Monday, February 1, 2010

Been afflicting humankind list five common hypochondria

Hypochondria, is a psychological disease, with pathological excessive attention to their own health as the hallmark symptom, and its incidence rate is not high, but once was on the patient's mental health will be gradually eating away all day with the fear, anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia is associated with serious loss of time may be completely or partially social function. Here's to you announced in the past few centuries plagued mankind five common single list of hypochondria.

 NO.5 AIDS hypochondriasis

Since it was discovered that AIDS is highly lethal and terrorist symptoms of the moment, people have the fear of AIDS will have no idle time, it has also become a breeding ground for AIDS, the source of hypochondria.

Easy to get the crowd: There are unclean sexual intercourse history, or other unsafe behavior, such as sharing of razors, beauty, blood transfusion.

Typical symptoms: is the fear of AIDS itself, in the wake of high-risk behavior, the total of suspected he was suffering from AIDS, repeated requests to the hospital for HIV antibody testing, the face of negative results can not eliminate their inner fears.

  NO.4 STD hypochondria

In the eyes of ordinary people, people with "venereal disease" who are the good character of the dandy. Anyone who got venereal disease, not only will be the people around them look down on, but also may result in family breakdown. The hypochondriac fear of sexually transmitted diseases, one of the main factors emerged.

Easy to get the crowd: There are unclean sexual intercourse history, there have been no cure those who suspect that sexual history, and STD patients have had "close contact" persons.

Typical symptoms: sexually transmitted diseases, hypochondria often worried about their own health at the same time, he is worrying about their own "STD" is passed to the partner, or be discovered whether the partner will produce family conflicts and so on. These concerns make them tremendous anxiety and irritability, insomnia is also common.

 NO.3 rabies hypochondria

Rabies, also known as hydrophobia, is rarely able to cure those infected. In 2004, the United States has not been diagnosed as a patient died of rabies after receiving donated organs, it is because the rabies killed three people.

Easy to get the crowd: There is the psychological fear of rabies, regardless of form of biting, licking, rubbing, any once-off or the dog's saliva touches the people who've been suspected of being stained.

Typical symptoms: cranky all day got their rabies, always check the signs of dog bites him there, everywhere access to relevant information, see the water or other things that would immediately think of rabies.

  NO.2 heart hypochondria

Heart disease is a common disease, but also easy to precipitate the death of organic diseases, life in common are examples of sudden death due to acute myocardial infarction. By the patterns of life, mental shock, respiratory rhythm and other effects, people often feel the heart of discomfort, such as palpitations, heart rate recovery pause 12 seconds again, these are not very likely to cause heart hypochondria appears.

Easy to get the crowd: It is the heart of discomfort experience, or have heart disease death or seriously ill family member living background.

Typical symptoms: feeling the heart beat irregularly, or even feel that blood flow abnormalities, repeated physical examination and electrocardiogram to do so, even if the doctor explained that due to irregular heart beats are normal and can not dispel the doubts and concerns about patients.

  NO.1 cancer, hypochondria

In people's eyes, the cancer is synonymous with terminal illness and death. This deep-seated fear also caused a variety of "cancer" in patients with suspected symptoms appear.

Easy to get the crowd: Cancer of hypochondria is that people most frequently occurring type of hypochondria, and the incidence of old and young people regardless of gender, social status and so on. Where there is fear of cancer, character-sensitive, easy to himself "get hurt and disease" and that they are a potential cancer in patients with hypochondria.

Symptoms: symptoms in patients with suspected cancer will occur in any physical discomfort are seen as symptoms of cancer, such as throat pain, suspected to be throat cancer; headache, suspected to be brain cancer; nosebleeds, suspected to be cancer of the blood ... and so on and so forth. Suspect their terminally ill patients, often discouraged, but also for fear of their "leave", which caused his family, unfortunately, cancer patients with hypochondria often have a deep depression.

Experts said that hypochondria is a kind of psychological problems, rather than the patient really "got sick", so patients do not have to worry too much about. At present treatment for hypochondria, mainly oriented psychotherapy can be supplemented to alleviate disease caused by a suspected anti-anxiety, depression drugs.

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