Thursday, January 21, 2010

You are old it? Premature aging of 10 signal

First, the efficiency of low:

Decreased memory, good forget things, indecision, lack of vitality, doing one thing always dallying, a dragging its feet.

Second, competition degradation:

No innovative thinking on the cause, and often feel empty and tedious, especially the mental increasingly feel powerless.

Third, the inferiority complex:

When a person alone, often Changxuduantan, madding crowd, in the face outside of the spiritual world, often feel that they have become obsolete.

Fourth, the response to an exception:

On the one hand, sometimes particularly sensitive to human relations, always felt that family members and others around trying to find fault with their own, numerous doubts; the other hand, sometimes I'd like exposure to everybody, the right place in their side, things turn a blind eye reaction to it.

Fifth, opinionated:

Whether to do something, want to use themselves as the center, according to their own wishes.

Sixth, evacuation lazy, lassitude:

Energy often feels a moral evil, a quiet, impatient and sleepy endless.

The seven, was withdrawn:

Like a loner, its own way. In particular, are unwilling to face the stranger, and often an excuse to avoid contact with strangers.

Its eight, thinking retardation:

When faced with emergencies, often helpless, panic-free owners, Zhuaernaosai I do not know how to do.

The nine, emotional trance:

Like to indulge in memories of past events, emotional vulnerability, emotional, "Children" and, when hot or cold, little value for those interested in things that reaction like nagging, but also do not like to hear whether other people want to hear.

Its 10, brash:

Life more easily swayed by emotions, words and actions in less and less rational elements. Easier to misinterpret kindness of others, listening to others opinions, not cool and explosive

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