Monday, February 1, 2010

11 kinds of ways you from electromagnetic radiation

1. As far as possible to avoid the wireless phones

Radio in the magnetic field can be accumulated, so if possible, try to use the wired network, wired home security systems, cable entertainment system. If you must use a wireless network, sleep, and remember disconnected when not in use. As far as possible away from the router table and a child's bedroom.

  2. Choice of safe light bulbs

Avoid the use of fluorescent lamps. The use of light-emitting diodes, incandescent lamps, and do not in the room to install a dimmer switch.

  3. Away from the circuit breaker

The main circuit and circuit breakers in the 3-4 feet (0.9 meters to 1.2 meters) will release a huge electromagnetic, make sure your bed away from the circuit breaker.

  4. Select the old-fashioned telephone

Cordless phones and cell phone electromagnetic release is the same, although only time can there be in use. Avoid the use of those advanced digital wireless communications telephone.

  5. Avoid using Bluetooth headset

When using the cell phone calls to make use of speakers or wired headphones. Using a Bluetooth headset, you are exposed to electromagnetic waves has exceeded safety standards. The best short-distance calls using SMS, relatively safe. Do not let children use mobile phones or cell phones, except in emergency situations.

 6. Cell phone signals do not use the bad times

Weak cell phone signals do not use the time until a stable signal when the re-use. Because the cell phone when a weak signal of electromagnetic radiation will be more.

  7. Do not phone Do not waist

The safest place to put cell phone is a purse or briefcase. Because the electromagnetic fields within 3 feet (0.9 meters) will be dramatically reduced. Of course, no electricity or shut down when the body is not placed in any danger, if the phone has power when you have to carry around, let your body toward the small keyboard, so the battery's side will be towards the outside.

  8. The laptop from your lap to take open

Some people like curled on the sofa, put laptop on lap, in fact, it is unhealthy, especially when the laptop plugged in when the. Experts suggest the best in the laptop is fully charged before use, and then the place of the farther.

  9. Unplug your electrical appliances do not use the bolt with

If your kitchen with coffee pot, pots, pans, food processing machines or other facilities of kitchen appliances when not in use to ensure that their power is broken. Similarly, the alarm clock, MP3 chargers and other electrical appliances when not in use must disconnect the power.

  10. To use LCD screen, no plasma

If you want to upgrade TV, on the choice of LCD screen, do not choose a plasma TV or old-fashioned displays. Radiation would be less because the LCD.

  11. Detection of electromagnetic field house

If you suspect your house exceeds the safety level of the magnetic field, so that the property detection device detecting electromagnetic houses look, it is often free of charge

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