Thursday, January 28, 2010

The following 10 kinds of women married to a man is equivalent to heaven

The times change, people's concept of the transfer, in the past that "if you marry marry Han Han, dressed for dinner," the idea of gradual decline, replaced by men in the economic strength of a woman spy, it seems that the "wife wife, reached the limit. "do not believe you see the following 10 kinds of men marry such a woman after which they will be what kind of a way of life, is simply go from heaven.
First, married into our business manager of the company car to do a woman

Men, no matter what the original understanding of the number of cars, but also whether they will not drive, so long as such a woman marry, the men immediately became experts in the automotive industry. They want to go wild, make friends, there will be a cross-country "4500" along with their travel plans; they want to play once a car, it may even touch the "Ferrari" also goes without saying; they think a woman would be carrying a lover, to a Taiwan, "Porsche" that does not also meet with "Sweet Song Xiaomei "......

Second, a woman married into the real estate tycoon to do

Now many men can not help the housing problem in order to delay their marriage, or even a marriage certificate that is in breach of contract because the house there are many problems. However, when a man marries a woman of real estate tycoon, but also worry the housing problem? In winter, a man can go to Gulangyu villas enjoy "home of the winds blowing to the South"; the summer, men can be next to the waves in the Tianchi "The houses"; men have such a woman is equivalent to have numerous "palaces."

Third, supervisors, a woman married into colleges and universities

Do not think that educated women are the intellectual elite around like men, they would not, and some "unknown Shubei," formed a marriage. So men can take the speedy completion of the knowledge of "sublimation", there is no culture on a "University"; on the university can be read "Master"; read a master's degree can be broken, "Dr. "...... there is for such a high level of wives, the men worry about the culture, not high.

Fourth, make a woman married into hospital

Many people think that women engage in medical husband is basically "hanging stethoscope", no need to such a tradition, there is a "president" do his wife, Gan Mafei to stare at those old thinking. Man is a white, women also can give them at this time to draw with a few X rays. Does not matter do not understand medicine, hospitals have ambulances, men can not ambulances when the ambulance crew, but also when the driver when the driver too "humble", it allows a man when the team Explorer - come up with a "back-Dean "effortlessly.

5, a woman married into nightclub owner to do

Such a man, almost every day excited, because the "window-dressing" days is that they are accompanied. A man can not only appreciate the music sound out "The ball file self-reliance, no money should not be busy, wife of the most important and still enjoy the blessing." Such a man is not under normal circumstances at the scene when his wife, but also, intentionally or unintentionally wipe stripper woman about "oil" Anyway, no one to face the boss's husband.

6, a woman married into oil company CEO to do

Men like cars, with such a woman to do a wife, to the automotive fuel certainly goes without saying, of course, this is just a dig at the piece of cake. The real beauty is that people do not pay attention do not see out of. A man can make use of his wife, we can immediately become a "chain of gas stations," the boss, so many people would like to open a gas station feel so ado, because you do not marry the president of oil company when his wife, we can only last is a "dream station" and its own along with dried up.

7, a woman married into the entertainment industry celebrities to do

At present this option more fashionable, do not marry such a woman tube can maintain a long, sure you will be with a reputation for entertainment and to enhance a woman's reputation. Never mind how much fun a woman pre-term husband, no matter how much fun a woman previously men, as long as the men's names and their Guashang Gou, that is, by default, "turtle Ye Hao", or was abused, "bastard matter whether" bring economic well-known to you Efficiency also depends on so many do? !

8, a woman married into the police do

Were the first need is a sense of security, men marry such women as long as if suddenly into a "safe harbor of this century," a man playing mahjong can be placed on the table do not care how much money; men drink Shuajiu Feng is the "misfit Hand hit people "do not fear of being prosecuted; man is the" arm around Miss asleep, "do not worry that someone Chuaikai the door, because you are not an ordinary person husband.

9, a woman married into a prostitute to do

Is not no such a man, as long as such a man can not put up a sign behind his only. Such men know how to "use the value of talent," a woman in his "care for and command", the "economic market and is revitalizing," a man can sit back at home, when a "qualified" the cashier. This man is a man in the "Need", they can earn any squander a woman's body a "hard-earned money," a woman may be hell, but this man is really on the "paradise."

10, a woman married into scavengers do

Perhaps only such a man is worthy of our admiration of the men, because men know what is equal, they can and his wife, dual out right; because such a man to understand to understand what is true love, they can and his wife, together with sharing fatigue; because such men aware of their fate, it will always be accompanied by a woman around in his side. Admire these men and women, they do not have any attempts in each other's body, so the real paradise should belong to them

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