an attractive orange flavor啦.

Lemon aroma can stimulate the respiratory center, improving brain blood circulation, helps the brain get more oxygen. But also to improve respiratory immunity, prevention of pandemic influenza, and to alleviate airway inflammation.
Lemon can also stimulate the body's adrenal hormone secretion, and its ability to maintain the peak, so that you all-day energy.
Lemon can also activate the lymph nodes, the promotion of toxins from the body of the same time increase the efficiency of using the brain, but also to relieve headache symptoms.

Smells method: put a few lemons in the car, or put lemon peel in the bathtub is a good way.

Green Apple
The aroma of green apple fruit is the most kind, able to appease the central nervous system, passing a quiet serenity of the mood, have a hypnotic effect.
Belgian experts also found that green apple fruit with aromatic most effective way to alleviate headaches. Because the fruit can directly stimulate the brain, the limbic system, the aroma of warm feelings to promote integration of the limbic system, distracting, so that spasm of the neck and head muscles become slack, the tension be released and eventually ease the pain.

Smells Methods: The whole place is very good, the best place is the bathroom and bedroom.

Pineapple Xiang
The sweet pineapple can bring the warmest of care, promote blood circulation, disperse shut the blood, regulating hormone secretion, reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea.
Pineapple aroma also help strengthen your memory and can help the brain to better receive external information.
Japan Cancer Society, the study also found that daily smell the aroma of pineapple can improve the physical, significantly enhance immunity, prevent cancer

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