Monday, February 1, 2010

Mature women, focusing on "fresh"

Woman, vigilance "cooked to the rotten"!

If a woman's life than doing the four seasons of nature, then from 30-year-old to 50-year-old is the gorgeous flowers, fruits and branches over the summer and fall hours. Maturity is the highest state of beauty, a woman of this age, although good-bye to 30-year-old former vitality and romance, but it has not yet ushered in the age of 60 after the withering and losing their leaves and whole body from top to bottom is filled with a kind of gold-like , impossible to resist the charm of maturity, but family and career is also a happy day Zhen, better and better. Unfortunately, beautiful things are always short-lived, mature on the back is rotting. Despite the passage of time silent, cold aging has always quietly pressed; perhaps not yet aware of your own years of stay in the physical marks, but are you aware of: In the eyes of others, in the others heart, you are in fact walking in the "mature to penetration, "the edge, about to fall into the" raw to rotten, "the abyss?

There any sign of the terrible nightmare, from the mature aging is not only a step away. Watch as soon as possible following presage from "cooked" turn "rotten" and clues in order to identify the reasons, find ways to cope - to extend the maturity flowering and retain your beauty!

(1) Facial Melasma appears traces;

(2) reduction in menstrual flow, menstrual irregularities;

(3) grow annoying, "Xiao Duzi" feeling fat;

(4) loss of interest in sex life, and few high tide;

(5), insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness;

(6) upset, sometimes angry for no reason;

(7) loose skin, wrinkles appear large area.

As long as they have one or more symptoms occur in relation to arouse you enough vigilance: Do you have entered the end of the mature flowering period, a woman's charm withered soon!

A woman's secret flowering

Who is in charge of a woman's flowering season? The same race, the same life, and even the same blood, then why some women over six ten days still charm still exist? And why is your flowering was heartbreaking on the short-lived?

From the physical structure, the reason why a woman into it as a woman, the most essential reason is that endocrine. It is female-specific endocrine organs - ovary and its secretion of female hormones before deciding on a woman different from men's charm and tenderness, but also determines the health of a woman's life, beauty and flowering. In accordance with the universe, the ubiquitous golden rule to deductions, a woman's ovaries just from the soles of his feet to the neck in the golden section point of entry, it was again the medical profession as "Woman gold points"; while the gold-point between the secretion of female hormones the ratio of 0.618 is also fully consistent with the "golden ratio." 30-year-old to 50-year-old woman's life is the highest peak in the endocrine level, but also into the decline is being led by Sheng from the "cooked" turn "rotten," a major turning point. If this stage of a woman golden point - the beginning of ovarian aging, or problems, to break the golden ratio between female hormones and women's flowering will be greatly reduced, and even screeching halt.

Preservation of a woman, happiness insurance!

No woman's house is not home, there is no good woman's house, how can happiness? From the President's success to their children's growth, the so-called happy families, in fact, have been maintained by his wife. No woman is willing to his passing away early flowering, nor what a man likes his wife charm die, blossoming woman in intensive care, women's flowering is directly related to family happiness!

Care blossoming woman, good woman to take care of flowering is the key. To keep a woman's flowering, it means preserving a woman's health and beauty, the same as for family well-being on the Road, a reliable insurance.

Even the best cosmetics can only be doing the superficial woman can not solve the inherent problems; blindly taking exogenous estrogen replacement, but as in his own body to add chemical preservatives. To be safe and effective preservation of women's health and beauty, we must root of the problem - a woman Golden Point - ovarian nursed back to start their own activation of ovarian function, endocrine hormones to restore the golden ratio. Practicing physicians, according to the North American Association analysis of published studies, leading to ovarian aging biggest reason for this is the lack of specific natural nutrients, these nutrients to F · L · A - ferulic acid as its representative, that contains a set of specific enzymes. Where F · L · A - ferulic acid is ovarian glands of the "lubricant" and that these particular enzymes are synthetic hormones essential "catalyst."

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