Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quest "healthy" people why the sudden death?

Usually appear healthy people, a sudden and unexpected death occurred in non-violent nature of the phenomenon commonly known as sudden death in forensic science or Jisi. World Health Organization will be out of view of symptoms within 24 hours after death, are defined as sudden death. Sudden death is how did this happen? Usually it is the result of the interaction of internal and external occurred.

1, sudden death of the internal

This is the sudden death of the fundamental, the first reason for this is that the deceased body of potential disease or lesion.

1. Cardiovascular diseases

Such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocarditis, pericarditis, hemopericardium, cardiac valvular disease, aneurysm rupture, pulmonary artery
Vein thrombosis and so on.

2. Respiratory

Such as laryngeal edema, lobar pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia, interstitial pneumonia, cavitary tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism.

3. Central nervous system diseases

Common are subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, brain tumors, epilepsy and so on.

4. Digestive Diseases

Such as acute gastrointestinal bleeding, acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, stomach and duodenal ulcer perforation and bleeding, poisoning, acute bacillary dysentery and so on. Other diseases, such as adrenal insufficiency, ectopic pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism, thymus lymphatic constitution and so on, are also likely to be caused by internal factors of sudden death, leading to death results to happen. Cause of sudden death in these diseases to cardiovascular disease is most prevalent, followed by respiratory diseases. Sudden death in adults over from cardiovascular diseases caused more by a sudden death in children with respiratory diseases.

Second, external causes of sudden death

Sudden death is mainly caused by internal factors, but in most cases, the incidence of sudden death have the role of external factors and participation. External causes of sudden death is to induce or encourage the body's potential to the malignant transformation of a sudden illness, leading to sudden death occurred in external factors. These factors gave rise to sudden death, despite the conditions played a role only, but sometimes it is an indispensable condition for sudden death. And internal diseases, a pretend, can induce sudden death occurred in external factors are also many common are:

1. Psychological factors

Such as ecstasy, rage, extreme tension, terror, fright and other spiritual and over-excitement or over-inhibition, there are potential disease can be induced in patients with sudden death.

2. Physical activity

Such as running, swimming, climbing, heavy manual labor or vigorous exercise such as fatigue, allow goods to induce sudden death in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Minor trauma, overeating, cold overheating and infection, also can be a sudden death causes.

These external factors, for healthy, normal people, maybe there is no harm or danger is not, but for those who have some underlying disease, though it may induce or accelerate the deterioration of the disease, leading to death from happening. But in any case, regardless of external factors on the occurrence of sudden death is played a little role in how indispensable it is, it can only serve as an external; indirect, conditional factors, can not serve as the direct cause of sudden death. Clear on this point is essential for clarifying the responsibility.

Death body examination to identify the deceased's past medical history, signs of dying, for determining the cause of death is certainly helpful. The identification of signs of sudden death in the body's appearance can also provide clues to identify the cause of death and help, but because of the appearance of signs of sudden death in the body does not have a specific, and therefore tests based only on dead form it is difficult to ascertain the true cause of death. Sudden death to determine cause of death, mainly by post-mortem, through the various organs and tissues for pathological anatomical examination and the exclusion of poisoning deaths and other violent deaths possible, down to achieve. Thus, the test of sudden death the body must be detailed and thorough examination of the various organs and tissues whether the lesion, the extent of the lesions and lesions. Should also be extracted stomach contents, blood, urine, or liver and brain tissue to conduct toxicology and other laboratory analysis checks. The vast majority of sudden death, the deceased's more obvious organic lesion, through the autopsy was able to identify the occurrence of sudden death caused by disease, identify the cause of death. But there are a few exceptions, and some despite a detailed and systematic examination of the corpse, still can not find out enough to constitute a cause of death in pathological changes. Beginning of this section referred to in young adults Jisi syndrome, a case in point. Ji Si test for such incidents must be cautious not to easily make any conclusions

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