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1 day diet plan in the spring by a jin

Outside the taste of spring weather, more and more, loss of appetite are you? Do not forget the spring of weight loss plan ah, the following spring, weight loss tips to teach you how to thin a pound a day, healthy and rapid weight loss!

 ● 1, enjoy cooking Chinese food for cooking methods such as steaming vegetables, fish, shrimp, chicken, etc.
For example, look at: Do you like draft cooking do? Many people would say NO, so do not taste 啦, in fact, seen following the MM, you'll know that boiling vegetables can be done not only delicious, but oh so slimming effects of both!

 ● 2, with low-fat vegetable oil cooking, or watering can to use when cooking spray oils, rather than a way to use dump

Low-fat sugar-free nutrition Catering: four hours before going to bed, do not eat the menu, such as can not find a similar look for food. In addition to the number of DIY can also be purchased directly if no indication, for the glass bowl or a (size option small) drinks If you do not specify, then the greater use of low-calorie low-fat sugar-free (hot and cold Jieke

 ● 3, Xiang Chirou row or meat balls, then would prefer to use deep-fried instead of baked in! Meat selection, it is best to replace the beef with chicken

Chicken than pork, beef and other meat, obviously has a low-fat low-heat characteristics, meat quality and more refreshing Xiangnen. Use any cooking method, with a variety of accessories can be made with a delicious cuisine, and the nutrient-rich, almost can be a dieter's choice of animal protein intake of food.

 ● 4, normal to eat breakfast, do not eat greasy, such as eating a banana, containing only 8 calories of heat can really fill his belly

Recently more and more people do not eat breakfast, while the day's energy sources, but also breakfast, so an immediate nature, and can maintain the energy of bananas a long time, has become the most suitable food for breakfast had. In addition, because bananas are low-calorie foods, even those who are to lose weight, but also to enjoy food without fear

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Look at four parts of self-examination and health status of

You may know from the body parts of four can see a woman's health, now let me tell you!

  Parts of an palm:The following hand, when faced with unusual circumstances should be toHospitalPinpoint the cause.

1, paresthesia. Early morning wake up, swollen hands, flexion and extension negative, get out of bed soon after getting better or disappear. This phenomenon prompts you to, you may your heart, kidneys, liver sick or suffering fromNutritionPoor sexual swelling.

2, numbness. If there are frequent numbness, age, then went to theElderlyRanks, or on weekdays withHypertensionDisease, may be "stroke" of the aura.

3, tremor. If alcoholics should consider whether there are chronic alcoholPoisoning; People who never drink should consider hyperthyroidism; medication overVolume, There nervousness, irritability syndrome can also occur when the tremor phenomenon.

  Part 2, Yongquan:Lit cigarette, close to half a centimeter away from the Yongquan Department, the case of a healthy normal subjects, 10 seconds to 30 seconds may feel hot. If feeling the heat too long, or about feeling different people may be sympathetic out of balance, visceralFatigueOr have someDisease.

  Part 3, urine:Xiangshangcesuo of people drinking beer, is proof of a healthy kidney. Drinking beer, 20-year-olds in 15 minutes later, the 30-year-olds in 20 minutes later, the 40-year-olds in 30 minutes or less to the toilet, that is, good health. In short, the kidney function is stronger, the sooner the toilet time. Pee, the urine is less attractive, that is evidence of kidney weakness.

  Part 4, the lips:Viscera of the signal. Pale lips, the woman must be yesAnemia, Was purpleColorWho is a lung disease, liver disease in black people,FeverWho is red. For example, the lips, reddish and rough, and the body Suanma, we should drink some honey, and eat radish mud, heat will recede soon. As a result of anemia and the pale lips, should eat liver for some time.

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What factors have led to white-collar workers, fatigue

What factors have led to white-collar workers, fatigue(2010-02-25 00:31:42)
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Busy with her work, Shenxinpilei presses city people do not know since when were "tired ah" That kind of natural to become a pet phrase of many people. In fact, fatigue is not just a result of fatigue life there are many factors that will consume a person's energy, people feel tired ... ...

  1, Yongyanguoduo:

If you concentrate on something for too long, the body will feel loose bones, limb numbness, it is better close their eyes meditatively moment.

  2, obese:

Overweight is a heavy burden on the human body, excess body fat is feeling tired.

  3, lack of exercise:

The impression that games is exhausting. But the fact the contrary, if the lack of movement, muscle may become weak, when the body is necessary to use them, they need to spend a greater strength.

  4, sleep problems:

Some people often use weekends up late, and it is plausibly defend themselves recharge your batteries. As everyone knows, the latest from disrupted sleep later than the clock, a direct impact on mental state.

  5, psychological problems:

Depression is the most common causes leading to fatigue; bad mood, poor sleep, excessive stress will be caused fatigue.

  6, Malnutrition:

If the daily diet to processed foods, mainly, the human body will feel tired, it may eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, whole grains and beans.

  7, thyroid hormone deficiency:

Thyroid control of metabolism, if the thyroid hormone deficiency, it will slow down the metabolism and makes people feel tired.

  8, dehydration:

In dehydration, blood volume reduction, physical decline, energy a moral one. Generally per person per day is best to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water.

  9, drugs:

Taking diuretics, antidepressants, some anti-cold medicine or cough syrup category can lead to fatigue. After a general withdrawal, tiredness will disappear.

  10, the working environment somber tone:

If the surrounding environment is dark and gloomy, it susceptible fatigue. Therefore work and learning environment, add the yellow, orange, red and other colors, will help to eliminate fatigue.

If the initiative fatigue more than 1 month, should ask the doctor to analyze the root can not be sloppy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

45 week weight loss good advice make you thin a catty

In today's society, obesity has become a female, one of their biggest headaches, especially the nine-to-five white-collar workers are even more who did not experience too much time to spend on weight loss. The following 45 small coup to teach you how to lose weight easily have a good body.

1 more vegetables less meat: If you have started cooking with the meat, then do the best meat pie meat when reduced by half and add some vegetables. This will not only increase the fiber, fat, also obviously decreased.

2, eaten something and then sports: The best this order reversed. Produced by thermal effects of food will speed up the metabolic rate, which is caused by the movement of high metabolic rate even higher.

3, change should more: food, more variety and color should, so as to maintain a balanced diet.

4, multi-taste vegetable protein: Many obese people are afraid to eat meat, but do not even maintain the constitution rejected by the protein. Three-quarters cup of white beans to provide 7 grams of protein, green peas, the same amount of protein contained in the equivalent of one egg.

5, inspection schemes, do note: List of several of the most effective diet strategies (such as eating low-fat foods, restrictions on eating, etc.), check once a month, because the proposed projects, easy, more difficult to put into practice, but if it time checks, easier to achieve our goals.

6, pay attention to food ingredients: the oil too much to eat French fries, baked potatoes, add butter is not good, it is best to use chili sauce or soup.

7, control greedy want to: Control greedy want to contribute to weight control. When the greedy want to come to the interim, you can do some activities, such as showers, walking, watching television and riding a bicycle, any activities unrelated to eat will do.

8, a hungry belly do not cook: hungry belly cook, you will during the cooking process in a small population of a small mouth to eat, unknowingly ate too much food. The best way is to eat before the next kitchen like fruit snacks.

9, we eat: low-fat snacks people eat a lot of other boring, especially for a person to eat, so you have to develop the whole family eat low-fat snack habits. It may be more beneficial to the health snacks were all packed in jar, watching TV that we can eat, will feel relish.

10, prepare some emergency snacks: the older people, to avoid the middle of the night to the kitchen ravenously hungry, high-fat foods. Can put some healthy food at home, such as pretzels, salt-free popcorn and so on.

11, multi-visiting the produce section: water and soil, they should go through the Ministry of fruits and vegetables, where most of fresh food: bread, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

12, bring their own snack pack: In the drive on the streets or car travel, they should bring their own more low-fat foods. If you have to buy fast food, should be selected more favorable to health foods, avoid eating fried chicken, pork cutlet and so on.

13, do not eat butter: try to avoid eating butter. Lemon juice with fresh herbs, spices or vegetables or salad instead of butter.

14, breakfast of playing tricks: seven kinds of low-fat breakfast will be written on the card, every morning a selection.

15, to avoid the midnight eat: Prepare some not affect the healthy food, working at night, fatigue or mental stress is too large to eat.

16, note dietary record: If you eat low-fat food and weight is still increasing, it must be remembered that a diet diary. Records destruction of short-term eating plan will help identify the eating and drinking habits.

17, eat and buy: shopping center has a tempting snack bar, if you eat healthy food Zaiqu first purchase, is not susceptible to the temptation of the snack.

18, eat more slowly: If you eat too fast, eat until the feeling when you have eaten more. Remember: your mouth when something hands can not hold chopsticks and forks, so better to get that taste.

19, take turns cooking: If you spend more time may be tight and his family take turns cooking.

20, note that the dining-room tone: According to the United States, John. Hopkins School of Medicine study, warm color such as red, yellow, orange and other colors will make the food more attractive and stimulate the appetite; while cool colors such as blue, or gray while the opposite effect.

21, Sports: This is a must do every day.

22, regular breaks: every day at about the same time for exercise, it will be very easy to forget that out.

23, weight: consumption of fat, muscle is an important method, but the action must be done accurately.

24, exercise should be varied: If you were always running, it may be playing table tennis, also do gymnastics or riding a bicycle.

25, use the fitness bike: riding a bike is a good fitness exercise, we should force step to speed up the heart and muscle movement, and then resume normal speed.

26, lie down: If you ride a bike to feel back pain, try lying by type of car, leaning posture to protect your back.

27, to find a rival: and friends with movement, as much as possible to find a stronger friend than you, good opponent is the best incentive.

28, step by step the first observation: If you want to participate in aerobic exercise should be gradual.

29, stair climbing: climbing stairs with a certain speed or in the staircase flight campaign, 1 hour can be hundreds of calories consumed by a few.

30, do not use hand on: climbing the stairs is not to use hand on the railing, and do not bend over to walk nutation, because that would reduce heat consumption.

  31, no elevator: to take the stairs as a small movement.

32, cultivating good habits: their own shopping, Cabo Li, flowers and so on.

33, social activities: planning to play only eat social activities such as hiking, dancing ballroom dancing, roller-skating and playing tennis.

34, rowing: an hour can be hundreds of calories consumed by a few, but also a good aerobic exercise.

35, quietly Exercise: Exercise can be carried out at any time with the moment. If waiting in line at the supermarket checkout stand, it can tighten the abdominal and hip muscles. Like that little trick will help strengthen the muscles.

36, sweating, watching TV: watching TV is doing physical fitness activities, while watching favorite shows, the side movement.

37, with the music, sports: You can beat with the music movement. Whatever the movement, if the body movement and music beats match, it will be useful.

38, wearing a shirt with sleep: This can be changed up late habits.

39, recharge your batteries: To obtain the best results of the campaign, it is necessary in the intense exercise and to obtain adequate rest.

40, the use of lunch time walk or do some light-hearted activities.

41, with a pair of sports shoes to the work place to go.

42, leaving room: The target set by high-fat but people have lost confidence.

43, steady pace: movement is not to want to look at both sides, and the others from time to speak, like, the eyes should look forward.

44, split up: If you smoke in one day no longer exercise, may wish to separately. 3 times a day to do 10 minutes of exercise, and time to do 30 minutes of exercise is the same.

45, make a bet: a bet with friends, and the race has helped to significantly improve the success rate. At the same time to think more to adhere to exercise and successful people, make a lasting smithery not deserted you

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Dry fish recipe

Accessories: bamboo shoots, pork, hazel mushroom, dried roses, onions, ginger, garlic

Seasoning: salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, aniseed, pepper powder

Cooking methods:

1, will head out into the golden pot Jianzhi sides, pot filling down into the prickly ash, aniseed speeding incense, placed in Cong Jiangsuan speeding to the golden, add bamboo shoots, hazel mushroom, cooked bacon pieces and broth, transferred to soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, will head into, add a little dried roses, stewing about 20 minutes;

2, will be a good head and stewed dishes out a plate, pasta boil over eight mature fish out cold, dry oil mixed with what both sides after Jianzhi golden, put soup in Luezhu, add MSG pan on the fish can be the first side.

Features: thick fresh taste, unique flavor.
Secret sauce burnt octopus

Ingredients: octopus

Accessories: onion, ginger, garlic

Seasoning: Salt, MSG, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, cooking wine, pepper, sugar, water, starch, chili sauce, Soy sauce

Cooking methods:

1, the octopus took a knife cutting the word, add salt, pepper, MSG, cooking wine, onion, ginger marinated spare;

2, in tomato sauce followed by adding oyster sauce, cooking wine, Soy sauce, chili sauce, stir juice made from secret;

3, the Yan Hao Jian Zhi sides of the octopus golden pan, pot add a little oil, saute minced garlic, ginger, under, into the secret system of juice, salt, MSG, water, starch, starch, pan can be poured in the octopus .

Features: External cakes inside tender, sweet and sour refreshing.

Family-Style burning Abalone

Ingredients: Fresh abalone

Accessories: garlic, green peppers, onions, ginger

Seasoning: salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce

Cooking methods:

1, the abalone meat removed, cleaned of impurities, one by one cut into thin slices, over three seconds to remove the boiled hot or too cold standby;

2, sitting down the oil pan ignition, the next onion ginger stir-out fragrance, add garlic sprouts, green peppers, transferred salt, MSG, soy sauce, Maggi sauce, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, saute quickly turning films after the accession to abalone you can even pan fried.

Features: fresh and delicious, nutritious.
Braised carp

Ingredients: carp

Accessories: pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms

Seasoning: salt, MSG, sugar, cooking wine, dried chili

Cooking methods:

1, the cleaned surface, cut the word carp took a knife until the pot into the hot oil till the 6-7, it will be golden fish back into the deep fry both sides;

2, pot stay in base oil, the next onion ginger, stir-fried pork Ding, and then followed by adding dried pepper, bamboo shoots small, button mushrooms stir well, transferred to soy sauce, cooking wine, red amount of boiling water, then transferred to vinegar, sugar, after Luezhu Add fish, small Huodun 20 minutes, take out a plate of fish and ingredients, add water, starch thicken soup, add a little MSG pan pour in the fish can be.

Features: meat is tender, handsome in appearance.
 Yam burning catfish

Ingredients: catfish

Accessories: Chinese yam, eggs

Seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, cooking wine, starch, aniseed, pepper, cinnamon, geraniol, dried chili

Cooking methods:

1, the sliced yam, catfish boiled over after the hot wash out, will the surface mucus Guajing cuts back;

2, sit down pan ignition oil, the oil will be a little deep-fried yam removed catfish dip surface layer of golden eggs back into the deep fry, pot stay in base oil and put it into Congjiang Suan, yams, catfish, aniseed , dried chili, pepper, cinnamon, geraniol, cooked into the cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, into the amount of hot water, a small Huodun concentrated close to the soup, remove the fish, after transfer to a plate, soup thicken Linru cuisine can be.

Features: succulent and rich nutrition.
 Boil Pomfret

Ingredients: Pomfret

Accessories: green peppers, eggs, flour

Seasoning: flavor juice, pepper, MSG, cooking wine

Cooking methods:

1, the pomfret pieces to the head, cut into thick, add MSG, salt, cooking wine, pepper salted moment, and then a thin layer of fish flour were shot on the back;

2, sitting down the oil pan ignition will be sticky fish eggs into the pot Jianzhi leveling the surface of gold, cooked into the cooking wine, add flavor juice, a little water, sugar, small fires burned Braised moment, thrown into the green peppers at the end pan can be.

Characteristics: color, golden yellow, delicious refreshing.Lily Chinese yam stewed eel

Ingredients: 750 grams eel

Accessories: Chinese yam 50g, lily 50 grams, 5 grams of wolfberry

Spices: salt, cooking wine, sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorns, and edible oil,, ginger, scallion, soup, water, starch

Cooking methods:

1, eel slaughter oblique cut into pieces after the wash, with salt, cooking wine, onion ginger marinated for 10 minutes in advance by blisters on the soft yam, will lily, Chinese wolfberry were washed with blisters and is ready;

2, take the oil pan into the ignition, put the oil point of pepper fish out and put it into Yanhao eel, add a little wine duplicating the moment, together with appropriate stock, into the Chinese yam, and then turn into the soy sauce, chicken, salt, sugar, boiled with the fire turn the small Huodun 15-20 minutes;

3, after a good stew into lily, Chinese wolfberry, with large fire for two minutes until the lily, Chinese wolfberry cooked, pour a little water, starch, vinegar can be used.

Features: color Hongliang, fitness and physical
Garlic burn big catfish

Ingredients: catfish

Accessories: blue, tomato pepper

Spices: garlic, dry red pepper, pepper, ginger, onions, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, salt, chicken, edible oil, water

Cooking methods:

  1、 Will be slaughtered wash, and cut catfish in paragraph 5 minutes with a little salt, green peppers cut into small;

  2、 Take pot ignition discharge oil, oil heat will Garlic, dried red pepper into the pot and deep fry golden brown add garlic stir fry catfish, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, pepper, scallion, vinegar, a little clean water Braised 5 minutes, then add red pepper Ding, chicken can be.

Features: meat tenderness and pure taste, garlic rich
Braised head and tail

Ingredients: head, fish tail

Ingredients: star anise, aniseed, ginger, onion, coriander, dry starch, pepper

Spices: sesame oil, salt, sugar, cooking wine, chicken, soy sauce, peanut oil

Cooking methods:

  1. To take grass carp's head, tail cut into fan-shaped back.

  2. Pot set fire, under the fish's head, tail add diced green onion, ginger fry both sides.

  3. Pot add water, into the head, tail, salt, MSG, soy sauce, Heat, water, starch, starch, can be topped with sesame oil.
Wuchang fish dry


Wuchang fish a fresh (about re-Erjin), water-fat soaked bamboo slices 12, 12 sesame oil, sugar 1 money, cooking wine 3 money, chopped green onion 1 money Shuzhu You 12, monosodium glutamate and a half of money, wet starch six money, soy sauce, 1 2, ginger 2 money.

System of law:

1, the fish to the scales, gills, guts, and washed in the fish knife draw oblique cross pattern 5. Soaked bamboo slices cut into thin slices.

2, wok set each on a high, the next Heat sesame oil, fry both sides of the fish hack yellow, add cooking wine, ginger, soy sauce, salt, scallion, soaked bamboo slices, water, etc., along with cooking until the soup Shaofei, the shift home burned in the fire pan 10 minutes, and then set each on a side pot to continue to burn for three minutes, until the soup is thick thick, about the fish into the tray clean wok Sheng. Set each on the juice, the next MSG, sugar, starch thicken with wet and put it into Shuzhu You, clean wok can be poured on the fish surface.

Features: This dish color golden yellow, fat hypertrophy, flesh thin waxy, oil lubrication Smoothness, abnormal taste delicious.
Green onions grilled carp

Ingredients: carp, shallot

Ingredients: water, starch

Spices: sesame oil, sugar, cooking wine, salt, chicken, soy sauce, peanut oil

Cooking methods:

1, the crucian carp to the scales and viscera, gill, wash, two draw oblique knife, put soy sauce, pickled in alcohol to reconcile what is expected.

2, open the pan pigs will be put carp put pot, two fried yellow, removed, filtered oil.

3, the onion cut into 1-inch long, the pot saute, then the carp on the onions on top, plus wine, soy sauce, sugar, sugar, color, monosodium glutamate and broth, cover the lid, with a small warm roasted about 2 10 minutes, the fish have been tasty, you can take out on the disk.

4, renewed stir, close the pot of thick soup, sprinkled with sesame oil and vinegar, along with the top down in the crucian carp that is good.Dry fish

Ingredients: Yellow Croaker

Ingredients: ginger onion and garlic, green beans, bean paste, bamboo shoots, bubble pepper, pork, grains, mushrooms, pepper

Spices: cooking wine, sugar, salt, sesame oil, chicken, soy sauce, peanut oil

Cooking methods:

1, the number of carp both sides of the razor sharp knife, in order to Sichuan salt, cooking wine salt into the ignorant;

2, pot heat the oil till the Bacheng would deep fry fish, golden yellow;

3, pot stay in oil, the next end of pork, sugar, Sichuan salt, cooking wine, black pepper, and soup, ginger, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, till the juice dry, clean wok transfer to a plate.
Incense burning warehouse Fish

Ingredients: Cang Fish

Ingredients: mushrooms, soaked bamboo slices, ginger, onions, garlic, kale, water, starch, edible fungus

Spices: sesame oil, sugar, salt, chicken, soy sauce, peanut oil

Cooking methods:

1, the fish go end to end to take the middle, into the pot to the fire Jian Zhi Huang crisp skin when the fish out.

2, I fried shallot segment into the fish section and soy sauce, wine, Braised cook for 10 minutes, clean wok before adding vinegar and sesame oil can be.
Spicy sauce Shao Yu

Ingredients: Grass carp

Ingredients: ginger, onion, garlic, dried chili, fermented flour paste, pepper, chili oil

Spices: cooking wine, salt, sugar, chicken, soy sauce, peanut oil

Cooking methods:

1, carp, after dealing with a clean, dry water, in the fish oblique 2 ~ 3 knife pattern.

2, pot Heat 4 tablespoons oil, fry the fish both sides look slightly out of Sheng; pot ginger, minced garlic until fragrant, came alive again in spicy bean paste and spices C fry, pouring sauces under the A and a small bowl of water with the boil, put fish and tofu, and cook together for 10 minutes.

3, left half of the juice, it will be sung out of the fish and tofu, soup thicken and add seasoning B stir well, pour the juice in the fish and can be sprinkled with chopped green onion.
豆瓣 Carp


Carp 1 600 grams, 15 grams of garlic, ginger tablets 15 grams, onion 10 grams of grain, bean paste 2 tsp, Dark soya sauce 1 / 3 tsp sugar, 1 / 2 teaspoon MSG 1 / 4 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon cooking wine, 100 grams of chili oil, raw powder 1 tsp, 2 soup 200 grams, a little sesame oil.

Cooking methods:

Ji cruciferous fish knife, pickled, into 160 ℃ deep fry in hot oil golden out. Pot by adding ginger, garlic, bean paste until fragrant, the next two soup and seasoning Shaofei, into the small fire simmered fish thoroughly tasty, to close thick thick juice, transfer to a plate, juice under the chili oil stir well, pour in the fish clean wok on the Serve sprinkled with chopped green onion.

Features: color Hongliang, Zhinong wei shiang.
Spicy octopus

Ingredients: 500 grams of fresh octopus.

Spices: red pepper sauce 1 tablespoon peanut oil 100 grams, 15 grams of dried red pepper, pepper 40, spring onions, ginger each 20 grams, soup 250 grams, a little sugar, salt, 1 tsp, 2 tbsp cooking wine, chicken little sesame oil 2 spoons.

Cooking methods:

1, the octopus washed, cut off the head, fins, etc. to internal organs clean knife cut into 5 cm long sections, sub-3 second into the hot oil with Qi Cheng picked up the yellow into pieces.

2, dried chili remove stalks, to the child, cut into short lengths of 1.5 cm long, with a few drops of water sprinkled with pepper wetting; ginger shoot break, spring onions cut a long section.

3, set the fire pan, heat the oil till the Qi Cheng, put dried peppers, pepper Chaochu fragrance after they put ginger, green onions fry, then add soup, add octopus, add salt, cooking wine, chicken, sugar and red pepper sauce, changing thick tasty soup low heat slowly till the last Linru sesame oil.
Sào dry fish

Ingredients: Grass carp

Accessories: pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, preserved vegetables

Spices: bean paste, foam pepper, cooking wine, fermented glutinous rice, monosodium glutamate, starch

Cooking methods:

1, the knife cut both sides of grass carp, plus Congjiang Suan, salt, cooking wine pickled moment, pork dice, dice mushrooms standby;

2, the fish will be preserved a good layer of dry starch Shang Ma, into the pan in the Jianzhi sides Lunatia removed, pot add a little oil, the next bean paste, foam pepper, minced garlic, ginger, scallion stir-fried, red amount of water, stir well out into the reserve;

3, the pork Dinca wine, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, preserved vegetables, stir-fried after incense Linru good bean paste soup, into the grass carp, fermented glutinous rice, small Huodun to thicken the broth, water, starch can thicken.

Features: Spicy tasty, unique flavor.
Grilled Trout

Ingredients: Trout

Accessories: cooked potatoes, cooked eggs, lemon, onions, anchovies

Seasoning: salt, black pepper, dill

Cooking methods:

1, will be chopped cooked potatoes, cooked chopped egg, anchovies into the tin foil in, sprinkled with onions at the end, lemon juice, add after trout, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, crushed, chopped dill, a little water, tightly wrapped with aluminum foil later, into the oven bake 20 minutes.
葱烧 sea cucumber


1,000 grams of water in a small sea cucumber, salt 2 grams, green onions 105 grams, 3.5 grams monosodium glutamate, garlic 15 grams, wet starch 10 grams, ginger 5 grams, 700 grams chicken broth, ginger 27.5 grams, 50 grams of shallot oil paste, sugar 27.5 g, Shuzhu You 150 grams (about consumption of 75 grams), soy sauce 12.5 grams, Shao liquor 15 grams

Cooking methods:

1 small cucumber water to wash hair tender, the entire pot into cold water, stir boiling, about 5 minutes remove and cook, Lek water, and then 300 grams of boiled chicken soup taste of soft and make it into the net after the Lek chicken soup. The onions were cut into 5 cm segment (100 grams) and late (5 grams). Garlic cut into 3.3 cm segments.

2, will be placed each on a frying pan, into the Shuzhu You, to consume Bacheng hot nowadays into the scallion, Explode golden brown wok from the fire-side, scallion-side in a bowl, add chicken soup (100 grams ), Shao liquor (5 grams), ginger juice (2.5 grams), soy sauce (2.5 grams), sugar (2.5 grams), and monosodium glutamate (1 g), on the tray stir-steam 1-2 minutes out, Decanting to soup left scallion spare.

3, lard plus fried scallion, Sea cucumber, salt, broth, sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, color, boiled moved Weihuo simmer 2-3 minutes, stir the starch thicken add MSG, with the fire penetration close juice, Lin Ru Scallion, Sheng into the disk can be.

A Grilled wings 400 kinds of carcinogens

"Barbecue style" in popular again this winter, in addition to the traditional street-side grill wings, kebabs, various patterns of the Korean barbecue and more prosperity. Satisfy their appetites in a same time, you realize that swallowed a barbecue how much insecurity? Nutrition Society executive director of Dalian, Dalian Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital, Dr. Xing-Guo Wang, director of nutrition explicitly told "Life Times" reporter, out out of a roasted chicken wings, a mutton string, contains at least more than 400 kinds of carcinogens.

"Direct-fired barbecue, it will produce large amounts of carcinogens - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which is the first to be recognized, and so far the most important, the largest number of chemical carcinogens, including a total of more than 400 kinds of carcinogenic effect compounds such as benzopyrene, 4 toluene, etc., which is the most harmful benzopyrene. "Hsing-Kuo Wang said benzopyrene either through the barbecue into the digestive tract, can also barbecue the smoke into the respiratory tract. Benzopyrene accumulate in the body, can induce stomach cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. While the other carcinogens - heterocyclic amines, in animal experiments can cause breast cancer, colon cancer and so on. Relevant data indicate that women who eat barbecue suffering from breast cancer than women who do not like barbecue food than 2 times.

In addition, there may also be due to barbecue meat, not grilled the risk of contracting the parasite. The use of nitrite soaked, so that flesh colored, taste good, and even shoddy, the pork, horse meat and other add lamb and mutton pretending precision and so on, are not exactly fresh news.

"In fact, the more fat grilled meat, fat, the more carcinogens produced by the more. Carcinogens contained in the burnt pork skin than meat. Vegetables, organic content due to fewer carcinogens produced by fewer. "Thus, Xing-Guo Wang suggested, barbecue to eat healthy, first, a layer of aluminum foil barbecue when the parcels, so to avoid excessive smoke contains carcinogens into the food. The second is to choose the right barbecue means, Ming roasted carcinogens and more should be selected hearth-baked, electric grill, if specified roasted, then select the kind of smoke should also be take away from the following way. Third, eat less fat, baked with pork skin when roasted, but when you eat pork skin removed. Charred must not eat, because the burned part is the most abundant carcinogen. In addition, many barbecue restaurants is to eat meat on the grate on the grill, which need to be reminded attendants must be frequently changed grate

You also questioned the details of the kitchen five healthy body

1.regular cleaning or replacement dish cloth. Studies have shown that: 20% of the dishes hidden within the fabric can lead to disease, bacteria, wash with detergent or disinfecting cabinet disinfection of sterilization.

2, immature do not eat meat, offal and egg. Suffering from liver disease, cancer, diabetes, long-term gastro-intestinal discomfort of patients, pregnant women and suffering from asthma, arthritis steroids should avoid eating raw seafood, especially the contamination of seafood, which will aggravate the illness or death. Consumption of raw fish only in the health facilities have a certain reputation for good restaurants, do not make their own sushi at home consumption.

3, at the time of purchase were the meat and seafood into plastic bags, at home, wrapped and then frozen, so that drops of juice if they are not everywhere, chaos, or touches the other food. Is best consumed within a day or two.

4, it is necessary in a timely manner the remaining perishable or cooked food into the refrigerator, if left exposed to the air as long as 2 hours or more, harmful bacteria will begin to keep the growth. If the two days after consumption, should be checked before eating to see if deterioration.

5, let the refrigerator temperature is kept at 4 ℃ refrigerator below the freezer temperature is kept below 0 ℃, and often with a thermometer to be checked.

5, after an emergency detox diet eat to lose weight

Lemon, rich in living and a variety of acids C, after a reasonable allocation, or a very effective weight-loss material, particularly suitable for the bowel to lose weight, losing weight is as follows:

1, one liter of water with half a tablet of lemon juice, and placed in the refrigerator, the temperature low tend to have a cool and refreshing feeling.

2, daily for at least drink three liters of lemonade, without any special diet or the banning of snacks, but you must always add lemonade.

3, must be with a daily 15-minute movement, not a continuous basis, the diversion of time may also contribute to sweat purpose is to rid the body of harmful substances.

Potato apple juice

Potatoes and apples are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility. Heat in itself is not high, is an excellent diet recipe.

Ingredients: Potato 1, Apple 2, a little honey

Production: The clean cuts potatoes and apples (apples to go to Timor and seeds), with Juicer Juice Stir well after adding bee drink.

Eat: When the breakfast or dinner drink.

Red Bean winter melon soup

Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, there is blood, urine, swelling, promote the effectiveness of cardiac activation and so on. Eat to prevention and treatment Jiao Zhong, there are slimming effect. Its stone base ingredients can increase gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation and to promote urination, elimination of the heart or kidney disease caused by swelling; melon itself is also a good diuretic food.

Material: wax gourd 400g200g red beans

Seasoning: Salt

Practices:1. Wash melon peeled, diced; red beans washed, soaked 6 hours after the backup.

2. Pot into the right amount of water boil, pour cooked red beans.

3. The melon pieces into a pot to boil over medium heat off Cap melon become transparent and can be seasoned with salt.

Eat: eat dinner, with light food.

Qi Zao red bean porridge

Red beans to pass urine to the swelling of the small intestine Lee, while it has Tiaojing Tongru effect on women, irregular menstruation, breast-feeding women, the exact effect of the milk of poor access. In addition, there is Huatanzhike dried tangerine peel to help digestion. Stop the plot of Sushi, dyspepsia have a good therapeutic effect.

Materials: red beans 60g, brown rice 150g, millet 50g, jujube 8, wolfberry fruit a spoon, water, 1500 milliliters

Practices: red beans, brown rice washed, soaked the 4-hour, 2 hours; the beans into the pot before adding water to medium heat and simmer 30 minutes, and then all ingredients into a pot to boil the fire after the switch to small and medium Simmer 30 minutes

10 kinds of food most suitable for a woman to eat before going to bed

Many woman would want to eat or drink before going to bed, but also something to eat before going to bed will be fat again they are most afraid of, that have something to eat before going to bed without either gain weight it? Specifically, concluded the following 10 kinds of food, very suitable to eat before going to bed, not only does not gain weight, you can also let you sleep better!

1 banana

Weight loss is actually wrapped in banana peel of "sleeping pills", in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains may have the effect of magnesium for muscle relaxation elements. In addition, eating bananas before bed does not cause weight gain because it is a low calorie, and fiber-rich foods, can promote bowel movements.

2, chrysanthemum tea

The reason why the preparation of tea, chrysanthemum tea and a bedtime drink of choice, mainly because of its role in soft Sleep is the static gas concentration, the best natural remedy.

3, warm milk

A cup of warm milk before bedtime helps sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk contains a tryptophan, which can be played as calm as the effect of amino acids.

Rest assured that drinking milk before bed will not only not fat, but can also complement the body of calcium.

4, honey

Go to your warm milk or herb tea into a small amount of honey, some glucose can encourage your brain to stop eating prime produce, eating hormone is a recently discovered and maintaining a sober-related neurotransmitters.

Excitatory role in a lot of sugar, but a small amount of glucose in a timely manner suggesting the brain secrete orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), which is a newly discovered reaction and thinking related to neurotransmitters. So, a few drops of honey to warm milk or herb tea before bed also helps to relax.

5, potato

We all know that potatoes can lose weight the recipe, but you know what? It can also help you sleep oh!

It can get rid of the sleep inducing effects of tryptophan to interfere with the acid. In order to achieve this effect, you simply baked mashed potatoes mixed with warm milk after eating can be.

A small baked potato will not destroy your gastrointestinal tract, on the contrary it can remove those that stand to play a hypnotic effects of tryptophan acid compounds. If the mixing temperature of milk made mashed potatoes, the result will be more of the stick Oh!

6, oatmeal

Oats are valuable bedtime Jiapin, containing plenty of N-acetyl--5 - methoxytryptamine. A small bowl of cooked cereal, add a little honey mixed in which is very appropriate. Try Taikoutaikou the munch, enough to fill the holes in your teeth. Anti-obesity!

Oatmeal can be induced at the same time produce melatonin, a small bowl can serve as a catalyst and sleep better, if a large number of chewing oatmeal, it would be better.

7, Almond

Almonds also contain tryptophan and muscle relaxation medicine - magnesium. Therefore, a heart-healthy eating a small amount of nuts is also a hypnotic yet another coup Oh!

8, linseed

As long as pre-bedtime drink to your oatmeal in thrown into the two large tablespoons of flaxseed can play such a wholesome expected in the results. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids.

9, whole wheat bread

In the time before going to bed feeling hungry, if the above does not allow you to meet, then you can choose whole-wheat bread, plus a toast, with tea and honey, can help the body to release a kind of insulin, the insulin can be made L-tryptophan to the human brain, and in those converted to serotonin.

10, Turkey

Every Thanksgiving, people can be marked with the nap Xiangxiang children, which are attributed to turkey, it is considered the best source of tryptophan. But it also is just a modern folklore. When your stomach instead of the basic state of fullness in the fasting, there are quite a large number of proteins rather than carbohydrates, the tryptophan will start to work. Middle of the night in a number of whole-wheat bread put 12 thin turkey slices, perhaps in the kitchen, you will begin your journey to sleep

5 kinds of low-calorie but also ease the pressure on the natural food nerve

Many women because of the Internet or overtime work and other reasons often stays up late, stomach hungry; or stressful, sleep quality is not high. Then you can choose some low-calorie but also ease the pressure on nerves to help sleep food. We recommend you the following five kinds of weight loss food:

Warm milk

Of calcium in dairy products and other components, such as whey protein can help burn excess fat in the total calorie intake constant, if the increase in the daily diet intake of dairy products, will greatly contribute to reducing off excess fat, but also can help you healthy weight control.

A cup of warm milk before bedtime helps sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk includes a tryptophan, which can be cast as calm as the function of amino acids.

However, the milk itself has a certain degree of heat, so be sure to select low-fat milk flavor.


Contained in red wine, vitamin C, E, and carotene of its antioxidant activity, can improve the original decreases with age, metabolism, and make the skin better. Red wine is rich in iron, coupled with warm alcohol itself the role of promoting blood circulation, it can improve sleep, warm waist kidney, effective in reducing the accumulation of water inside the body.

But should be careful when you must choose to buy the regular manufacturers of wine. Good wine made entirely from fermented grapes, taste Gly, slightly sweet, does not contain any additives. Comparing the kind of sweet wine to drink together, have joined a lot of sugar, so that 250 ml glass of red wine, a bowl of rice with less heat, about 240 calories.

Before bed, drinking red wine, should not be biting off more than a small cup (about 50 ml) is like. Drink too much wine itself, then the heat will be offset by the effect of weight loss.


Honey has an excellent bactericidal effect and detoxifying effect, it helps bring the body down the accumulation of waste from the body. A result, the body's metabolic functions are improved, the lack of consumption of a good build up down in the body of excess fat can be burned as energy obtained. Honey, sugar, such as transport from the stomach into the bloodstream, it becomes energy, which quickly reduce fatigue. As the rise in blood sugar, fasting feeling also disappeared.

A cup of warm water flushes the clothing at night before bed, honey (in honey, a water ratio of 10), will help benefit sleeping beauty to complement a variety of trace elements, Runchang detoxification, defecation smooth, Xiao Duzi naturally smaller.

Honey sugar sugar can encourage eating your brain stagnation occurring hormone, eating hormone is the latest invention of a waking-related and adhere to neurotransmitters. A large number of sugar has a stimulant, but a small amount of glucose in a timely manner suggesting the brain secrete orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), which is a new invention with the thought of God passing coherent response elements. So, drink honey water before bed also helps to relax before going to bed.

If we think that a single drink honey and some dull, half a cucumber can be labeled as juice, add honey and warm water, honey, cucumber transferred into the water and better.


Banana peel is actually wrapped in a "sleeping pills", in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains may have the effect of magnesium for muscle relaxation elements. In addition, the banana low calorie, and fiber-rich foods, can promote bowel movements.

However, to note that bananas are not low calorie, every banana is containing 80 to 100 kcal (a bowl of white rice contains about 200 kilocalories). Bananas to light dinner before going to bed on the basis of diet. If the dinner to eat too much starch and meat, you eat bananas or better. Eating bananas before bed, eat a can.


If before going to bed hungry, we might use oatmeal as a midnight snack. Oats satiety index of corn, rice, noodles, whole wheat bread, nearly twice as much oats are rich in soluble fiber and protein, so give people a sense of fullness, which of course also can help you suppress appetite.

In addition to weight loss is a very good supper, Yan Huan Mai is a valuable bedtime Jiapin, containing plenty of N-acetyl--5 - methoxytryptamine. A small bowl of cooked cereal, add a little honey mixed in which is the re-fit, but the. Try Taikoutaikou the munch, sufficient to cover the holes in your teeth. Help sleep weight function! Occurred while oatmeal can induce melatonin, the promotion of sleep can play a small bowl of consequence, if a large number of chewing oatmeal, it would be better

Health from [heart] the beginning: to change the lives of 50 psychological skills

1, Institute of priorities.

The new year seems to be a lot of things waiting for you to do. But if you are caught with a beard eyebrows, then in the end you will find you again this year to overcome the mess. So, early in the year you should have a plan, understand that you will be in the new year, where to start.

Experts suggest that a daily wake up one day to do things to prioritize them according to "give them marked with a, b, c ... ..." Stephen said: "Then you weed out the b and c and spare no effort to complete a, You will on this day was very efficient, easy, and this is the day you succeed. "

2, experience the fun of sit.

Meditation, not only to purify the hearts of people, but also to make people have a healthy body. Some recent research shows that regular meditation can not only ease the pressure of the human spirit, but also effective treatment for heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility and other diseases. More importantly, the sit-ins that enhance human immunity.

3, cleaning your closet.

If your closet is not within two years through the clothes, then you throw it away or donate them. Clean out your real "wealth", when you need to wear a piece of clothes when you can find them right away.

4, to do something to donate to.

If you have some things already do not have access, you can use these things donated to charity.

5, organize your photos.

The photos from your past or any other corner of the box from the shoes to find out, putting it inside a beautiful photo album or frame, so that they will be able to maintain a longer period of time, you can enjoy in the future to enjoy them.

6, items should be classified to place.

To put your changes with the seasons of leisure products, such as sleds and snow coats should be placed in one, the beach umbrellas and diving suits together.

7, the packaged stuff to save.

Shoebox not only can be used to dress shoes, you can put bits and pieces of daily shoebox years, and the box marked with a mark, so that next time you can easily use.

8, to Bismarck to experience a new life.

United States North Dakota capital of Bismarck, which is only 5.7 million people a small place, but here, low crime rate, high-quality school education, economic development and stability, low unemployment rate. In this town, you can spend very little money to rent a beautiful house, you can enjoy the clear blue sky here, and convenient recreation and leisure facilities and delicious food. The most important is that the pressure of living here is very small. In other words, there is simply a paradise for life. If you have, for various reasons can not be moved to here, then you will find time to come here on holiday to experience a happy life here.

9, freed from the home.

American women spend 358 hours a year to do household chores and learn to enjoy the very clean life, not take home an occasional lazy, you will have more leisure time.

10, lost work now.

John - Dolly is only a 28-year-old banker, if the measure according to most people, he is a successful person. But who can know his pain? Overwork has made in various organs of his body, seriously "aging." And when quit his job after his daily stroll in Central Park, stroll, take a look at such as "honesty: I am the happiest moment of life" books.

Dolly said: "The liberation of losing their jobs means. You will become open-minded, you will have time to listen to your inner voice, you will be able to hear many of you ever heard not the voice."


11, exercise your brain.

Scientists had always thought that the human brain is like a cabbage. A 20-year-old mind, will not be time in the future continue to "grow." From the age of 20, the human mind began to inevitably Recession: assertive loss, memory impaired, etc., when the 80-year-old man's head, and pickles on the same subject.

In the last century, 60 years ago, scientists also insist that the adult brain no longer have a new neurons to grow back. However, in 1988, scientists have mastered the specific evidence that adult brains can grow through the exercise after the new neurons.

Adult head of this "continue to grow" from the "entertainment." Such as playing "New York Times" and "crossword puzzle", to play golf, shoot pool and so on.

Therefore, the strengthening of "use your brain", if you do not use it, then it will rigid, or even "rust."

12, plant a tree.

Planting a tree every year can not only beautify your living environment, but also bring you unexpected benefits. Gardening expert Richard - Martin, said: "Your body will react the plants around you. If you concentrate on the green vegetation around you, then you will feel less pressure, and a good mood, and your immune system is also enhanced. "

13, and play games with their children.

Scientists believe that spending time with their children playing games can improve memory and cognitive abilities of adults. Example, popular game "Yaya goose" and so on, and the children to play with can also enable us to live longer.

14, listen to pop music.

When we are young like pop music, but as age increased, we seem to have been abandoned in this world. Do not know what music is now popular, and young people with no common topics, these are the parents of troubled children who have problems.

If you do not want your old faster, why not to try to listen to today's pop music, you are listening to become young.

15, more books.

Do not raise your head away within the activity of reading, and do not in order and that of others you are more knowledgeable than themselves away to study, not just to learn more about the world continue their schooling. This is because reading is a person's life to enjoy the most pleasant, so pleasant to enjoy making our lives more meaningful.

16, spend more time with your lover.

The United States, after an economist said in research, good family and a happy married life than an annual salary of 50,000 U.S. dollars of work even more happy.

Therefore, some experts have suggested that in the hard spare time to spend more time to chat with your spouse and family to give you pleasure and spiritual well-being of any important work than you have been more important.


17, learn to save.

And weight compared to a seemingly easy financial management is a matter of fact but not too easy to do.

Then from the savings begin. If you can save 20 dollars a week each year to raise the ratio of 5%, you will be in 30 years, nearly 73 thousand U.S. dollars of savings.

18, optimizing the investment ratio.

You can not about stock market trading, but you can influence their own investment ratio. Experts suggest that in the finance and investment is necessary to the rational use of various channels. If you do not know in the end how much should be invested in the stock market, invest in real estate how much how much the insurance investment, you can ask that a professional investment company.

19, re-evaluate the area of investment.

In the end of each year, you will need for your field of investment in the previous year re-evaluation. To find out what hot areas can also continue to invest and which areas Enough is enough. More importantly, you want to evaluate these potentially lucrative area of investment, so in the new year make a difference in this area.

20, a temporary freeze on your credit card.

Put your credit card placed in a plastic bag and then placed in the water freezing on the bag. When you have "squandered" the desire, you should at least wait until the ice melts.

21, save a bit of emergency money.

People have illness and death, on a Yinqing moon. You need to have a financial crisis prevention measures to budget deficits will not be caught unprepared.

22, control of your credit risk.

When using credit cards, to do what.

23, to develop emergency response programs.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters can not be resistant to not know when it will come, our property and even their lives would be seriously threatened, rather than awaiting their doom rather early to take measures to prevent. Once disaster strikes, you should be able to do in the next 72 hours, the memory alive.

The American Red Cross recommends preparing an emergency package at home, which is not installed perishable food deterioration, appropriate clothing, radios, flashlights, medications, family member information, insurance accounts and bank accounts and so on.

24, computer data classification, backup.

For a long period of time, you tend to forget the existence of photographs of her daughter in the end where we are. If you store the backup data to classify, according to the nature of the information, or other criteria to isolate the data stored in your time of need, you can easily find them.

25, the books, files, materials classified.

You may have had such an embarrassment: When you need to re-confirm your credit card bill, you really can not remember but in the end you put it where we are. Many of our daily lives as well as various books, receipts ,***, bill information, which often have been arbitrarily placed in us somewhere, and when we need them, when they often do not know where to look for. Therefore, to categorize these things is a good way to be placed.

The body is capital

26, multi-stairs little elevator.

Your health is your most valuable asset, but there seems to still remain in the importance of a healthy verbal rhetoric. Of course, from now on is not too late.

Experts suggest that if you do not have a fixed amount of time to exercise, then it would change some of your daily habits. For example, take the stairs not to take the elevator, the car stopped at a place far away from your destination and then walk, walk the dog and so on.

Most people walk less than 3,000 steps a day, and if you are able to walk 1 km per day, you will find that your body really slowly changing. Experts have said that the exercise was not a difficult task, if you slightly change the look of your lifestyle, you will be able to derive training purposes.

27, Zaoshuizaoqi.

The latest study found that a good night's sleep will give you the next day working life of stamina, and even diet can also play a role in it.

28, smoking cessation.

Indeed, smoking is not a good habit. Survey, the United States each year, 43 million people die of diseases caused by smoking, while smoking is also easily lead to diabetes, asthma, psychosis.

Maybe you have tried to quit before, but you failed.

Why not this year, successfully quitting purpose? Many U.S. states have set up websites to help smokers quit smoking, but can also offer online or telephone service.

Of course, you do not try a day or two will be able to break the addiction. According to the steps to do to put too much on ashtrays, Do not carry too many cigarettes, and those who do not smoke to stay with friends and so on.

Healthy diet

29, eat brown bread.

30, try cantaloupe.

This fruit than apples, oranges, bananas contain more vitamin a and vitamin-rich c.

31, eat white foods.

Such as rice, bread, cakes, cookies, etc., these white foods contain too many calories and carbohydrates, excessive consumption of easily lead to diabetes and heart disease.

32, limiting consumption of canned beverages.

33, eat more vegetables.

34, self-healing.

Regular medical examinations will be early detection of certain organs of your body if there are problems, there is a conscious self-medication can also play a role in health care.

35, married.

U.S. Central Disease Prevention and Control Center, the latest research found that married people than the bachelor's much more physical and mental health. As the U.S. Justice 哈里布莱克 Mans said: "Wedding is a process, marriage is the result."

Safety First

36, wear a helmet when riding a bike.

United States each year 6.7 million people in cycling head injuries, but will be able to wear a helmet reduced the risk of 45%.

37, be careful on the road animals.

Driving on the road and collided with deer and other animals, leading to more than 150 Americans die each year, in the dusk and dawn is to be vigilant.

38, install carbon monoxide detectors.

You can not see or smell the deadly gas, so to install such a detector will ensure your safety.

39, buy a shredder.

Thieves can be readily lost through your letters, remember there are other numbers on the card account they want to get the information, using paper shredders crush these things first and then discarded.

40, dark corners are insects.

Especially in the winter, many insects are dormant in areas such as roof, basement, garage a dark corner, be careful bees and other dangerous insects.

41, learn to properly abandoned.

To know that you are not "Superman" or "Spider-Man," sometimes have to know how to give up. In your lives are threatened, there is no issue more important than alive.

Good habits

42, frequent use of dental floss.

This will not only be able to make your smile more attractive, but also can reduce the incidence of dental. The study also found that the use of dental floss can also reduce the incidence of heart disease and asthma.

43, there are regularly Shen Yao.

If you do not have time to exercise, then it would stretch Shen Yao in the office, which allows your muscles to become soft

44, wearing shoes fit.

45, take a deep breath.

If you do not have time to walk their dogs outside, then do 10 deep breaths every day.

46, taking the right vitamins.

Ease the pressure

47, to maintain a moderate level of self-expectations.

There are 10 million self-road, you can not go running for president, but you can do a successful businessman. According to their own actual conditions to determine their behavior goals, and maintain moderate levels of self-expectations will make your success easier. In addition, a reasonable outlet to effectively lift the mental stress.

48, participated in volunteer activities.

The study found that volunteer activities can not only to those who need help in order to help, but I also give volunteers bring physical health and psychological pleasure. There are data showing that those older than the same age of the volunteers of non-volunteers to live longer.

49, to change their own sets of new clothes.

Why not try this year, a change to your own dress. To change the clothing type, try to wear you ever do not like to wear clothes, you will find that the world really has become different, and you suddenly changed the mood of the Liang.

50, Forgiveness.

In 1993, only 26-year-old Stanford student Amy Vergel female group in South Africa were brutally indiscriminate mob of young students killed by a knife. Amy's parents Linda and Peter then he resigned from their jobs, home to move to South Africa, where they founded a school named Amy.

Today, there are two women who had participated in the killing of black South Africans Amy students in this school, they see Amy's parents for their parents, Linda and Pitt will also treat them as their own son.

Pitt said: "I do not want to live a full life of hatred and bloody revenge, because this is not in line with my wishes. I think Amy will support us to do so, because that's what she would like to see."

To temporarily forget about your personal pain, suffering and your personal link in this complex world, you will slowly realize that peace will be how to get along with others, rare

A super-delicious step-down of rice pudding

1, oats are rich in linoleic acid, amino acids, mono-unsaturated fatty acids,Vitamin B1, B2,FolateAnd so on, with the replenishing spleen, relax bowel, just sweating and bleeding effect. Eat it regularly can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

2, buckwheat contains a variety of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, chromium and rutin, buckwheat alkali and flavonoids and other ingredients, with the next Lee intestinal gas, the effect Qingrejiedu, "Compendium of Materia Medica" that it can "lower gas-Wide intestines, grinding Ji Zhi, elimination heat swollen wind pain, in addition to gonorrhea leucorrhea, spleen plot diarrhea. "

3, corn nutrient-rich, heat is not high dietary fiber content was high, with a diuretic, blood pressure, hypoglycemic, bleeding gallbladder, preventing atherosclerosis and so on.

4, soybeans known as "trace database", protein-rich, with lowering cholesterol, break down fat and prevent atherosclerosis, promotion of renal function.

5, fleece-flower root contains a variety of vitamins, lecithin, emodin, chrysophanol, rhein and other components, can be heat Reduce Pathogenic Fire, detoxification, Yin purge complement the liver and kidney, Yijing blood, Ukraine beard and hair, Zhuang bones. ForVertigoTinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, limb numbness,Neurasthenia, Hyperlipidemia and so on.

6, lotus root starch with Xiaoyu cooling blood, adjusting the appetizers complement the heart and spleen, diarrhea bleeding, soothe the nerves and other effects.

7, black sesame seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., as well as many essential substances such as vitamins and lecithin, with appetizers spleen, Lee urine, and the five internal organs, aid digestion Consumers fullness, chemical Ji Zhi, lowering blood pressure and so on.

8, walnut contain unsaturated fatty acids,Lysine, Phospholipids, etc., with prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis effect. Able to brain, stomach, blood, kidney, lungs, Runchang, meditatively, sleep.


蜂蜜. Nutrient-rich honey-round, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, soothe the nerves, Runzao, pain management, an five internal organs, and 100 drugs, 100 drugs row, relax bowel, improve immunity and so on.

Method of production and consumption

Sesame, walnut, respectively wok (or microwave) fry, you use multi-refining machine (or Chinese medicine milled slots) Hunban dried and ground into a powder (or separate grinding), when the grinding sesame seeds is greater than walnut, because oil and more time should not be too long so as not to become a paste, ground into a powder into a separate large-caliber after the bottles (cylinders, bags), the seal is good, this powder is not appropriate to wear, or else too long and easy to take the oil.

Oats, buckwheat, corn, soybeans, four kinds of 200 grams, picking the net, Amoy water, dried, ground into a powder with the mill Hunban (to re-grinding again, to make a finer powder), and fleece-flower root powder, lotus root starch of 200 g Hunban into bags (or milk tank), preferably sealed in the refrigerator to prevent mildew.

Pro eaten about 10 grams per person for each powder preparation, put half a bowl of cold water and into the slurry, another bowl of water to be boiled into the pot (pot), kept in the pot with chopsticks is zoned mixed into a paste cook until the paste into a bowl coolish Sheng, after eating into the amount of honey and mix thoroughly.

The role and Notes

This paste can not only blood pressure, but also lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, cholesterol, and the nutrient-rich comprehensive and balanced, with spleen and stomach, Liver and kidney, raising heart nourishing, aid digestion, relax bowel detoxification, anti-cancer anti-aging, protect heart, brain and kidney blood vessels and so on. Is the best tonic Jiapin elderly, and hands-on preparation, be regarded as authentic, cheap.

At the same time we should pay attention, causing high blood pressure are many reasons, in the diet should be light, multi-prime less dirty, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, dry beans and soy products, eat less salt, oil sugar, eat more whole grains, Eat less refined rice flour and rice. Would also like to quit smoking, limit capacity for liquor, not arguments, not to be angry, but the joy, but sorrow does not stay up all night, non-strenuous exercise ... ... In sum, while controlling blood pressure than can be achieved overnight, but the old friends as long as the Guanzhuziji's mouth, and stability ideological emotion and patience to treat this disease, high blood pressure is not terrible

Monday, February 22, 2010

Female infertility after abortion four times the rate of 92%

China's current annual flow of about 800 million women receive surgery, flow rate of 29.3%, much higher than the average level of developed countries, of which 20 to 29-year-old young women the number of total passenger flow of 62%. Even more noteworthy is that, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to repeat abortion rate is higher than 50%, to bring serious harm to women's health.

"The reason for this situation are multiple." Experts say, first of all Chinese women generally lack knowledge of contraception, lack of awareness of contraception, contraceptive methods inefficient. Most people there to take chances without contraceptive measures, even though contraception, but also to use condoms, coitus interruptus, calculation methods such as the main rhythm, oral contraceptives very little. At the same time, China has not yet fully operational standardization of post-abortion family planning services, many women are not the first time, timely and effective post-abortion family planning services and guidance, are still exposed to the accident under the high-risk pregnancy. At present, only 52.4% of the post-abortion urban women of childbearing age and 9.6% of rural women received postoperative contraception.

Of abortion on women's reproductive health can be described as a multifaceted and long-term, especially repeat abortion is even more serious harm. The short term may be some complications such as bleeding, infection, injury, irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. In the long run may be more dangerous, leading to young women infertility. Statistics show that: secondary infertility in 88.2% patients with history of induced abortion; repeated abortions four times the incidence of infertility caused by up to 92%.

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The longest time a woman is 47 hours security

We may consider themselves the confidentiality of the good, such as his thoughts, the secret can be staunchly endured, not to tell people; but for listening to the secret, we are always can not help but want to share with others , like to talk about as natural as a gossip. Why do we always do not control his mouth? Come take a look, can not let our tight-lipped about the reasons for what.

To say we all know the importance of confidentiality, why sometimes they can not do that secretive? If the analysis of them, mainly because there are a few:

  1、People unable to control disclosure of their secret matter, often with people feeling the pinch at the time, emotional conflict, say it is actually a kind of catharsis, tried to alleviate the psychological pressure. Parties in the rush to talk to the moment, worry that the incident involved a partial, often too late to consider "whole picture", including say it will lead to what consequences. In the previous cases, and the sensitivity is better is just one of the reasons Rui speak their mind, but the main thing is the complex feelings in her heart, as well as extramarital affairs produced by the internal pressure to be released.

  2、In interpersonal relationships, emotional excessive "involvement", overdraft personal information from inappropriate disclosure of self-exposure. Between people's self-exposure to moderate (a communication skills), so as to promote emotional affinity more easily recognized and accepted by others. Therefore, in intercourse, they thought it was confidant their advantage, in inadvertently "disclose the secret." In fact, because it close and knowing each other too much to each other a high degree of "infiltration" was not the finest creations of people's social interaction, but not worth a mention for their failure, the outcome of the relationship between man and Rui is a proof. At this point the speaker Zhigu regardless of that time, the listener then the details of the best I know, happy to make friends share those concerns. When intimate friends is understandable, but who can guarantee that the trust will last forever, does not occur between subtle change?

  3、Ignore the importance of confidentiality or inappropriate choice of the listener, some people do not care about "you and I are different," subject to the exchange of non-selective, nor pay attention to find the right people as needing someone to talk and think that you can pour a good relationship is the bottom of my heart a big mistake. Mentally relaxed self-protection awareness, a moment's indiscretion to the self-inflicted troubles, often a cause for regret incessantly. Life is only full-fledged person, only the real secret; less mature, and only a temporary secret, immature people, then there is no secret.

  4、Under normal circumstances, the lack of friends, who easily in the "emotional hunger," we sure do not live their own. To communicate with people coupled with their strong need for the exchange of objects with only a few, so that such people often can not choose to whom their minds full of words, and sometimes the other side a few harsh words slightly so that it can be deeply moved, moved, I will be convinced that no doubt, soon lifted the necessary alert heart. With no guard against mean no fortresses guarding the home, have been cheated, harassed, injured but also to blame?

  5、Some people mistakenly think that the principle of frank and applies to all human relationships, knowing that someone is inquisitive others privacy, keen on rumors gossip who will not adopt a flexible approach can imagine the results tell the truth, for each of us a people, there is no contradiction between the secret and maintain a frank, candid to treat people, the secret to myself and others if we think to be honest all the catharsis of the soul, this is not a misunderstanding, he is demanding.

 tips: a woman's privacy time is 47 hours

What a woman can hold a secret how long? The answer is: 47 hours and 15 minutes. The aged for 3000 women aged 18 to 65 studies have found that for every 10 women will have four restrain secret, no matter how secret privacy no exception. More than half of women are speaking out of alcohol under the action of a secret, but her boyfriend, husband, confidant, and his mother, is often the first to hear a secret person.

Research shows that women's average weekly to hear three secrets, but they at least to a person to disclose a secret. Women are usually nothing to do with the event to the people, and even revealed the secret social circles do so so that they feel more relieved. In addition, women will begin to lay down their defense after drinking, there are numerous secret at this time also "squeeze."

Thought to be a woman than physical fullness of the soft

Woman with a pair of figures appears to be natural enemies, the number can be exposed to a woman's age, number of women able to crush the pride of self-righteous. However, in some cases, the number they are so intimate, it can the performance of China and the United States a woman's delicate head.

Truly understand the life of a woman should not evade the figures, when the mind of the charm of that string of characters, presented in front of a woman, a woman should be used to fill the number of fullness thoughts.

Numbers are afraid of women. They are just a code name only, a woman is on facial movement. If the woman turned a cold shoulder to those figures, they will come strongly to please you, sometimes the fate of this kind of thing. Women Do not believe the so-called fate, must have the right to refuse to believe that only their own rocky road, Do not want the difficulties encountered as a matter of course, your firm is an impregnable fortress.

2-year-old woman, is a tender and beautiful flowers, you can self-willed, you can make a man love you pay for your indulgence, but this time the woman will not do too much, you can do a little woman Zhicuojiugai , but can not put a man on a lifetime, because you are still a long road.

When the woman's age, more than three years old, do not continue to hang on the face of senseless comparisons, this time, woman is an exquisite novel writing, she is no longer a 2-year-old that year writing pompous prose. Appreciate their own the most beautiful woman. 3-year-old woman is a treasure, they enjoy life, but also know what they want. If you are a man, should start looking for such a woman to love, the three-year-old woman will be filtered emotion, only those sincere and lasting love, is their choice.

40-year-old woman to start outrightly life cumbersome, not to virtuous character with the simple superposition of the dress together, your beauty is internal and external display of integrating their combination. Do something to save those cosmetics, and the Huang Lianpo hat worn on their own heads, the occasional luxury is necessary. 40-year-old woman, to have their own circle of friends, your family is certainly very important, but you must be a more exciting world.

50-year-old woman should wear underwear more than a beautiful coat. The plump body of resources, rational and effective use of them. Do not worry himself too sexy, this is your charm other women age better than those offered the remains charming. 50-year-old woman give a man a sense of distance, the men were born a perfectionist, and they are undesirable sorry, but this woman but can create a beautiful landscape. Generated from the United States, saying that the little sentence right.

60-year-old woman is a symbol of luxury, give yourself some beautiful jewelry to wear these things belong to you, your beauty, no need for words to explain, you laugh is the world's most pleasant melody, your eyes is the ink blue sky, the most Ming-jie moonlight. At this time a woman a great degree of happiness in life has been bred out of a woman's sweet, do you like to do, to warm your little tricks to pass to future generations.

70-year-old woman is the most glorious time of life, when love you and those you love around you, when people around the life they gave you the most precious things in this world - love. At this time a woman is the kind old lady that age is a child concealment in mind umbrella, is uppermost in the hearts of children, a good mother.

A woman is inherently used to love, loved the time Do not ask why, love is no reason, and enjoy the warmth is a woman loved to do with this.

Women should not shy in front of their own men and women can be like a baby, you can play the fool can be angry, but not without their own ideas, love and be loved is the need to capture the wisdom, if you are still not a good plump woman, then you we should strive to be thinking of plump women, plump body may become bloated, but the fullness of thought, but always be proud of belonging to your charm.

Mobile health-damaging seven deadly sins

In recent years, mobile phone radiation on the different conclusions of the study, resulting in people also know what to do. ABC published on the website of the mobile phone damage the health of the "seven sins":

1. Walk dozens of multi-car accident. Distracted by cell phones most likely to walk, causing people to cross the road down likely looking at about 20% experienced increased risk of traffic accidents by 43%.

2. A louder voice and ear injuries. Many people set up cell phone microphone sounds great, the sound of over 80 decidable damage hearing. And normal conversation is 60 decibels, cell phone headsets are usually reach 100 decibels.

3. Frequently buttons, thumb sore. Excessive use of mobile phones, send text messages frequently cause thumb pain, numbness, or swelling symptoms.

4. Handset lead to allergies. Some people used the phone just did not how long, they inexplicably took place skin irritations. Thorough investigation, it discovered that the phone's nickel and certain metals to blame.

5. Easily distracted driving with the phone. Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, a study found that use of mobile phones when driving, even if only to answer the call, will lead to focus on driving, to reduce brain activity of 37% hands-free phones are no exception.

6. "Cell phone magic hyperactivity" disturbing. Many mobile phone users that even though the phone does not ring, but also always felt the phone rang. Neuro-psychologist at New York University School of Medicine said Dr. Weilianbaer This psychological problem is caused by frequent use of mobile phones rely on disease manifestations.

7. Doctor's largest mobile phone virus. In the "Clinical Microbiology" published a recent study, researchers tested 200 hospital staff mobile phones, found that 94.5% of the phone is some kind of harmful bacteria contamination, some are even dangerous "superbugs."

11 small-signal prompted to physically ill

Many people busy at work all day or for the home of the tired, very rarely taking the time to go to a hospital or medical center for medical checkup. Minor illnesses in general is a small disaster on the tolerance Nengren able delaying tactics that lead to serious illness when the rush into the hospital in, thus missing the best time for treatment.

As the saying goes, "sick as a mountain down." In fact, the occurrence and development of any disease has a process in the former there are some unexpected harbinger of the body, but not caused us enough emphasized. As health awareness increases, we should send bad signals the body to give enough attention to avoid serious accidents.

China's ancient times, "My fate is in my absence days, the slogan" This is really a revolutionary slogan, for our modern apply, the emphasis is not to put all of the body to the inertia of ignorance. Health is their own, in addition to himself, someone else who can do so at any time and meticulous care? So, please let us do the masters of their own health bar!

What are small problems take a look at the body telling you: Dangerous 啦!

  1, to get up after the four signals

One Day at different stages of the bad feelings of the body, that is, to send warning signals to your health.

● If the morning wake up dizzy, dizziness, may be that there is a cervical bone hyperplasia, or high blood viscosity and other diseases;

● If you wake up 20 minutes after the swelling of the activities are not completely disappeared, suggesting that there may be kidney or heart disease;

● early morning nausea and vomiting, except for reasons of pregnancy, such as every morning so, is likely to be sick with chronic gastritis or liver and gallbladder;

● early morning urine, if the urine brown, suggesting liver problems may occur.

  2 in the morning on the microscope face

Observed when the mirror face to see his face there is nothing unusual --

● If you find yourself face flushing may be related to heart disease or hypertension-related;

● If the face with a yellow, but also accompanied by physical fatigue, is likely to be jaundice hepatitis;

● If found to eye color change, congestion, turbidity, color yellow, they should immediately go to the hospital to see a doctor;

● If the eyelids pale, suggesting that may be suffering from iron deficiency anemia;

● If the cornea appears fuzzy gray ring ring, indicating the heart may be a problem, if it is 30-50 year old male should immediately went to the hospital.

  3, brushing teeth, pay attention to the tone

● If the gums bleeding when brushing teeth, periodontal disease is likely to be, because if dental health is not bleeding. Dental bleeding may also be related with liver disease. This phenomenon is common in patients with chronic liver disease, but also accompanied by nose bleeding and menorrhagia. The main reason is the liver cell injury, the liver produces coagulation factors decrease the function, followed by coagulation disorder occur. General dental bleeding hepatitis patients can take vitamin C, vitamin K, and other hemostatic to alleviate the condition.

● If there is bad breath, breath heavy, it may be caused by periodontal disease, while the stomach, liver disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases or lack of trace elements zinc and vitamin B can cause bad breath. For example, Helicobacter pylori infection can cause persistent bad breath, but also often accompanied by varying degrees of hunger and stomach pains. Once Chibaohezu, will be followed to reduce bad breath, and as Helicobacter pylori cure bad breath will go away.

● Ammonia Odor should pay particular attention to the mouth of renal health. When renal failure, the lack of normal metabolism, the body creatinine, blood urea nitrogen increased, the population will have a very particular smell of ammonia.

  4, diet harbinger of serious illness on the

● If you always feel thirsty, you want to look up glucose and impaired glucose tolerance to see if there may be diabetes;

● If the 4-5 o'clock in the morning wake up there is a strong flustered hunger, and accompanied by asthenia, eat breakfast until after the uncomfortable feeling gradually disappeared, suggesting that may be diabetes-prone;

● If you eat greasy food after upper abdominal pain, and radiation to the right shoulder back, is likely to be suffering from liver and gallbladder diseases;

● If the appetite, hyperactivity, weight is reduced, may be suffering from hyperthyroidism;

● If there is no appetite to see the greasy on the nausea, fatigue, may be suffering from hepatitis;

● If Sibuzhiwei, accompanied by palpitations, more dreams, insomnia. This means that cardiac function had been damaged and is caused by excessive physical exertion. When the mouth dry, tongue thick, not taste the taste of food, particularly when we must guard against and prevent heart disease occurrence.

● If the meal is always there acid reflux, abdominal distension or abdominal pain, embolism, suggesting that food product, and we should eat more fresh vegetables, meals should pay attention to light, in order to easy to digest.

  5, the warning signal for the hand

● observe their own hands, if we find finger knuckle is more bulky than might be suffering from more severe lung disease;

● If the nails grow slowly, there is no gloss and yellowing thickening, suggesting that something had gone wrong the lymphatic system;

● If the back of the hand vein prominent, and with increasing age, becoming increasingly obvious, but also prompts the possibility of heart problems;

● If the palm of your hand reddening may be liver problems and endocrine disorders;

● If the over-excitement or tension often wet when the palms sweat, there may be thyroid abnormalities;

● hand-shaking could be hyperthyroidism, it could be Parkinson's disease.

  6, the warning signal for the eye

● visual disturbances, dry eyes are not clear about something. This is a harbinger of a weak liver function. If pressing a liver four weeks, there will be swollen feeling, when in addition to timely medical assistance, but also paid attention to using eye health, do not let the eyes too tired.

● If there are frequent eye pain, in addition to using eye fatigue, the elderly happen to beware of glaucoma;

Ophthalmologist after an investigation found that people prone to eye fatigue factor to the following four aspects:

  Eye factors:Was mainly due to refractive errors, Yongyanguoduo, eye disease, eye abnormalities, etc. making.

  Physical and life factors:People over 40 years of age, the eyes begin to age, but not any in time with reading glasses, then prone to eye fatigue.

  Environmental factors:Lack of work or study workplace lighting, reading and writing and working long hours, sight distance is not fixed, such as: read, write and work on the travel and so on, can cause eye stress. Eyes work overload, not only prone to eye fatigue, but also cause short-sightedness and other diseases.

  7, ears always hum

This is the gradual decline of renal function in the signal, sometimes accompanied by quick-fix, back pain, frequent urination and other symptoms, work too tired of people paying particular attention to, in order to work and rest to avoid fatigue and less alcohol, eat less ginger, pepper and other irritating strong food.

  8, the warning signal for the nose

Nose ineffective, and often cough, breathing difficulties and sometimes it is a sign of the gradual decline of lung function. First, the patient should pay attention to diet, quit smoking or control, and do not and regular smokers together. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to enhance physical exercise, to prevent the occurrence of pulmonary complications.

  9, the warning signal for the mouth

Lips felt numb, body wasting away. This shows that the gradual decline of pancreatic function, mainly due to eating disorders, hunger and eat improper, because the pancreas is not good, would bring disaster to the stomach, when the stomach is jeopardized, it will obviously become dry lips. Then in addition to adjust your diet, but also careful not to eat cold, greasy food.

  10, difficulty climbing stairs

● on the stairs if they feel rapid heart beat, palpitation, chest tightness, showed that heart function is weak;

● if they feel chest feel oppressed, this is a dangerous signal, we should find time to see a doctor as soon as possible.

11, work in the signal

● work, if they feel bad memory, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and atherosclerosis may be caused by;

● If you regularly doze off, in addition to lack of sleep, we must also think more of the other reasons;

● If the back pain, in addition to muscle pain, spine or internal organs may also have a defect;

● If the stretching when the back pain, most have to consider sitting posture

Ten of the most magical quick weight loss remedies

Want to slim down quickly, try the following ten quick weight loss recipe bar!

  Weight loss recipe: egg diet   

Eggs also enables high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect blood vessels to prevent hardening. Egg weight loss is very useful, when you meet the weight standards, and then make balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption, you can make a lasting weight loss results.

Eggs, eat to lose weight:

Is a continuous two weeks to eat Baizhu Dan, grapefruit and a few vegetables weight loss recipes. 5 to 9 a day to eat eggs, eat three installments. Each day kcal intake is about 1OOO around.

  Weight loss recipe: Watermelon diet

The amine acid watermelon machine, there is diuretic function, but not urinary frequency, but to help you reduce the number of Shishi water, the body of toxins can be discharged smoothly, metabolism naturally good for drinking causedDizzinessFatigue, it is the effect of solution drunk is also very good. 10 a month you can thin a few catties!

Watermelon eat to lose weight:

Take Shaodai red rang the watermelon rind, remove the outermost crust, cut into small pieces, and then according to their own taste, sugar, salt, various spices can be not only refreshing, but also the beauty they lose weight. Note that after 21 o'clock should not eat watermelons, who tend to lower abdomen, and Xiao Duzi.

  Weight loss recipe: bitter gourd diet

Bitter gourd contains a highly biologically active lipid energy Qing Su, this substance acts on the human body is only an important part of the small intestine to absorb fat, intestinal cells by changing the hole net, to prevent fats, polysaccharides and other macromolecules of material heat absorption, but does not affect the vitamin,MineralsThe absorption of other nutrients.

Eat bitter melon Weight Loss:

If you do not have juice conditions, can eat, but it is recommended you eat bitter gourd approach is to cut in half after seeded, cut into 1.5 centimeters wide, small, and then non-stop eating, eating when you chew carefully until after the swallow was bitter Juelan, it seems like eating cucumber in his hand a tone finish, you can only eat the equivalent of one third of the bitter melon, natural, lose weight a good Dongdong, you can only receive 3 one-or less. Similarly, you will be bitter in the three hours before going to sleep after eating, consumption comparable to the same are also concentrated in large meals before.

  Weight loss recipe: yogurt diet

To buy low-sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content of 1.0 ~ 1.5%) Of course. If not, with the protein content of "2.3% of the ordinary yogurt does not matter. Be careful not to buy a protein content of "1.0%, and that's not really yogurt.

Eat yogurt to lose weight:

In general, the meal 30 minutes to 2 hours between the consumption of yogurt, the best results. Person's normal conditions, gastric juice between the PH value 1-3; fasting, the gastric acid rendering, PH value 2 below is not suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. PH value only when the stomach is relatively high, in order for the full growth of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is conducive to health. About two hours after a meal, the human gastric juice diluted, PH value to rise to 3-5, then Suannai on the absorption of one of the most beneficial nutrients.

  Weight loss recipe: milk diet

In addition to drink plenty of water each day, there is a drink that she can not be separated from childhood drink - milk, she was fond of the degree, almost to a cup a day, because beans are rich in protein and fiber, has a good metabolic role, another beauty whitening effect.

Soy milk to lose weight eat:

Fasting or meal in the drinking milk in the process of digestion and absorption, and continue to play slimming effect, so a better meal in the drink. If you want to use soy milk to eat three square meals a sense to prevent overeating, but also in the fasting drink. The best time to drink each day is a large amount of muscle activity in the morning to the evening. The activities of a small amount of the night, because there is accumulation of body fat, it should be avoided.

  Weight loss recipe: Konjac diet

Konjac foods main active ingredient by people are consumed not in the stomach to digest, can be effective adsorption of cholesterol and bile acids, and can inhibit intestinal cholesterol and bile acid absorption. With lipid-lowering, lowering blood pressure, appetizer, laxative, anti-cancer, weight loss, beauty and other functions.

Konjac eat to lose weight:

Konjac flour recipes

Flush Reference

1, detoxification laxative by: 5-10 grams of konjac flour, add about 200ml boiling water stir even drink! Day 1-2 times!

2, body fat weight loss: early morning fasting, 5-10 grams of konjac flour, add about 200ml boiling water stir even drink! Day 1-2 times!

3DiabetesPatients: 5-10 minutes before meals, konjac powder 5 grams, add 100ml boiling water, stirring evenly drink! 3-4 times a day!

  Weight loss recipe: on the 7th thin soup diet

In 7-8 years ago, the popular 7 thin soup, because they were considered "effect amazing", and boiling down must put all ingredients together throw into the mixing, also known as "witches soup," said Faye Wong's bamboo pole figure, In addition to Cassia tea slim meritorious, the witch is said to soup to help a lot.

Eat to lose weight:

Witch thin soup pot Brewing is 2 to 3 large tomatoes and a whole cabbage, together with two peppers and a little celery and 2 onions put into a big pot of boiling down all the food until softened, In the drink according to their preferences before the salt, pepper and parsley, in addition to daily recommendations can eat food, the one witch feel hungry to drink soup, and a large drink for seven days.

  Weight loss recipe: meat-eating diet

Carnivorous diet, also known as the Atkins diet, low-carbon diet is the United StatesDoctorsRobert Atkins created ways to lose weight, their request is totally eat carbohydrates, but eating high-protein foods, that is, do not eat any fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, but eat meat, fish. This diet much controversy, but there is evidence that they have a certain effect.

Eat meat to lose weight:

Weight loss during the Jishi starch and sugar, even fruit that can not eat. Best to meat with vegetables or meat with a large number of eggs; to completely quit sugar and starch, even drinking coffee, tea, nor sugar; to lose weight to drink a lot of water during the period.

  Weight loss recipe: vinegar diet

In traditional Chinese cooking vinegar seasoning in a wide range of applications, can go to Anabaena, oily solution, which provides additional flavor of fresh, raw incense hair color, refreshing appetizer, while there is convergence of vinegar, Guse utility that can help gastrointestinal digestion. Here are several common therapeutic method of vinegar.

Vinegar to lose weight eat:

Honey + white vinegar:

An effective method of weight loss beauty, in their daily diet without changing the law to 1:4 ratio of consumption

Specific methods:

1, an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast drink; 2, immediately after lunch and dinner drink

It is noteworthy that in the selection of choice when white vinegar through the rice, sorghum, soybeans and other processed, and try to avoid products containing chemicals. Also recommended not to use vinegar because the vinegar is a vinegar, compared to less weight loss on these. At the same time, the proportion of honey and white vinegar can be adjusted according to individual needs, if you can pay more attention to beauty appropriate increase in the proportion of honey.

  Weight loss recipe: honey diet

Honey detoxification, whitening effect in the morning drink a large glass of Managing honey water, that can "wake up" the large intestine small intestine, can also be a night of the deposition of toxins excreted in exchange for refreshing, following the Body introduce some method of thin honey.

Honey eat to lose weight:

Before breakfast, when in the water by adding honey, lunch and dinner is to eat a small amount of porridge. Most people feel that eating honey, two days after the body relaxed and happy. Five days later to eat noodles and other easy to digest things, and then slowly returned to their original diet.

Adoption of such weight loss methods, many people lose weight in 3 days on 3 kg. Secondly,ConstipationSymptoms, as well as the feeling of anxiety also be eliminated