Thursday, February 4, 2010

Attention! Office of the Beauty 10 Beauty hidden

Do not think to stay in office is the most secure area, beauty of you will be all kinds of hidden dangers threatening the same skin safe ... ...

1. Perfume

Risk index: ★ ★ ★

Disease: Every summer, from time to time will feel a headache, particularly in the winter, air-conditioning blow hot air will dizziness, and nausea.

Cause Analysis: perfume contains a variety of harmful volatile compounds, its human nervous system to produce toxic side-effects can not be belittled. Some people use when dizziness. Nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, while others produce allergic reactions, causing skin disorders.

Health measures: A. Do not let too much perfume contact with the skin;

B. the use of perfume, do not spray was too strong; C. does not use bad perfume.

2. Diamond necklaces


Risk index: ★ ★ ☆

Conditions: frequent dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and accompanied by the phenomenon of emotional irritability and insomnia.

Cause Analysis: Some diamonds contain more than the normal value of the radiation, people who wear such jewelry will be subject to certain radiation of the radiation, to the lay health risks.

Health measures: A. For health reasons, in the purchase of diamond jewelry is best able to detect about the relevant agencies; B. If diamonds have some radiation, to wear or not wear as little as possible; C. on a regular basis to the hospital for check-ups as a preventive measure.

3. Tights (skirt

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Conditions: often for no apparent reason backache, Tuisuan. Stomachache.

Cause analysis: the afternoon hours, the blood circulation causing bodily swelling, trousers (skirt) has become the upper part of the tense, tight pants (skirt) squeezing the waist, hip muscles and internal organs of oppression and trigger discomfort, long oppressed by the viscera lesions occur. Health response should buy a little more latitude in the pants (skirt). If you have already raised organic stomach, to see a doctor promptly.

4. High-heeled shoes

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Disease has become very fragile waist, back waist sprain will even nod. Unable to stand for prolonged periods, sciatica.

Etiology from a medical point of view of long-term wearing high heels, foot pressure, seriously affecting lower limb blood circulation, standing easy to produce fatigue. Wearing high heels, the body in order to maintain balance, the relative decline in the flexibility of joints is difficult to push as hard, is very vulnerable to injuries. In addition, the lumbar muscles under a long period of heavy load, a result of nerve compression caused by sciatica, and even lumbar disc herniation.

Health responses to high and sharp as far as possible away from the "dangerous goods."

5. Siamese recoil underwear

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Disease: Every afternoon, often feel difficulty in breathing, headache. Chest tightness, lower extremity sour, chest, red spots with unknown symptoms, intermittent genital itching.

Cause Analysis: Long-term there is strong elastic recoil wearing underwear, the body will be a long time to put too much external pressure, Hisayuki will lead to the body oxygen, resulting in chest tightness. Headaches and other reactions. Tight waist will result in lower limb blood circulation disorder affecting muscle movement. In addition, too strong external support will cause that part of the muscles lose elasticity and become more relaxed. Rayon or nylon underwear poor ventilation, long-term wrap the body easily cause skin discomfort.

Health Measures: In order to remove his body armor. Regular exercise to maintain skin elasticity. If you have already created a skin discomfort should immediately go to hospital for an examination.

6. Jiantou Xie

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Conditions: foot bones snapping, standing pain, toe pain, toe nails black.

Cause Analysis: Jian Touxie so feet in the "eight" shape of the state, both feet Shouli Bu. Easy to grow calluses and corns, will cause serious foot bones snapping. A long time so, may lead to bone spurs. And long-term pressure of the big toe and small toe nail also may occur with arthritis or inflammation.

Health responses can be purchased on the 1st of the Jian Touxie large, leaving out the front end pointed empty. Night with light salt water foot bath to relax.

7. Stockings

Risk index: ★ ★ ★

Conditions: legs itching, dander rise.

Cause Analysis: Long-term next to the skin by wearing nylon stockings elastic fiber woven into the skin will affect the legs, normal breathing, causing skin and metabolic disorders, skin and hair dark, dry, away dander.

Health responses: as little as possible Chuan Siwa. If the skin is dry, paint a little neutral body lotion every day before going to sleep.

8. Card

Risk index: ★ ★ ☆

Conditions: scalp pain, inflammation, hair loss.

Cause analysis: a long time to credit card issuers with relatively tight fixed hair and scalp will make the state a long period of tension, on the one hand cause hair follicle damage, triggering inflammation, affect hair health, on the other hand can also cause long-term tension in the scalp, causing hair loss .

Options for responding to loose some of the health card, or try a soft Portal. After shampooing gently massage the scalp, so that the scalp to relax as much as possible.

9. Contact Lenses

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Conditions: eyes astringent, dry, blurred vision, and sometimes feel pain in the eye.

Cause Analysis: Like the eyes and skin also needs to breathe, while the contact lenses impede self-cleaning eyes and respiratory function, makes the eyes water content reduced, causing eye discomfort. Can also cause severe eye pain and increased intraocular pressure.

Health response work after the removal of contact lenses, regular cleaning of protein on the lens to ensure that lens hygiene. Often drops eye drops with the eye care category.

10. Cosmetics

Risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

- Nail

Yellow nail disease, dim, dull, fragile and easy to crack.

Cause Analysis: Nail polish contains soluble organic chemical agents, long-term use will hurt the nail surface protective layer, making nail thinning. Embrittlement. The thick nail polish will stop breathing, make it An Huang and Matt.

Health Solution: The best month to have 1 week of time Do not use nail polish, smear some armor element, a good rest.

- Foundation

Uneven skin disease, dull, red facial rash. Acne.

Cause Analysis: Foundation is often a thick smear of people will find that once the foundation is not painted, color was extremely dark, the skin has lost elasticity. Pores large, rough skin surface. This is because the normally thick foundation blocks where a healthy skin and normal breathing, it caused a long period of hypoxia. A long time, and also cause imbalance in sebum secretion, resulting in rash, and acne. In addition, the foundation a little dirty, but also result in bacterial infection, triggering skin.

Health responses: long-term coating is best not to use thick foundation, if sensitive issues such as the skin, in addition to attention to cleanliness, we should also do a good job protection.

- Mascara

Symptoms: eye itching, redness, eyelid inflammation, more than tears.

Cause analysis: a lengthening mascara features formed by the tiny fibers, such as accidentally falling into the eyes, the eyes will be friction and long period of time may lead to inflammation.

Health responses: long-term use is best not to lengthen encryption mascara, if there is eye discomfort, at any time using the eye drops anti-inflammatory medicine.

- By hoarfrost

Conditions: the face of some red blotches, and accompanied by peeling phenomenon, You Yang and sick.

Cause Analysis: by hoarfrost contains fluoride mercury and iodide of mercury, can be easily absorbed by the skin lead to chronic build-up, causing local or systemic toxicity, such as dermatitis, muscle atrophy, miliary rash, or allergic reactions.

Health Measures: The best choice for formal manufacturers label products, choose products suited to their skin, while the skin reaction observed at any time in order to identify problems in time to remedy

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