Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 kinds of low-calorie but also ease the pressure on the natural food nerve

Many women because of the Internet or overtime work and other reasons often stays up late, stomach hungry; or stressful, sleep quality is not high. Then you can choose some low-calorie but also ease the pressure on nerves to help sleep food. We recommend you the following five kinds of weight loss food:

Warm milk

Of calcium in dairy products and other components, such as whey protein can help burn excess fat in the total calorie intake constant, if the increase in the daily diet intake of dairy products, will greatly contribute to reducing off excess fat, but also can help you healthy weight control.

A cup of warm milk before bedtime helps sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk includes a tryptophan, which can be cast as calm as the function of amino acids.

However, the milk itself has a certain degree of heat, so be sure to select low-fat milk flavor.


Contained in red wine, vitamin C, E, and carotene of its antioxidant activity, can improve the original decreases with age, metabolism, and make the skin better. Red wine is rich in iron, coupled with warm alcohol itself the role of promoting blood circulation, it can improve sleep, warm waist kidney, effective in reducing the accumulation of water inside the body.

But should be careful when you must choose to buy the regular manufacturers of wine. Good wine made entirely from fermented grapes, taste Gly, slightly sweet, does not contain any additives. Comparing the kind of sweet wine to drink together, have joined a lot of sugar, so that 250 ml glass of red wine, a bowl of rice with less heat, about 240 calories.

Before bed, drinking red wine, should not be biting off more than a small cup (about 50 ml) is like. Drink too much wine itself, then the heat will be offset by the effect of weight loss.


Honey has an excellent bactericidal effect and detoxifying effect, it helps bring the body down the accumulation of waste from the body. A result, the body's metabolic functions are improved, the lack of consumption of a good build up down in the body of excess fat can be burned as energy obtained. Honey, sugar, such as transport from the stomach into the bloodstream, it becomes energy, which quickly reduce fatigue. As the rise in blood sugar, fasting feeling also disappeared.

A cup of warm water flushes the clothing at night before bed, honey (in honey, a water ratio of 10), will help benefit sleeping beauty to complement a variety of trace elements, Runchang detoxification, defecation smooth, Xiao Duzi naturally smaller.

Honey sugar sugar can encourage eating your brain stagnation occurring hormone, eating hormone is the latest invention of a waking-related and adhere to neurotransmitters. A large number of sugar has a stimulant, but a small amount of glucose in a timely manner suggesting the brain secrete orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), which is a new invention with the thought of God passing coherent response elements. So, drink honey water before bed also helps to relax before going to bed.

If we think that a single drink honey and some dull, half a cucumber can be labeled as juice, add honey and warm water, honey, cucumber transferred into the water and better.


Banana peel is actually wrapped in a "sleeping pills", in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains may have the effect of magnesium for muscle relaxation elements. In addition, the banana low calorie, and fiber-rich foods, can promote bowel movements.

However, to note that bananas are not low calorie, every banana is containing 80 to 100 kcal (a bowl of white rice contains about 200 kilocalories). Bananas to light dinner before going to bed on the basis of diet. If the dinner to eat too much starch and meat, you eat bananas or better. Eating bananas before bed, eat a can.


If before going to bed hungry, we might use oatmeal as a midnight snack. Oats satiety index of corn, rice, noodles, whole wheat bread, nearly twice as much oats are rich in soluble fiber and protein, so give people a sense of fullness, which of course also can help you suppress appetite.

In addition to weight loss is a very good supper, Yan Huan Mai is a valuable bedtime Jiapin, containing plenty of N-acetyl--5 - methoxytryptamine. A small bowl of cooked cereal, add a little honey mixed in which is the re-fit, but the. Try Taikoutaikou the munch, sufficient to cover the holes in your teeth. Help sleep weight function! Occurred while oatmeal can induce melatonin, the promotion of sleep can play a small bowl of consequence, if a large number of chewing oatmeal, it would be better

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