Thursday, February 4, 2010

Women Paiduyangyan diet tips

Many people probably know that the accumulation of toxins can cause illness, it should be detox, but not know that the "poison" in the end that; a lot of people choose to colon hydrotherapy, medication to detox, but not know that it is a serious mistake. Doctors believe that people have body fat, sugar, protein substances such as metabolic waste and corruption in the gut after food residue product is a major source of toxins from the body.

You are going to take to resolve the toxic crisis, relying on drugs, colon hydrotherapy, or surgery? In fact, if you have a conscious choice to a number of detoxification of food, and adhere to the sport is able to remove toxins.
 1. To help liver detoxification
The liver is an important detoxification organ, a variety of toxins through the liver, a series of chemical reaction into non-toxic or low toxic substances. We are more in their daily diet can eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help liver detoxification.
  Carrot:Is valid row of mercury food. Contains a large number of pectin combined with mercury, and effectively lowers the blood concentration of mercury ions, accelerate the discharge. Daily ingestion of carrots, but also can stimulate the gastrointestinal blood circulation, improve digestion, resistance to lead to disease and aging free radicals.
  Garlic:The special ingredient of garlic can reduce the concentration of lead in the body.
  Grape:Can help the liver, intestine, stomach gets rid of junk, but also increase the hematopoietic function.
  Fig:Containing organic acids and a variety of enzymes, can nourish the liver and detoxification, heat Runchang, aid digestion, especially for SO2, SO3, etc. must resist the effects of toxic substances.

  2. To help kidney detoxification
Kidney is an important detoxification organ, which filter toxins and proteins in the blood resulting from decomposition of waste and excreted through the urine. Cucumber, cherry and other fruits and vegetables contribute to kidney detoxification.
  Cucumber:The diuretic effect of cucumber can clean the urethra, the urinary system contribute to renal excretion of toxins. Contains cucurbitacin, cucumber acid also helps the lung, stomach, liver detoxification.
  Cherry:Cherry is a valuable natural food and medicine to help kidney detoxification. At the same time, it also has a mild laxative effect.

3. Runchang detoxification
Can be quickly ruled out intestinal toxins, but if you indigestion, it will cause toxins to stay in the intestine, was re-absorbed, to health caused great damage.
Konjac, black fungus, kelp, pig's blood, apples, strawberries, honey, brown rice and many other foods can help the digestive system detoxification.
  Amorphophallus:Also known as "ghost line" in Chinese is called "Snake 6 Valley" is the famous "GI scavenger," "blood purification agents", to remove the waste on the intestinal wall.
  Black fungus:Black fungus containing the plants have a stronger adsorption of colloidal force left in the human digestive system can be adsorbed inside the impurities, clean blood, regular consumption can also effectively remove pollutants.
  Kelp:Kelp in the alginic acid can slow down the rate of intestinal absorption of radioactive strontium, so that strontium excreted, and therefore has a role in the prevention of leukemia. In addition, kelp right into the body of cadmium are also chelating effect.
  Porcine:Pig blood plasma protein was digested in the enzyme decomposed, resulting in a kind of detoxification and Runchang material, can invade the human body with the dust and metal particles reaction is not easily absorbed into the body of material, direct discharge in vitro, there is dust, bowel, laxative effect.
  Apple:Apple in galactose Tsuen acid helps detoxification, pectin is able to avoid corruption of food in the intestine.
  Strawberry:Contains a number of organic acids, pectin and minerals, can clean stomach, strong liver.
  Honey:Has always been the Jiapin Paiduyangyan, contains many essential amino acids and vitamins. Eat honey in the emission of toxins at the same time, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia have some success.
  Brown Rice:Is a clean colon's "plumbers", when its adoption will be siphoning off many of intestinal sludge will ultimately excluded it from the body.

 4. Detox recipes on other food
  Celery:Celery contains a wealth of fiber may be the same as the purification unit, filtering the body of wastes. Regular consumption can stimulate the body detox, to deal with because of the accumulated body toxins caused by diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and so on. In addition, water celery can also adjust the balance of the body and improve sleep.
  Bitter Melon:Bitter foods are generally have a detoxification function. The study found that of the bitter gourd, of which a protein can increase the activity of immune cells, gets rid of toxic substances. Women in particular, eat bitter gourd also benefit through the role.
  Mung:Sweet mung bean cool nature, has always been a very effective antidote for heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of food poisoning, there is a certain preventive effect. It is mainly by accelerating the metabolism of toxic substances in the body to facilitate their excretion to in vitro.
  Tea:Tea polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin C to speed up the body of toxic substances have a role in excretion. In particular, tea, the study found tea helps kill cancer cells. Often insist on sitting at a computer for drinking can also jump on the prevention of computer adverse effect of radiation on the human body.

 Milk and soy products: The rich in calcium contains a useful "toxins move jobs."

 5. The water: The gut, particularly in the large intestine is a good place to waste accumulation. The water can promote the metabolism, reduce the waste of time to stay in the intestine to reduce absorption of toxins, dissolved water-soluble toxins. Preferably early in the morning to drink a cup of warm water fasting. In addition, the early morning of drinking water can also lower blood viscosity, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

 6. Two days a week to eat vegetarian food: To stomach a break chance. Because too much greasy or spicy food, will generate a large number of toxins in the metabolism, resulting in the tremendous burden stomach.

7. Eat more fresh and organic food: Eat less processed foods, fast foods and soft drinks, because they contain more preservatives, coloring.

  8. In their daily diet to control the salt intake: Too much salt will lead to closure of urine, sweat closed, causing water accumulation in vivo. If you have always been biased towards taste, try using celery and other vegetables containing natural savory alternative to salt.

  9. Appropriate to add some vitamins: Such as vitamin C, E and other antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals.

 10. Do not eat too fast: Multi-chewing, which can secrete more saliva, and in a variety of toxic substances, causing a virtuous chain reaction, and expel more toxins

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