Tuesday, February 2, 2010

20 Let your life is full of happiness recipe

Happiness is so fleeting, from the weather to the waxing and waning of deposit accounts, all the vagaries of all the factors that may affect your happiness.
We do not think you can achieve a kind of forever "happiness," state, and has maintained such a mentality. But there are several ways, when you encounter a day of anxiety, anger, frustration and sadness and other emotions, the help you adjust to a happy frame of mind, may be able to work once, may be able to work several times. Here are 20 ways in which you begin to learn to "happy." You can choose your method. If you turn off the news or the list in the method just adds a more pressure on you, you can try other methods.
1. Practice "mindfulness." Live in the present. Instead of sharing dinner with his family worried about tomorrow's medical examination, it is better to focus on the here and now - food, company and you have conversation.
2. Laughing. Just look forward to a fun, interesting things happen, will cause the brain to release more hormone-EP and happiness, while the reduction of stress hormone production. University of California, Irvine test of the 16 people, they all think that a box of video tapes are very interesting. Half of them were told to 3 days in advance to watch the video. So they immediately started to occur in physiological changes. When they really started to see the video, the stress hormone decreased significantly increased peptide levels within the common peroneal 27%, the growth hormone (which can strengthen the immune system) levels increased 87%.
3. Sleep. Our citizens have gradually been deprived of sleep. Several times with bubble bubble bath or doing a few massages, not as good as a rest day, a moment or go to bed at 8 pm, enjoy an hour reading time before lights out to sleep, which is your mood and your attitude toward life is more active role.
4. Hum ditty. Even further than the savage beast creatures, music to make it probation. Studies have shown that music can activate the brain in the manufacture of that part of the pleasure - food or sex can also achieve the same effect. Music can make people relax. A study showed that outpatient eye surgery, those who listen to their favorite music, older persons, their heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac load were significantly lower than those who quietly accept the treatment of patients (that is, their hearts do not have high load work) .
5. To rectify your life. If all places have been newspapers, bills, magazines covered the items inside lockers splendor, six months of your checkbook are in a state of imbalance, you basically can not have the mood to ponder, Take a deep breath, or even just to relax and can not rest. In addition, some have a repetitive cleaning tasks such as cleaning, wiping and scraping, if you are dedicated to do, then doing the process of concentration, you will naturally be gas.
6. Learn to say no. To avoid unnecessary and do not like to participate in activities. If you already have enough manpower to handle things on the church bazaar, and whenever you think the Commission should continue to manage the year, felt heavy pressure, then drop it, and let other people to deal with.
7. Column list. Nothing can better organize the list in your thinking and heal you and your anxiety. Identification of each task is completed, then it ticked off, give you a strong sense of satisfaction.
8. One do just one thing. Duke University Medical Psychology, Ph.D., associate professor and chief Edward Suarez found that the implementation of a number of tasks at the same time people tend to suffer from high blood pressure, are also more susceptible to heart disease. Its side of the phone while folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen sanitation, better than sitting in a comfortable chair, concentrate all their attention to phone calls. Check your e-mail with their hand while dealing with other projects, it is better to switch off email, to complete the process of drafting the report. This is the same as the concept of mindfulness.
9. Gardening. Fresh air and exercise can reduce stress and makes people feel cozy, in addition, grass cutting, observe seeds out flowers, pruning dead branches can give a sense of accomplishment, even if this feeling does not last for a few days, it can continue for several hours .
10. Turn off the news. Out of a week, do not read newspapers, watch the news or go to browse the Web on the headlines. To escape the media presents in front of us every day of the disaster, like life, use these time to stroll, concentration, meditation, or write diaries.
11. Take your puppy out Liu Liu. Numerous examples confirm the pet's role in alleviating the pressure. In an analysis, the researchers of the 240 pairs of the couple's heart health to do an assessment, half of them raise a pet. Couple with no pets than pets of couples are stimulated by the stress source in case of heart rate and blood pressure was significantly lower. In fact, the pets more than their spouses to ease the pressure.
12. So that the air around the aromatic overflowing. The study found that aromatherapy in alleviating the pressure is certainly not effective. A study shows that exposure to rosemary lower levels of anxiety in people, more alert, and the mathematical calculations faster. Among the people living in lavender incense, a representative of relaxed brain waves will increase. Are now able to find many ways to make the air in the fragrance, from the plug-in air fresheners to the diffuser essential oils, dried flowers and incense, and so on.
13. Do not go to ignore the stock market. A quarterly report is just enough to make your blood pressure rise of the. In fact, Chinese researchers found that the daily stock market Quotes Quotes and sustained attention to these people who have a direct link between the health. Sly investors know that time will heal your wounds encountered on the investment, so they give you the time - but also create an opportunity to let your frustration.
14. Go to a quiet place. Libraries, museums, gardens, and pray that the land, which for you in a world of numerous Wuza provides a quiet, cozy habitat. In the vicinity of your home Find a quiet place, put it as your secret paradise bar.
15. Volunteers. To help others make your own problems in perspective, but also interact with the community. Happy people are more willing to help others, while helping others to also make you happier. A study found that the nature of the work of volunteers can enhance well-being constitute the six elements: happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, degree of control over life, physical health and ability to antidepressants.
16. Alone. Despite the pressure to maintain the best antidote for dealing with interpersonal relationships, but sometimes you need to be left alone to re-saved energy and reflection. To go out and enjoy their own dinner or watching a movie, or just spend an afternoon time to read, browse through bookstores or antique shops.
17. Attentively to walk. You may already know, sports better than tranquilizers to ease anxiety and stress. But if you walk ideas and focused, make your walk more useful. In a document entitled "Ruth Stricker Mind / Body Study" of the study, researchers will be divided into five groups of 135 walkers, continuous 16 weeks. The first group walked briskly, and the second group pace is slow, slow walk in the third group, while a "mindfulness" (a kind of spiritual attend, gives rise to a sense of ease - a way for heart rate and blood pressure reduced physiological responses to ). The researchers asked these group of people watch on their pace, 12, 12 to count, and the number will visualize in their minds. The fourth group practicing tai chi. The fifth group is to control, for no change in their lives. Try to "mindfulness" of that group, anxiety levels significantly lower than other groups, there are fewer of its own negative feelings and more positive feelings. In general they brisk walking to reduce the extent of the group of pressure is the same, but the former bear fruit more quickly.
18. Give priority to intimacy. A study of 1,300 men and women of all ages to conduct survey found that only one or two close friends with those people than there are many friends behind are more likely to have abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar metabolism and stress hormone levels. Women and also from their parents and benefit from good relations with their spouses, men in this area affected larger than females. The study also found that, with the feel love, to connect sense and social sense of belonging, compared to feeling lonely, depressed and isolated people in the sick and the number of early deaths in the former 3 to 5 times.
19. For your soul to find a vest. Located in Michigan Helanhuopu College professor of psychology and philosophy, said Dr. David Myers, a number of studies have shown that there is a strong religious beliefs are more happy, but also better able to cope with crises. For many people, faith so that you have a support your community, in order to give meaning to life, giving a sense of belonging, so that you see beyond your own perspective of the problem, the pain would be regarded as eternal life. Even if you do not have religious beliefs, a strong spiritual force can play a similar role.
20. Breakdown happy memories. A day to stop and remember the positive things in life (health, friends, family, freedom, education, etc.) were more likely to capture happiness

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