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Six information kit on the note

For the kit of the attention, in the end that be? To this end, "Life Times" United People's Network Health Channel recently did a survey on the Internet. The survey, the majority of people are still very concerned about the kit: the 66.7% of people will look at each kit, with 26.7% of people sometimes look at kit, and another 5.6% of people read very little, and basically do not look. The purpose of looking at the kit, 86.7% of the people to choose for a better understanding on drug information in order to ensure safe medication, 6.7% of the people because of fear of fake drugs.

Attracted the greatest attention the contents of the kit is the production date and expiry date (76.7%), drug indications (58.9%), and usage dosage (58.9%). 48.9% of the people chose the main component of drug, 41.1% of them chose the name of the drug and the brand, 23.3% of the people chose the drug manufacturers, only 12.2% of them chose the approval of the symbol.

From the survey results, most people attach importance to the role of the kit, mostly from the kit on to learn more about drug information in order to ensure safe medication. But many people are not too concerned about the drug approval number, which may lead to a lot of people will be health care products as medicines, delayed the best time to treat the disease.

Kit is small, but contains almost all the most important drug information. If it be ignored, or even throw their words, not only for medication inconvenience, but also bring risks to the safety of drug use. Experts stressed that although there are countless types of kit, but generally speaking, the kit will contain 10 information. We first special attention is the following six aspects. They are: drug name, indication, valid, usage, dosage, approval number, as well as a special sign of certain drugs. Another drug manufacturer, pharmaceutical ingredients, storage methods, and adverse reaction information on these four should also take note of.

【Drug name】 distinguish between generic and commercial names

When everyone in the understanding of drugs, first of all will remember the name of the drug. But many people do not know that medicines are a matter of fact there are two names: Common names and commercial names. Common name refers to the name of the active ingredients of drugs, trade names are registered pharmaceutical companies for their products brand names. Smecta commonly used drugs, for example, Smecta commercial names of drugs, montmorillonite powder is its common name.

Generic drug names are Chinese Pharmacopoeia or the national drug standards require that the name of the same type of composition or pharmaceutical composition of the same formulation of the common name in China, with mandatory and binding. Thus, where the flow of drugs listed on its common name must be marked. The same drug can have many different trade names, such as roxithromycin have red must be g, Yan Di, Bi-Su Lin, Luo was, Lok Hei-ching, Hui Su, Fu Xin, Bei Ke, too child-yan , Franc star, Pu Hong, Hou Shu and other trade names. In addition, many common names are often the same as the trade names of various drugs, the price will be very different, such as major ingredients and indications are the same chloramphenicol eye drops, the price of different brands from 1.0 yuan to 9.0 per month.

Therefore, the patients to buy medicine when the drug is best able to distinguish between generic and commercial names, avoid wasting the money, but also avoid the duplication caused by medication side effects.

【Indications】 symptomatic medication of the most important

Different drugs will be for different causes and symptoms, so patients must buy medicine medication to see indications of drugs for symptomatic medication. This is true for OTC drugs (non-prescription drugs) is particularly important. As for the cold medicine, the new Contac are antipyretic analgesic category, Banlangen is anti-virus category, cefotaxime are antibiotics, if only to go along with television commercials, not only not cure disease, but will appear to other health risks.

【】 Labeling methods are two kinds of validity

Medicines and the existence of drugs have to be concerned about the validity of drugs, which is not at liberty to discard PCS important reason --- it can prevent you from eating expired medicine. There are two ways of labeling period, the first such as "valid until November 2009", indicates the drug to December 1, 2009 begin to lose; second, such as "production date in November 2009, valid for three years" , then the drug can only use to October 31, 2012. Even the imported medicine, said that according to this method must also be stated in Chinese.

【Usage consumption】 recognize the special doctor's orders

In the usage and dosage, if the patient is on their own in the pharmacy to buy OTC drugs, should be strictly in accordance with labeling on the drug kit. For prescription drugs, should also be noted that some physicians to prescribe medication in the kit when the pen marked on the usage and dosage. Annotation of general practitioners, and asked with the same kit will be on the mark, but some doctors based on patient's condition, age, physical health and make appropriate adjustments when a doctor should be subject to the exhortations and labeling. If a doctor marked usage and dosage kit, it should not be discarded in order to avoid inaccurate dosage.

【Approval number】 drugs, identity

Each specification of each drug has an approved number, this number is equivalent to people's identification number. Drug Approval Number of the format: Country medicine accurate +1 letter +8 digits.

The most easily confused with the drug font is "food" series, which in turn are divided into water font sizes and two kinds of health food. Fresh font is not included for therapeutic purposes of items, usually labeled as "quasi-Wei eat the word [era name] No. × number." Font refers to the health food health food, usually labeled as the "national food key word + number" or "Wei-Jian province referred to as + characters + number." Font sizes and eating health food products that can promote therapeutic efficacy of drugs. Patients to buy medicine when, in order to avoid being taken in, we must and passed国药准字号.

【Logo】 exclusive special attention to the special flag

In the upper left or upper right corner of kit positive, generally there will be a proprietary drug signs, these signs require special attention because they suggest the drug type and security.

Proprietary drug design has three categories, namely non-prescription drugs signs, external signs, and special management of drug-specific drug-specific signs.

Non-prescription medicines signs: OTC is the acronym for Over The Counter, it means that the consumer may from time after a doctor's prescription, directly from the pharmacy or pharmacies to buy medicines, but not under the guidance of medical professionals will be able to safe use of medicines. Printed on the kit on the OTC are divided into two kinds of red and green, red "OTC" is expressed as A non-prescription drugs, Green "OTC" is expressed as B non-prescription drugs. B high security non-prescription medicines, adverse reactions is small, such as vitamin supplements good multi-vitamin tablets and so on, they not only can be sold outside pharmacies, but also in supermarkets, hotels, department stores, etc. sale; A non-prescription drugs should the doctor's advice taking, as some of the common cold medicine, they just allow pharmacies to sell, but patients need to practice under the guidance of pharmacists to purchase and medication. Patients may be selected according to their own illness drugs, if mild, may wish to use drugs in the same green OTC, but if serious condition in respect of selected red and OTC, because the green OTC While more secure, but the potency is relatively weak.

Should be pointed out that some boxes of goods is also known as printed QS is a drug, which is more prevalent in a lot of false propaganda. Because QS refers to the food quality and safety, not be used as medicine, not to promote therapeutic effect.

Special symbol for external use drugs: Drugs for external use special signs are prominently marked in the kit of a "foreign" word, to remind patients with the drug for external use only, not oral.

Drug-specific signs special management: special management of drug-specific signs are divided into four kinds, namely, "fine" (psychotropic substances), "Ma" (Narcotic Drugs), "toxic" (the medical use toxic drugs) and radioactive patterns (radioactive pharmaceuticals ). These drugs are mostly prescription drug, to implement special management, and its side effects is very large, if you do not care by children or other people wrongly, then harm would be considerable.

Other details are not the let go

【Manufacturer】: the same drug and specifications produced by different manufacturers the role of drugs, quality, price and so may be different. Thus, when patients taking a certain drug manufacturers, effective when the need to continue taking in medicines is best able to tell the drug manufacturers.

【Pharmaceutical ingredients】: Most people are not too concerned about the medicines, because the medicines more professional, ordinary people can not read, but some special people for a particular drug ingredients sensitive to ethanol, as some people are sensitive to the to buy medicine when pay special attention to medicines, so as not to cause allergy.

【Methods】 Storage: The storage of drugs affecting the expiration date. Depending on the drugs generally choose a different storage environments. In general, drugs should be stored in dry, clean, dark, cool place.

【】 And 【adverse reactions contraindications】: Most of them are side effects of drugs, in addition to the characteristics of the drugs themselves, but also with the drug's physique, age, organ function and other related health conditions. Read adverse reactions when the drug can enhance self-monitoring, in the event of adverse reaction to take timely measures.

Contraindication refers hanged, disable the drug or disease of the crowd. Such as pregnant women taking certain drugs may lead to miscarriage or fetal malformation.

Finally, get the medicine should be concerned about after the kit is complete, there is no indentation, whether there is damage. If the injection should also be concerned about the seal is intact, the liquid if there are any omissions, precipitation, etc..

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