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The new concept of healthy living to eat first, or the first soup

The advent of winter, the temperature is low, Japanese short and the nights long, the relative reduction in human activity, increased appetite. In our diet to increase energy use, apart from the cold. Do not just to satisfy the appetites at the expense of the physical conditioning and maintenance. Xiao Bian family life you have been solicited specifically for the types of food for winter health information, so that you and your family healthy and happy every day!

 A new concept of a feeding points of time

Scientists recently the food is divided into day two broad categories of food and food at night. Day of food, mainly containing oxygen, and is rich in solar energy, the most suitable for 6:00 to 15:30 between the consumption. Included in this list are beef, lamb, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, green peas, and so on. Food is rich in carbon dioxide at night, with moonlight like the cold energy. Such foods are apples, bananas, pears, potatoes, cucumber, dried fruit, dairy products, fish, eggs, etc., preferably arranged to eat after 15:30. This arrangement not only helps to lose weight, there are certain health benefits.

 The two talk about the new concept of eating in order

Saying Minyan,Before eating soup like owning prescription. On the point of clear soup with rice has two kinds of food. And are consistent with science. Drink a few mouthfuls of soup before a meal, equivalent to the digestive tract added a point "lubricant" so that the food was a smooth swallow and prevent dry hard foods to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, to the benefit of GI on food digestion and nutrient absorption , and can to some extent to reduce esophagitis, gastritis and other diseases. (If the opposite, do not drink water before meals, it will dilute the gastric juice, affecting digestion and absorption of food.) Besides fruits, the main ingredient is fructose, without going through the stomach to digest, but rather directly into the small intestine is the body of the absorption.

The rice, pasta, meat and other ingredients including starch and protein food, you need to stay in the stomach for some time. If the meal before eating, vegetables, eat fruit, slow digestion of starch, protein will hinder digestion of fruit faster, leading to mix together all the food in the stomach, fruits in the gastrointestinal 37 ℃ high temperature, resulting in fermentation reactions and even corrupt , causing flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, giving a negative impact on the digestive tract.

Therefore, the experts recommend that people eat the best when the lines in accordance with this order, that is a rice soup vegetables, a meat, a half hour after eating fruit. If you eat a squid, lobster, algae and other seafood are rich in protein and minerals, shall be postponed to the time consumption of fruit and 2 ~ 3 hours later, should not the two with the drinking, especially persimmons, pomegranates, grapes, red bayberry , sour grapefruit and so on. The reason is that these fruits are more acid in the saddle blanket. Not only reduces the nutritional value of protein, but also easy with seafood in calcium, iron and other combined to produce a new non-digestible material, loss of pleasure of eating delicious still Secondly, the worse may also stimulate the gastrointestinal caused nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms, asThe root of disease.

 A new concept of the three not to be the appearance, taste Heroes

Do not buy food, a trick to beauty and ugliness, taste as the standard, or may be related to many health food "missed."

Let me start bar look and feel. With leeks, for example, those "beautiful" and mostly through the growers carefully "attended to" or "dressing" get out of the most commonly used way is by means of pesticides, because pesticides not only kill insects have the effect of fertilizer, So, the playing time of a natural pesticide to play, not to strike when the photo is not wrong to fight, leading to leek in the pesticide's "nourishment," under the out come, "Chuchudongren. "Pleasing look, but will harm you or bad to discuss Mo.

Besides bananas, according to Japanese scientists, the greatest contribution of the banana contains ingredients that have anti-cancer effect - TNF, and TNF in those more mature, more spots on the skin of the banana in the more hidden. In other words, the more ugly the more bananas to cancer. As for the bean sprouts, long or short good to you? When the soybeans in a particular environment, issued a bud, the only retained the nutritional characteristics of soybean, but also give birth to a number of new nutrients, such as carrots increased by 2 ~ 3 times increase in vitamin B2 2 ~ 5 times, 2.5 times increase in nicotinic acid, vitamin B12 increased by 9 to 10 times the vitamin C from scratch. In particular, germination of 3 ~ 4 cm, this time you have when "flowers to be worthy of Zhai Zhai straight." If you want to and so on, it looks a little longer, but will gradually reduce the nutrient content.

Taste then? U.S. researchers recently found that many people do not like the taste of certain vegetables, in fact, the poor taste is the plant in the long process of evolution, in order to protect their own development and the formation of natural pesticides and other chemical constituents , consumption of these chemicals can enhance the strength of the human body against cancer. For example, bitter taste it, the Pacific, there is a known as theFijiCountry with more than 60 million people who have been so far none of the victims of cancer, known as "no cancer of the country", it benefited from a kind of bitter food - dried apricots. Dried apricots contain natural enemies of cancer cells - vitamin B17. The main components of this vitamin cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde, glucose, etc., while the chemical properties of cyanide is not very lively, but it can effectively kill cancer tissues, and does not harm human normal cells.

  New concept of the four frequently changes the pattern to have fewer cancer

Scientists, the latest survey data show that eating a single, long-term partial eclipse, picky eaters-induced cancer is the culprit. The study found that a long period of maize, potato, beans and other foods rich in crude fiber staple food, esophagus, stomach and other upper gastrointestinal tract cells, easy to wear and tear of food, which requires a considerable number of proteins to repair it. If the diet lacks protein, which may lead to abnormal upper gastrointestinal epithelial cell differentiation, cell defects serious, so as to promote the early onset of cancer. For a long time with too much meat and other fat-containing food-eating, fat, easy to lower digestive tract, namely, the large intestine, pancreas and other organs gathered around, forming a thick layer of fat, membrane, thus affecting the cells break down, resulting in epithelial cell proliferation, the time Similarly, induced a long-cancerous.

  New concept of the five colors of the article do a good job

What are the most nutritious foods? What are the greatest contribution of food on health? Dazzling hidden in a farm where the fight against disease, "arsenal" and that "Armory"Village of weapons in medicine known as plant nutrition, plant nutrition and food which is closely related to the color.

With red or purple, for example. These colors of vegetables or fruits contain anthocyanins, with a strong role in anti-hardening of the arteries that can prevent the onset of diseases such as heart attack or stroke. These foods are black strawberry, cherry orange, eggplant, plums, red grapes, red apples, red cabbage, black pepper, red wine and so on.

Besides orange, with carrots as the representative of the carotene contained in the eye and skin health will help reduce the risk of cancer. Such as oranges, pumpkin, apricots, mango and sweet potato and so on.

Yellow do? Is rich in lutein to prevent cell damage, we can better protect the eyes, contribute to prevention and treatment of cataract and macular deterioration. Such as nectarines, oranges, papayas, peaches, pineapple, orange and yellow sleeves.

Green has the advantage of a natural chemical composition of rich, can stimulate the liver produces anti-cancer enzymes, such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage Lai, cauliflower and so on.

Finally, a white, such as garlic and onions contain allicin. It is the battle with cancer "fighters." Mushrooms lodged there with the other diseases of the chemical composition. A common feature of such foods are rich in flavonoids, could play a cardiac careCancerAnd other health effects. Therefore, the arrangements for recipes to take full account of food color to make your table colorful four seasons, you will benefit

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