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12 method allows you to burn more fat

Adhere to regular exercise is the best way to lose weight, but how the movement can also play a multiplier effect? The professional weight-loss coaches provide you with 12 simple way, let your campaign a move a formula, burning more fat.

 A brisk walking in the water

American College of Sports psychology expert Mary. Sanders gave this movement played an interesting name, called "surfing in the mud." This method sounds very easy to do, but will find that after trying to complete the movement, to pay far more than the usual hardships of those fitness, because the human body in the water by the resistance is in the air when the 12 -- 15. Thus, in doing this movement, make the greatest efforts to brisk walking in the water, allowing the body burn more calories. With a weight of about 125 pounds for women, for example, do this exercise, her body can consume 17 kilocalories per minute, calories, and this effect is her hour 5.5 miles brisk walking speed of the same time, 2 times the physical consumption of calories.

 2 quick warm-up

Conducting pre-exercise warm-up process can not be ignored and must be done faster and better. Researchers at the University of New Jersey found that a warm-up cyclist in a short time after the body in the first half of the race in a state of high tension and then half of the 10-minute rest period after the body into the competitive state of the slow pace of change, whereas in the former half of the the time consumption of calories after exercise than in the second half of the time consumption of calories, more 10%.

Rapid warm-up before exercise, can maximize the mobilization of physical enthusiasm, but also mobilized savings with body fat, so that in the subsequent course of the campaign carried out by full combustion. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of New Jersey that also appear in the above-mentioned phenomena, such as walking, jogging, swimming and other aerobic sports.

 3 bicycle

For weight training class before riding a bicycle. This will enable the body's muscles, tendons, joints full activity, to avoid the subsequent weightlifting cause unnecessary harm. A spokesman for the Council of the United States of sports and fitness Kelly. Calabres said: "The time do not have a bicycle too long ,5-10 minutes, exercise exhausted rapid heartbeat, sweating slightly, simple and can do. We have experimentally proved that during weight training class prior to , doing the such a campaign, does make your body weightlifting movement, burn more fat. "

 4 Tiaojie Wu

You can not feel this is only the young trendy stuff, hip-hop is a new movement pattern. University of Texas sports psychology experts in Dixie. History of Danforth believes that compared with traditional dance movements, hip-hop novelty moves, allowing the body parts of muscle movement began, the intensity is greater and therefore more calories consumed, and the general physical fitness can live with.

So, what number of calories to consume? Researchers found that, to a weight of 130 pounds in middle-aged women, for example, her hip-hop-step 1 hour exercise calorie consumption of 7.1 kcal, while in order to walking speed of 4 miles per hour, 1 hour, calorie consumption of 4.8 kcal.

If you're ready to try to dance the way to lose weight, then recommend you choose hip-hop.

 5 in the morning exercise

Some people worry that morning, afternoon sleepiness caused by sports. Sports, researchers say that, in the morning and exercise, allowing the body a day at a high level of metabolism, mental state and physiological state are relatively active, and therefore can help the body burn more fat.

A spokesman for the Council of the United States of sports and fitness Kelly. Calabres said: "As time goes by, the body feels tired, is a normal physiological cycle, which is why after a day at work, people often do not want to engage in any sport, the body needs at this time is the stretch and relax . The study found that in the morning when the movement, it is to adjust the body's menstrual cycles, so fatigue becomes slower pace of incoming.

 6 to replenish their energy before exercise

Do not fasting exercise, you can conduct pre-exercise, eat a banana. Kelly. Calabres said: "The additional energy can be sure your exercise intensity and exercise time, you can eat low calorie foods, such as 1 cup yogurt, a fruit sugar, or half a stick of energy."

  health tips:

Energy bars is currently very popular abroad, a kind of energy-dense foods, in particular, by engaging in intensive training and prolonged exercise sports fans love. That these foods are generally high in carbohydrates and other essential nutrients during exercise in the training before the race, during and after adequate complementary, not only can not stomach hunger, supplementary motor and can rapidly lost energy, to meet the movement when the body needed. Movement while maintaining blood glucose levels, so as to achieve a rapid build up body's endurance and ability to do work to effectively alleviate fatigue and improve the movement of nerve conduction effect. The domestic brands of energy bars may be able to Po, Hong bits.

 7 adjust the exercise frequency

Do not have to exercise more, will be able to consume more calories, to achieve this effect, the key is: exercise frequency. Movement to adjust the frequency varies, does not mean that a person should exercise to a heart beat rapidly, a large number of sweating, panting, be called good their effect. You can do is to accelerate their movement in a short time frequency, 15% faster than usual, lasting 3-5 minutes, and then slow down to a normal state of exercise frequency, repeating several times the speed of such a combination of the body can consume off more heat.

 8 in the gym to do triathlon

In saying this, not to make you do an Olympic all-around athlete, it means: In the 30-45 minutes of time, without rest done in-situ slow riding a bicycle, in-situ rapid pedal bicycles and brisk walking on a treadmill three Campaign. With running class sports equipment training, it is one way to burn more fat.

 9 on the beach doing exercise

This consumes more calories a good simple rule in mind: The more soft ground of sports venues, the more calories consumed. Brisk walking or jogging on the beach, than on the hard site to do the same exercise to consume 20% -50% of calories. If you have tried stumbled on the beach, ran some distance, you know, on the beach doing exercise is not easy.

 10 is not lazy

When doing exercise can be lazy Do not issued, whether in the weightlifting, running, swimming, or practicing karate. First you should make it clear the purpose of the movement, first and foremost is to lose weight, so every time course of the campaign can not be careless treatment, scrupulously the completion of each step can be achieved within a limited time maximize their effect.

University of Texas sports psychology experts in Dixie. History Danforth said it was time to leg exercise, it is necessary to reduce the number of waist fat edge, otherwise the leg muscles did not receive training, have strained the psoas; fitness requirements of range of motion, although I have to do what, but the most do its utmost to whom, after all, the movement moves not by an individual have the final say, but often through rigorous scientific calculation and analysis come, ie to ensure that every action to achieve the best results it should achieve.

 11 more exercise conscious upper arm

Exercise, should pay attention to upper and lower body in the heat consumption on the balance. So if you do not want to spend more time on fitness, the 45-minute exercise time around is the most appropriate, and select those items you can exercise to the body, such as swimming, boating, skiing, dancing, body aerobics.

 12 focus

And people in order to concentrate on doing things well this may seem somewhat similar. Kelly. Calabres suggested that during movement, attention should be focused. If you exercise a certain part of the body muscles, then the body's attention and feel it should focus on this area, exercise is better. For example, if there leg movement, combined with movement, attention focused on the abdominal muscles, gluteus and quadriceps muscles, can contribute to this in several parts of the developed and the growth of muscles, so when you walk, the pace of a positive and powerful

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