Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The benefits of the 27 pet

Pets are man's best friend. It not only helps people to break up the monotony, but also on human health has an important role. The United States "Web MD Network" recently on the lists of 27 kinds of pets to improve health benefits.

1. Pet is a natural mood regulator. And the cats and dogs together, or watching fish swimming 15-30 minutes, reduce the pressure.

2. Stabilize blood pressure. One study found that playing with the pet dog can prevent children suffering from high blood pressure.

3. Lower cholesterol. A new study found that pets help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Of course, pet owners should pay attention to lifestyle factors such as diet exercise.

4. Pets beneficial to the heart of dogs and cats. A 20-year study found that people do not pet cats, heart disease mortality rate than those who pet the cat a high 40%. Another study found that pet dogs can improve the survival rate after a heart attack.

5. Treatment of depression. Pet owners will be taken the trouble to listen to talk.

6. Good fitness. Walk the dog daily moderate exercise for 30 minutes to reach minimum standards, lower risk of obesity.

7. Fitness partner. Together with the pet exercise can "win-win", such as a cat when the dumbbell lifting, yoga and other exercises with the dog one.

8. Pet cats are more quiet than other animals, the role can promote blood circulation, reduce the risk of stroke.

9. The promotion of primary interpersonal relationships between people and reduce loneliness.

10. Reduction of child allergies, enhance immunity.

11. Cat anti-asthmatic children.

12. Patients with diabetes as a "snack alarm." Some pet dogs (about 1 / 3) can sniff out the owner of certain chemical substances in the body changes, and the owner issued a warning before the blood glucose decreased drastically, so that the master Timely complementary feeding, to avoid danger.

13. Pet dogs can ease tension in patients with extreme emotions, commonly used in psychotherapy.

14. Cancer treatment and good partners. Cats and dogs is very similar to human cancer, for cats and dogs of cancer research has great practical effect.

15. Treatment of children with ADHD. ADHD children and pets play together, can promote the child sleep, increased self-confidence.

16. Treatment of children with autism. Can stimulate the children and pets together, touch, hearing, smell and other sense, enhance attention.

17. Walk the dog can be strong bones. Walk the dog helps to receive more sunlight, increasing vitamin D.

18. Together with the cat stretching, and can prevent arthritis.

19. With the pet dog a treat arthritis. If your dog has arthritis and with pets an exercise, and medication.

20. Riding helps stroke patient rehabilitation.

21. To ease rheumatism. And pets walk or throw frisbees and other activities beneficial to alleviate rheumatism.

22. Dog the body heat of the chronic pain patients, "hyperthermia" effect.

23. To help children with epilepsy. Once the children with the disease, Tactical Training dogs will be timely "warning."

24. To help Parkinson's patients. Specially trained dogs can open the door, close, to help the owner to maintain the body balance, which can help Parkinson's patients to maintain an independent life.

25. To improve the quality of life in patients with aphasia. Special dog could understand specific instructions, patients with aphasia can improve conditions and enhance the confidence of their lives and improve quality of life.

26. Critically ill patients a calm mood. This regard, the cats better than dogs.

27. Pet-assisted therapy. Clinics and nursing homes in patients and animal interactions, help to improve patient mood

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