Thursday, February 4, 2010

China's urban men have sex more than 5 times a month, women nearly 4 times

China's urban male sex 5.2 times per month on average, female 3.9 times, but only 25% of men and 21% of women on the sex life was "absolutely satisfied" and "very satisfied." A response to the Asian male sexual health, open study --- "Asia Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Health Survey" (also known as "APSHOW"), the first time in Beijing recently announced its findings in mainland China.

Aimed at understanding the hazards ED

The study funded by Pfizer Inc. as part of the research project one of the hosts, Australia, the famous men's health specialist, Professor Jin briefed reporters on Rosie, "APSHOW" of medical research, aimed at professionals and the general public to in-depth understanding of the true state of the current men's health, raise awareness of the ED (erectile dysfunction) issues a high priority. Professor said: "The results show that, ED, and are not satisfied with the hardness, not only affecting sex life, an important factor in marriage and family, while the quality of life of patients as well as the overall living conditions, will produce a wide range of negative effects. "

Nearly 4,000 25-74 year-olds involved in the investigation

It is understood that the 13 from the Asia-Pacific countries and regions in 3957 men and women participated in the survey, which span 25-74 years of age, in the past 12 months have had sexual intercourse, to take an investigative approach including online, online self-ratings and face to face interviews in two ways. Participate in the survey Institute of Urology, Peking University, Professor Zhang Kai, said the mainland of China survey was conducted in May to July last year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Hangzhou and other six cities and take in the street randomly the form of questionnaires were collected from all 300 cases for men and women.


The more satisfied with erection hardness, the more satisfied with sex life

According to Professor Jin introduced Rosie, "APSHOW" study found that with other international epidemiological study of ED biggest difference is that --- not get a satisfactory erection hardness, it will also seriously affect the quality of life of couples and families. Survey shows that in the Asia Pacific region, 57% of men and 64% of women are not very satisfied with sex life; can be said that the higher sexual satisfaction, overall life satisfaction and stronger; men and women to greater satisfaction with erection hardness high, on the sexual life satisfaction and various aspects of sexual experience, the higher the satisfaction, such as sex, love and romance, family life, spouse / partner satisfaction with the role also will be increased. The erection less than ideal men: fewer sex life, sexual life satisfaction, less sexual experience, satisfaction and other factors are also low, the overall enthusiasm for life is also poor.

Chinese human level of life satisfaction lower than the Asia-Pacific

The study conducted a survey in China shows that China's urban men having sex 5.2 times per month on average, female 3.9 times, but only 25% of men and 21% of women on the sex life was "absolutely satisfied" and "very satisfied", their satisfaction with the proportion of population below the average level of Asia-Pacific region.

Less than half of Chinese people believe that sex life to bring fulfillment to their own

Interestingly, the Chinese men their erection hardness of self-feeling and the feeling of women, equivalent to 55% of men think that their erection hardness of erection to 4, the same 55% of women think their partners to reach 4 erection hardness, In Thailand, 30% of men consider themselves to achieve 4 erection hardness, while only 10% of Thai women believe that their sexual partners to achieve 4 erection hardness. The survey also found that the ideal 4 erection hardness erection hardness and 3 compared to not only significantly increased frequency of sexual life, but also in all aspects of sexual experience, satisfaction is also higher for women of sexual satisfaction with partner's sexual performance is even more evident增加. 41% of Chinese men and 35% of Chinese women that give their own sex life to bring fulfillment, 42% of men and 29% of women believe that sex health benefits. 40% of the erection hardness reached only three of the men considered sufficient for the firmness of erection is the "big problem" or "moderate problem."

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