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Sexy: man this view, women say

Since when do not know, "sexy" they quietly spread the word of China's north-south river. Suddenly one day, they heard the streets of people are saying "sexy" look at "sexy", wearing "sexy." Random google, type in "sexy" word alone, there are 1.85 million Chinese web pages, how astounding figure ah!
In this 1.85 million pages, there is no suspense, most of all those "sexy crush" - often scantily clad beauties or display our buns, or highlight hair flying Meiyanrusi, or put behavior among gesture to ... ... in addition to what "sexy lingerie", "sexy swimwear," and so on, which of course still "sexy crush." No wonder, sexy crush is the thousands of people are willing to look at, and whenever those of us who find it difficult to resist the souls. The United Kingdom alone, "FHM" magazine's annual all voted "the world's most sexy actress", we can see that "sexy" is how much popular.

While people all over the country, but keen of "sexy" in pop culture, I found a web page yet another "sexy": they can be "sexy Sports", "sexy perfume" or even a cell phone or car.

I can not help but ask, in the end what is sexy? To think about this question, I at some websites and BBS Forum issued a "sexy discussion" posts, posts, Lane raised three questions: 1. What is "sexy"? 2. You sexy direct association What is this? 3. Your sexy impression come from? Is also called the form of a questionnaire survey, sent 200 copies of 135 usable responses. The statistics, a total of 203 people participated in the discussion, including 158 males, accounting for 77.8%, 45 were women, accounting for 21.2%. The following is an analysis of the outcome of the discussions.

One, the men look like a woman

1. Sexy = plump breasts

In talking about what is "sexy", the fullness of the breasts champion, has become synonymous with sexy, followed by followed by legs, slender waist, Yuantun. There are 12 men that the addition to the above conditions, the women also must be flexible and smooth skin, but only three people mentioned the need to have a beautiful appearance. In addition, 158 men, only one person noted that a man's sexy, but did not comment on the men's sexy.

2. Sex: With regard to the direct association sexy

Participated in the discussion of men, when asked about the direct association what is sexy, they are almost identical saying: woman having sex with that sexy! The only difference is that some people have expressed the implicit, and some were more straightforward . Fewer than 3% of men would have thought that the scent of eyes, seducing, I put them to this type of association called "sex before the feelings prepared."

3. Magazines and image: the source of sexy

In answering the third question, 158 men were definitely sexy in the media in the dissemination of the decisive role played by the media to evolve into a sexy fashion. Direct dissemination of devaluation of the sexy ads, followed by the film, and network. 23 of them men admitted that their impression is that by looking at sexy A film was.

Second, a woman said a man

1. Office is in the details, see sexy

Compared with male participants in uniform answers, 45 women have had 45 different pairs of sexy description: a man after exercise odor, and washed after the soap smell, with magnetic voice, prominent Adam's apple ... ... I put the answers summed up as "in the details, see Department sexy." 1 User More bluntly, sexy for men is a constant, for a woman is a variable. It made a valid point.

Of course, many women note that while men's sexy, but also did not forget to discuss women in their sexy, but sexy for women, a considerable part of the Nvwang You agree that the perspective of men think first of all there should be a good body and charming eyes. The only difference is the appearance of women than men, more emphasis on the importance of beauty. While 21 females believed that women's sexy is just a feeling, or a temperament, there is no fixed standard.

2. Romantic nihilism: With regard to the direct association sexy

Compared with male sexy straightforward Lenovo, Lenovo will have to sexy women to nothing much more romantic. Women used to the smell of the body from the men and used items start association, such as the male body perfume, sweat, shampoo taste; men through the big shoes, shirts. The answer to all the recycling, the most straightforward expression is at best a man covered with muscle male imagination. This is with men accustomed to the association from the female genital mutilation could not be starker.

3. Fashion magazine gives us the definition of sexy

To participate in the discussion in this sexy women, there are 36 recognized learned by looking at fashion magazines, sexy trend. Another star effect and advertising also played a considerable role. It is noteworthy that many women faced with this kind of "sexy" propaganda, there is the psychological resistance, including two women, even declared that a woman's sexy should not be discussed in public.

Let's Talk Sexy Experience

Yelang (M): a woman's sexy, I would like to have a pair of good breast, so as to seize a man's eyes.

Jun blossoming (F): a woman, she had the devil's body, the skin is better, of course not to be white, there is a bright and clean, healthy color, eyes should be spirited, expressive, stare between, very feminine. Man, perhaps he must first have some manners, I think a factor is the highlight of sexy men, such as his Adam's apple, his distinctive nose, his broad shoulders, his beard just Guawan Fanqing the mouth, He Huai Xiao. For the men and women, sexy lips are the best elements. In addition, to some extent is a sexy charm. Beautiful, handsome and not necessarily a charm. A real charismatic person, not only attractive to the opposite sex, same-sex pairs are also attractive. However, it is a difficult capability. Also, sexy in the eyes of people there is commonality, of course, also non-common, that is the person you feel sexy, then sexy. As for the reason, can only realize can not explain in words. Let me not a proper answer for: those who walked on stage at the T-shaped catwalk woman, studio model of the human body, they have betrayed is sexy.

Xiao (female): Sexy is a kind of breath, only to smell the role to those who will not be a specific image; or that sexy is a kind of style, that is the kind of people seem very comfortable feeling.

Alai (Male): sexy, there should be some objective criteria, generally speaking, beauty is a sexy basic premise. However, if the doping of the subjective emotional factors, that's another matter. For example there is a sexy, is not readily available and eager to own the kind of thing. See a petite woman like a tall woman may find her sexy; long hair, bald men to see a man may feel he is very sexy. Another example there is a sexy, yes own, and identify things. Like to see the tall woman tall woman may find her sexy; see the bald man, bald men may feel he is very sexy. This is a resonance. Specifically, I think that looks very sexy woman breast-feeding. Also, because I am sporting it, so to see family-oriented sports men and women feel that they have sex.

No hormone (Female): I think that when a man working hard, he was focused, contemplative look very sexy. There is also a sexy yes Lenovo items, such as seeing a pair of significant numbers of men's shoes, or a thin ribbon of the women's high heels, all good sexy!

Feng blue sky (Female): I feel sexy is a unique familiarity, it is bad, good, wild, or exquisite fine, is the need for a background, that is, freedom and self-perception. Think about it, what a feeling sexy is very much in love people are not their own it? Which a person is not sexy like the freedoms? Here, also doped with a lot of cultural background, every race has a sexy person, has its own characteristics. For example, Tibet, sexy man on the back, or Arab men sexy beard, France, the amount of sexy men and lips, the German men's eyes ... ... As a woman, even more numerous! Chinese woman wrist bracelet, Marilyn Dreams Open to the face, the devil's body, or also that there are some breath, are easy to people of idle speculation. In addition, voice has a place, sexy is mainly infiltrated in every element of a live inside.

Veteran Tui Tang (M): color, smell, taste, shape, sound and other aspects of comprehensive consideration of several bar. For example Momoe Yamaguchi's voice, I felt very sexy when she was a girl when dumb as magnetically.

Tianyi (Male): Whether it can cause sexual reverie is absolutely essential feeling of reverie is sexy, if only caused by sexual desire, it is pornographic. The United States, and the want is sexy.

Aquilaria (female): Oh, for men, the women's sexy is a constant, and asked 10 men, 10 like the big chest; right woman, the man's sexy is a variable, vary. For example, Anjiu like glowing, and I like the tall thin one girlfriend, and a friend like a long beard, there is no one like the hair, there is a favorite for more than 50 years old, and very complicated.

Qi is another (male): First of all, as a man I never do not think that a man sexy; Secondly, allow me to aspire to the impossible woman has the following characteristics: 1. A pair of eyes is very imposing; 2. There is a 1-foot 8 below Man Yao; 3. Like to laugh and mouth-shaped beautiful; 4. The minds of intelligent and highly secure; 5. An independent and stronger. Sorry, I said sexy very specific, Hehe.

Jun also blossoming (female): Women as a whole is a sexy body lines highlight the United States, not just the face and chest size. Cheongsam can best embody the beautiful woman's charm, and this sexy almost forever.

When the sun from burning convergence, autumn, the beauty of the woman painting the Charm purple, reddish brown lips, filling mystery and charm, showing the full emotional maturity Qiyun, this is not sexy do? In a summer, I saw a girl, she painted ice blue eye shadow, fresh fruit jelly lip gloss locked playful youth, I think she is really a good sexy.

Implicit in the more often exposed to far more than sexy. Ancient China, a man infatuated with a woman that dumplings may be the same as their feet, and that Japanese men often like to smear a thick powder, wrapped in large kimono geisha. Woman in the bathing beach, giving the impression that is natural and healthy. Both men and women, he (she) temperament, Qiyun, may have its sexy flash moment.

Lao Pan (M): With regard to women's sexy, comrades almost seems to have said, first, a pair of good breast, but some men have other ringworm is good, love starting from the feet to see. I have a brother, a very shy, walking bow-third of girls had met, which fell to his foster good study habits of a woman's foot, he said that his sexual orientation and women's feet have been inextricably linked, and only a small The handsome feet in order for him to gush that everything ... ...

Ke Li (male): Yes Chest hair, dark skin, a robust physique, skinny's Lian Xing, the cold, the spirit of the man's sexy eyes ... ....

Xue (female): long eye teeth man makes me feel sexy; I love Stefanie's mouth, Fu Mingxia eyes, as well as Maggie Cheung maturity.

Szeretlek (Male): The male sexy? Should also be a bar eye is more important, such as Tony Leung.

Guangzhou, William (Male): a bit like a sexy perfume, although not quite clear, but still the same objective can be attractive to people flipping thing. For example, previously seen Agassi in a cover photo of young Agassi when young, blond hair flying, a scissors-lunge Internet batting, shirt off, exposing solid belly is really handsome spent. At the time I was still a student, I feel this is a man's sexy. Hindsight, "007" films, mainly attracted by Piersinan's style, his self-confidence while a pair of penetrating eyes, romantic suave, never short of money to spend, I feel this is a mature man sexy. Then hindsight that what Jones and the old "007" starring "will count on the count," I realized that the original wrinkled old man can be so sexy. However, it is summarized in the above-mentioned three individuals to a common ground together, is very difficult. Insist on say something, then I can only say that sexy is that they exude the kind of body attractiveness. As you can not say why perfume body beauty attracts like you, you could not tell what they are trying to attract what point you are, anyway, is that attracts you, this is sexy.

Jun blossoming (female): Let us look at the international women's aesthetic history of the body:

1. Great body (15th century AD to 18th century): see European classical painting know, and rounded, full, giving it a strong female sexy. Traditional image of a beautiful woman is a sacred mother.

2. Gourd-shaped body (19 century): As the name suggests, when the beauty must be a small slender waist type breast grows into hips, sexy and exaggeration.

3. Thin, and then thin (early 20th century to 50 years): Paris fashion designers created a new palace-style look - slim waist and a pair of slender legs straight, there is no point Xiaodu Zi is the most enviable . Audrey Hepburn is a symbol of that era.

4. Barbie doll figure (the 20th century, 40 years to 60 years): time classic beauties Marilyn Monroe, the standard skeleton son of more than meat.

5. Gu Ganmei people (the 20th century, 60 years to 70 years): This is the era of thin build, thin figure has become an inevitable standard, women are fat, produce fear of people. "Forrest Gump" where rock and roll youth Jenny is representative.

6. Muscle type (the 20th century, 80 years): Do a little body fat, arm, thigh and abdomen were full of muscles, slender waist, and even the most fashionable flat buttocks.

7. Wandering woman (20 century, 90 years): Kate Moss brought the "old society, wandering woman" shape concepts: emaciated, skinny, no muscle.

8. Health Line America (the 20th century, the late 90's to present): Fusion thin and fit, it is a moderate muscle lines the United States

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