Friday, January 22, 2010

30-year-old woman must be aware of the nutritional knowledge

Whether youth more beautiful, they also can not resist the ravages of age, with age, wrinkles gradually more up, many women choose cosmetic, expect these wrinkles can be removed or covered live, everyone knows this can only be a temporary solution is not a cure, within and outside conditioning is the right way to support.

Eat more antioxidants prevent skin aging
Oxidation is the enemy of aging, in addition to eating deep fried, and expired food such knowledge, the more anti-oxidant food supplement is very important. Vitamin C and vitamin E is an antioxidant good assistant. Natural food containing vitamin C when the largest number of fruits and vegetables, so eat more vegetables and fruits each day is a good choice. Vitamin E-rich vegetable oil or some nuts in his diet, wheat germ powder or wheat germ oil is a good choice Oh! Eat a sesame or walnut is also helpful.

If you eat fruits and vegetables inconvenient, they can eat two grape seed capsules about an occasional alternative.

Plenty of calcium so that a more upright posture
The role of calcium for the body composition of bones is far more than just a simple teeth, and in the aging process also plays a very important role. The role of collagen stent also needs calcium.

A bag of milk or yogurt drink a day is the best calcium food, and we often talk about drinking soup bone calcium, which is no use of calcium inside bone is very difficult to dissolve, and cooked a long time to have no use, containing little calcium. Milk is not only rich in calcium, and the absorption rate.

As the physiological characteristics, women are more susceptible than men to the threat of osteoporosis, milk, yogurt and cheese, gypsum tofu, sesame, as well as green leafy vegetables are good sources of dietary calcium. Like the sun every day is a good way to spend money without calcium.

Enough dietary fiber to the body burdens

Dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, soluble fiber can be combined with the fat and cholesterol, reduce diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver dangerous.
Eat more vegetables and fruits can get a lot of fiber, and often eating coarse grains, beans and potato to reduce the fine rice, get more fiber.

  Renewal and a balance of protein to help the body

Appropriate amount of protein intake to ensure the repair of body tissues, but not give the body a burden and waste. Every human organization: hair, skin, muscles, bones, viscera, brain, blood, nervous, endocrine, etc. by proteins. Protein can not eat too much, but we can not eat, but try to eat more vegetable protein, animal protein, eating less cholesterol caused by the absorption of fatty substances.

Conditions of women, drink a glass of milk a day for the anti-always very helpful, not only complement proteins, but also can add female hormones

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