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This is 10 kinds of anti-cancer vegetables should be how to eat?

Since ancient times, people are eating vegetables is an indispensable part of nature there are many anti-cancer substances, among which the most likely choice of vegetables, scientists study confirmed that selection of vegetable science and the prevention of the occurrence of cancer have focused on the effect.


(One) garlic sexual Weixin, temperature, there is a strong odor stimulus. Contains volatile oil, the main ingredient is allicin, as a phytoncide, sulfur and selenium, germanium, selenium has tumor suppressor performance, germanium can prevent stomach cancer, organic Germanium can promote blood circulation, inducing IFN-in vivo will be huge Mutation of macrophage antitumor macrophages, to enhance the resistance of patients with diseased cells. Allicin can prevent people from stomach nitrosamines generated the growth of bacteria, thereby reducing the synthesis of N-nitrosamines, reducing the incidence of gastric cancer. Therefore, the commonly used garlic as a cancer prevention and treatment of food.

Expert Tips:Garlic contains allicin which has a good anti-inflammatory effect on the cold and diarrhea caused by bacteria have a good bactericidal effect. However, garlic was good, but not size fits all, the following four categories of people even can not eat every day.

1. Ophthalmopathy in patients suffering from glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis, sty, dry eye and other eye diseases are usually best to eat less. TCM believes that the long-term consumption of large quantity of garlic would be "a waste of liver damage an eye", therefore, patients should try to eat garlic eye, especially the physically weak and frail patients with blood should pay attention, or else a long time will appear decreased visual acuity, ringing in the ears, top-heavy, memory loss and so on.
2. Liver disease a lot of people use garlic to prevent hepatitis, or even someone Huangan Yan even after eating garlic every day. This is extremely detrimental to the hepatitis patients, because no effect of garlic on the hepatitis C virus, on the contrary, garlic and some elements of the stomach, intestine and also stimulate the secretion of digestive juice can inhibit the intestinal tract, thereby increasing the patient's nausea and many other hepatitis symptoms.
In addition, the volatile components of garlic can of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood and so reduce, and may cause anemia, is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis.
3. Some patients in non-bacterial diarrhea, enteritis, diarrhea, should not be eaten raw garlic. If you eat health garlic, spicy flavor of the garlic will stimulate intestinal tract, so that intestinal mucosal hyperemia, edema aggravated, promoting leakage, so that disease progression. If you have already taken place in diarrhea, consumption of garlic should also be careful.
4. Other diseases in patients with severe eating garlic, peppers and other spicy foods help to maintain long-term health of healthy people, while seriously ill, is to take the medication of patients, there are significant side effects, will also lead to drug failure, there may be related to drug chain reaction, in which patients at risk. At the same time, it is possible knock-on effect with drugs of spicy foods are: ginger, cumin.


(2) Asparagus (asparagus) foreign hailed as the best health food, as one of the world's top ten dishes. This product contains the prime asparagus, asparagine, aspartic acid and a variety of steroids and other substances, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart rate too fast, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria embolism have a certain effect. The United States found that the function of preventing the proliferation of cancer cells, granulation of lymphatic cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and kidney stone are special effects, biologists believe that this product is the mystery of cancer because of its rich tissue proteins in the asparaginase, which is a kind of "make cell growth normalization" of the material, can effectively control the growth of cancer cells. In addition, nucleic acid content are also rich in cancer of "smoothing" effect. Food must be cooked, and every mouth three times, each 3 to 4 tablespoons. Best to eat before meals.

Asparagus Diet Prescription Treatment of insomnia, palpitations: Wash asparagus fleshy root of 60 ~ 100 grams, plus amount of sugar (or salt) Jianshui taking. This method could be used in tuberculosis, cough, hemoptysis, fever, heat the latter part of the outstanding imaginary trouble Jingji of embolism. For instance with lean pork Zuoshan better effect.


(3) The mushrooms, including shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, and bottoms up mushrooms, Hericium erinaceus, etc., the main-containing polysaccharides. Scientific evidence shows that these polysaccharides have a moderating body, "anti-cancer system" immune function, thereby inhibiting cancer growth and relieve the symptoms of cancer patients.
 Food hygiene supervision departments to remind the, In order to minimize the risk of poisoning, eating mushrooms is best do not drink, because some of the toxins under the action of alcohol will increase symptoms of poisoning.



(4) eggplant of sweet, cool, there are scattered blood and pain relief, detoxification diuretic effect. Main-containing solanine, and their contents to a multi-Purple eggplant, animal experiments show that this substance can inhibit the digestive system cancer.

Eggplant + crabs likely to endanger the gastrointestinal

Eggplant + Crab = diarrhea, cold crab, eggplant Ganhan sliding profits, both of which belong to the same medicinal properties of food cold. If you eat, gastrointestinal would be uncomfortable, may lead to severe diarrhea, especially in the spleen and stomach Deficiency of the people should not eat.

The perfect companion eggplant

Eggplant + = cardiovascular patients with bitter gourd bitter gourd dishes are ideal to lift fatigue, Qingxin eyesight, Qi impotence, anti-aging effect. The eggplant has a blood circulation to the pain, heat swelling, relieve pain and prevent blood vessel rupture diuretic, flat blood pressure, cough blood and other effects. Both with food, is the ideal dish cardiovascular patients.

Eggplant + Meat = stable blood pressure, prevent purpura eggplant and meat with the food, can be blood, stabilize blood pressure. In addition, the eggplant is rich in vitamins p, has a good effect to prevent the capillary rupture, effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases, prevention and treatment of purpura can also help.


(5) of sweet cabbage, flat, with antipyretic Chufan, Tom Lee stomach of power, scientists believe, contains coarse fibers to stimulate gastric peristalsis of the power of catharsis, enabling contamination or decomposition of the induced carcinogen excretion as soon as possible to reduce the intestinal absorption and the intestinal wall of the local stimulation. Also contains trace elements molybdenum more, can block the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines, containing selenium experts help build glutathione in the body, so that the rate of decline in the incidence of cancer, rich in vitamins lil, where, and C, and the meat with the food, can add delicious meat, but also reduce the meat in the carcinogen N-nitroso amine production, co-existence Qi America.

 Do not eat four casesThese four cases is rotten cabbage, a facade takes a long time, no salt penetration and half-half-cooked, repeated heating cabbage.


(6) Brassica (cabbage) sexual sweet, flat, with fill bone marrow, Lee joints, Zhuang bones, organs, and heat pain beneficial effects. Elements contained therein are known indole -3 - acetaldehyde and flavonoids, can induce liver Yun hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity increased 54-fold, so that this activity in small intestine increased 30-fold, indicating that anti-cancer power of has markedly increased; a study found that this product can reduce the stomach, colon and rectal cancer incidence.
Cabbage soup: Prevention gastritis

Since ancient times, Japanese people very understanding of the efficacy cabbage, knowing it has a certain degree of stomach effects, so often as a gastrointestinal drug ingredients. The study confirmed that the vitamin U at work. This vitamin can promote gastric mucosa secrete to protect the stomach from the stimulus.



(7) The turnip has clear solution, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, Huatanzhike other effects, including anti-cancer material radish indole, experiments show that animals can reduce tumor growth. Full of admiration for the old Chinese radish, turnip hope that we eat less thirsty wine. Meat should be interpreted with radish, not only can prevent and cure diseases, while there is the role of prevention and treatment of cancer in recent years found that zinc has a strong anti-cancer activity, but higher levels of zinc in radish.
(8) carrot has stomach spleen, Sheng Jin, and Qi to help fill in the efficacy of the product water purge of rickets hitch hysteresis effect. Carrots, rich in vitamin A source (carotene), is "anti-cancer system" nutrients.

Eat turnip food taboos:

Carrots and white radish is not suitable for deployment with food. Radish very high levels of vitamin C on human health is very good, but if mixed with the carrots would make vitamin C lost. The reason is that carrots contain a solution of enzymes called ascorbic acid, will destroy the vitamin turnip C.
2, radish bogey with eating oranges
Radish and orange almost simultaneously listed on both the same easy to eat. When the carrot intake of the human body, can quickly produce a substance called thiocyanate. Orange in the flavonoids in the intestine into hydroxy benzoic acid and ferulic acid, which with the strengthening of the role of thiocyanate into thiocyanate, isothiocyanate inhibited the role of the thyroid gland, which induce or cause goiter.
Third, stop eating, after eating radish persimmon
Eat a lot of plant pigment-containing fruit, it will decompose in the intestines out of an acidic substance, eat radish, the body will produce thiocyanate inhibit the role of thyroid gland, which induce or cause goiter. Persimmon, pear, apple, grapes and other fruits contain a large number of plant pigment, eating a radish, the short period of time not to eat these fruits.
  4, radish and eat the same fungus bogey
Because the two with the susceptibility to dermatitis after eating.
Bean has the lower temperature gas, the efficacy of kidney yang. Yang yang beans Con blood cells containing a variety of immunoglobulin lectin (PHA). According to the research, PHA has anti-tumor effect, has attracted worldwide attention.
Lentils are Spleen dehumidification, Relieves summer heat and detoxification and so on. The product only for temper, weak, wet muddy resistance of the gastrointestinal tract tumor, lentils can stimulate the body to kill tumor cells into lymphocytes, can stimulate the immune system, improve digestion and absorption.

Autumn lentils contain two kinds of toxinsSo, we have to note that the time to eat lentils, and one of which is found in lentils in the toxic proteins (lectins), while another is in the hemolysin of the pods. The two things that are harmful to humans, especially in stir-fried crisp lentil, lentils package stuffing to do with Health and dumplings and so on, these dishes in the absence of the lentil Zhulan, more susceptible to poisoning, which produces nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness , headache and other symptoms.

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