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Chinese Yi people to commit suicide five categories

Easy to commit suicide five categories people

According to the China Association for Mental Health Crisis Intervention Professional Committee announced that a suicide in our country has become second only to cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, malignant tumors, respiratory diseases and accidental death, ranked the fifth cause of death, have become 15 to 34-year-olds the first cause of death. According to statistics, of all suicides, 63% of people with mental disorders, depression, suicidal behavior led to the "culprit." Meanwhile, the spirit of the medical experts pointed out that the five major categories and bring ruin on the crowd easy.

Could lead to suicide produce two main sociological and biological factors. Suicides classified as newly discovered standard five major categories of crowds:

1, with genetic factors (family history of suicide);
2, the degree of depression serious;
3, there is a suicide attempt history;
4, suffered a serious interpersonal conflicts;
5, surrounded by people or friends and acquaintances have had suicidal behavior.
About 93% of the suicides had never had any form of psychological counseling or treatment.

According to statistics, China's current depression more than 2000 million, of which 15% are experiencing threats of suicide, but currently only 5% receive treatment. In addition to other mental illness, suicides are often associated with family conflicts, marital crisis, romance, interpersonal problems, unemployment, economic losses, frustration and other relevant studies or careers, this is mentioned above suffer from serious interpersonal conflicts.

The unique characteristics of China's three major suicide

The face of serious social, economic and psychological pressures, any person could choose to commit suicide due to unbearable to end this way of life. However, the Chinese committed suicide a few unique features, has been widespread international concern:

◆ rural suicide rate is three times the city. Annual Report of the 1998 National Health Statistics data show that 15 to 44-year-old young adults, our suicide rate among rural and urban populations, and 6.22/10, respectively 20.51/10 10000 10000. A higher suicide rate among the elderly in rural areas, rural and urban differences in elderly suicide rates of up to 5 times. According to expert analysis, the vast majority of peasant households in China kept a potent insecticide, pesticide, therefore taking the phenomenon of suicide more common. Because in this way death is strong, and in rural areas, the lack of well-trained, can effectively rescue of pesticide poisoning, medical personnel, resulting in a number of successful suicide impulses of people taking poison.

◆ Female suicide rate than men. China is to report the suicide rate of women than men, one of the very few countries. Beijing Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Center figures show that China's 15.7 million women die each year commit suicide, attempted suicide and another 150 million women. Suicide has become China's leading cause of death of young women in rural areas, accounting for more than 30% of the total deaths. China Women's Federation of Women's Rights Protection Department Director Xu Wei-hua pointed out that arranged marriages and the low social status of rural women are often caught can not escape into suicide. Women tend to make children become victims of suicide each year due to suicide has also become China's single-parent families and therefore affected children up to 13500.

◆ China 1 / 3 of suicide deaths and 2 / 3 of suicide attempts in the absence of mental disorders when they committed suicide. By contrast, almost all other countries for more than 90% of people who committed suicide had mental illness. Attempted suicide in China a case-control study results showed that only 38% of people who attempt suicide have mental disorders, in our country, acute life events caused by severe stress more likely lead to suicide acts. Canadian scholar Michael Phillips that because China does not have a strong legal prohibitions against suicide, so when people are living long-standing adverse stimulation, may be committing suicide as a relief to reduce the family burden of an acceptable approach. In such a "tolerant" environment, those social support systems are weak groups, in the acute stress state appears impulsive suicidal behavior.

Take the initiative to expose shortcomings of mental health before

In the eyes of the world always want to show their strengths and accept praise and criticism as much as possible to avoid, or even very negative, which is an abnormal state of mind.

In fact, mistakes are inevitable in their lifetime, a bit small error has been criticized, you can order Peter himself, as long as the relaxed state of mind, the correct view, remain vigilant, in the event of "capsize" the likelihood will be reduced, So criticism is not all bad.

In fact, can take the initiative to expose its own shortcomings, is a sign of psychological clearance. Is also the time they adjust themselves to overcome self-means. Avoid errors, for the psychological development is itself a hazard. Only those who dare to correctly face the shortcomings, psychological is enough strong

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