Monday, February 1, 2010

30 ways to treat frostbite

1. Take a dog or a snake oil painting oil frostbite good effect. Of course, the best is pure, and his boil.

2. Take pepper, and chopped wheat seedling mix according to the ratio of 1:2, plus amount of boiling water 3 minutes, to slag, still hot wash affected area with cotton dipped in medicine once a day. Such as the foot frostbite can be feet or 10 minutes, this method has been applied yet to be solved by frostbite.

3. Cotton Kilning inquiry into Ximo, and topical affected area once a day. This method is effective for those who ulcerated chilblains Jia.

4. In the summer to take fresh sesame leaves, in the past given birth to a rub frostbitten skin smear repeated at 20 minutes, 1 hour after the water wash can be achieved by radical results.

5. The pepper into wine, sealed and immersed week later, Tu frostbite lesion can be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, to itch.

6. Tucha piece fresh ginger hair often frostbite of the skin, and even paint a few days to prevent frostbite regeneration; if frostbite has been born can be heated boiled fresh ginger paste, Dailiang frostbite after the coated surface of the skin twice daily, Even painted three days, it will bear fruit.

7. The Luo Boqie films, with electric or charcoal heat source such as the soft bake, attached to frostbite affected area and continue baking, distance and feel comfortable as the degree of heat, frostbite, never a few minutes until the Department has the feeling of itching swelling disappears.

8. Cabbage, eggplant fried root contour Wash soup, wash affected area while hot day, sooner or later each time.

9. Will be placed on a stove on the Hawthorn cooked soft, coolish sludge coated surface of the skin after the twist, while limb placed in the top of the baking oven, side coated side Qingrou affected area of skin, until the raft dry mud, you can wash away the mud Chinese quince, treatment 3-5 times a day.

10. In the summer, the single head garlic, smashed on the sun heat, the still hot in the winter frostbite-prone parts of rubbing the skin of paint on a daily rub paint two times, each time rubbing paint on 15 minutes, to the winter recurrence of the original site can no longer be frostbitten.


11. With hot salt water soak affected area for 15 minutes continuously for 1 week.

12. Winter Yang Spicy (a kind of caterpillars, more common in persimmon, green, red skin and hair can make a person hot pain) in the trunk of the pupa shell grind house painted surface of the skin can be several times.

13. Guizhi 50 grams, safflower, Fuzi, Nepeta, basil each 20 grams, add water 3000 milliliters, Jian Fei, slightly cool about the affected part by immersion in liquid in a day soaking three times, each time 20 ~ 30 minutes; and rub the affected part with the dregs, each agent can be used in conjunction 3 days. General medicine within 10 days, swelling, tickle away. This method is simple, practical, and will not relapse within two years.

14. "Shi Dishui" foreign rub frostbite partial day, 6 ~ 10 times that frostbite does not break down those good effect; if local skin ulceration erosion can be the first to use erythromycin ointment rubbed until the inflammation cleared before use Shidi Shui.

15. With seal oil have effects.

16. With a small grinding sesame oil bubble cherries, and then oil coated the surface of the skin. And hand-rubbing and repeated several times good results.

17. Long frostbite on the use of orange peel and orange peel, ginger, and boil opened, and then slowly smoked feet on top, from time to time to put feet soaking, and then back, until the water is not hot, and the whole foot and then dip down!

18. With eggplant or pepper sticks boils water to scrub after soaking while hot.

19. Practice playing the piano, the effect clearly.

20. Pepper paint with 95% soaked hand, once a day, a course of a month and effective.


21. Put a few drops of "cloud essence" dripping over hot water, the use of these Shui Tang to be the site of a long frostbite hot for some time after the paint on a cloud flavor.

22. Chilblains just the beginning, every night while rubbing with the hair dryer blowing while a few days after the no.

23. There is a native method, a little nausea, coated with pigeon feces in the affected area is absolutely useful.

24. Guizhi 6 g, Radix Paeoniae Alba 12 g, Chinese angelica 10 grams, ginger, 3, jujube 10 grams, 5 grams licorice moxibustion, sub-Jianfu 2 times a day a quote.

25. With grapefruit skin boils water, then water is not very hot, and put a frostbite blisters on the hands and feet with the grapefruit. Very workable.

26. With the white carrot leaves and stems, mince the boils water, water, open, their feet and hands, and used Loeb leaves to wipe your feet and water, one or two like.

27. With 37 degrees Celsius water. Japan's 731 troops discovered when fighting in the wild, Japanese devils can not find the appropriate temperatures in water. They were washed with urine, and body temperature is 37 degrees, like urine. Quite workable. The other three dog days of summer could use their own urine, wash affected area 2-3 times, radical.

28. 1 egg, cooked, remove the skin, and egg white, leaving the egg yolk, put in Tieshao, the slow fire Kaozhi butter precipitation, cooling backup with external application when the lesion can be.

29. Bedtime, frost coated hands, and then wear thin gloves. Summer also do so.

30. With the sparrow's brain flower painting.

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