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11 small-signal prompted to physically ill

Many people busy at work all day or for the home of the tired, very rarely taking the time to go to a hospital or medical center for medical checkup. Minor illnesses in general is a small disaster on the tolerance Nengren able delaying tactics that lead to serious illness when the rush into the hospital in, thus missing the best time for treatment.

As the saying goes, "sick as a mountain down." In fact, the occurrence and development of any disease has a process in the former there are some unexpected harbinger of the body, but not caused us enough emphasized. As health awareness increases, we should send bad signals the body to give enough attention to avoid serious accidents.

China's ancient times, "My fate is in my absence days, the slogan" This is really a revolutionary slogan, for our modern apply, the emphasis is not to put all of the body to the inertia of ignorance. Health is their own, in addition to himself, someone else who can do so at any time and meticulous care? So, please let us do the masters of their own health bar!

What are small problems take a look at the body telling you: Dangerous 啦!

  1, to get up after the four signals

One Day at different stages of the bad feelings of the body, that is, to send warning signals to your health.

● If the morning wake up dizzy, dizziness, may be that there is a cervical bone hyperplasia, or high blood viscosity and other diseases;

● If you wake up 20 minutes after the swelling of the activities are not completely disappeared, suggesting that there may be kidney or heart disease;

● early morning nausea and vomiting, except for reasons of pregnancy, such as every morning so, is likely to be sick with chronic gastritis or liver and gallbladder;

● early morning urine, if the urine brown, suggesting liver problems may occur.

  2 in the morning on the microscope face

Observed when the mirror face to see his face there is nothing unusual --

● If you find yourself face flushing may be related to heart disease or hypertension-related;

● If the face with a yellow, but also accompanied by physical fatigue, is likely to be jaundice hepatitis;

● If found to eye color change, congestion, turbidity, color yellow, they should immediately go to the hospital to see a doctor;

● If the eyelids pale, suggesting that may be suffering from iron deficiency anemia;

● If the cornea appears fuzzy gray ring ring, indicating the heart may be a problem, if it is 30-50 year old male should immediately went to the hospital.

  3, brushing teeth, pay attention to the tone

● If the gums bleeding when brushing teeth, periodontal disease is likely to be, because if dental health is not bleeding. Dental bleeding may also be related with liver disease. This phenomenon is common in patients with chronic liver disease, but also accompanied by nose bleeding and menorrhagia. The main reason is the liver cell injury, the liver produces coagulation factors decrease the function, followed by coagulation disorder occur. General dental bleeding hepatitis patients can take vitamin C, vitamin K, and other hemostatic to alleviate the condition.

● If there is bad breath, breath heavy, it may be caused by periodontal disease, while the stomach, liver disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases or lack of trace elements zinc and vitamin B can cause bad breath. For example, Helicobacter pylori infection can cause persistent bad breath, but also often accompanied by varying degrees of hunger and stomach pains. Once Chibaohezu, will be followed to reduce bad breath, and as Helicobacter pylori cure bad breath will go away.

● Ammonia Odor should pay particular attention to the mouth of renal health. When renal failure, the lack of normal metabolism, the body creatinine, blood urea nitrogen increased, the population will have a very particular smell of ammonia.

  4, diet harbinger of serious illness on the

● If you always feel thirsty, you want to look up glucose and impaired glucose tolerance to see if there may be diabetes;

● If the 4-5 o'clock in the morning wake up there is a strong flustered hunger, and accompanied by asthenia, eat breakfast until after the uncomfortable feeling gradually disappeared, suggesting that may be diabetes-prone;

● If you eat greasy food after upper abdominal pain, and radiation to the right shoulder back, is likely to be suffering from liver and gallbladder diseases;

● If the appetite, hyperactivity, weight is reduced, may be suffering from hyperthyroidism;

● If there is no appetite to see the greasy on the nausea, fatigue, may be suffering from hepatitis;

● If Sibuzhiwei, accompanied by palpitations, more dreams, insomnia. This means that cardiac function had been damaged and is caused by excessive physical exertion. When the mouth dry, tongue thick, not taste the taste of food, particularly when we must guard against and prevent heart disease occurrence.

● If the meal is always there acid reflux, abdominal distension or abdominal pain, embolism, suggesting that food product, and we should eat more fresh vegetables, meals should pay attention to light, in order to easy to digest.

  5, the warning signal for the hand

● observe their own hands, if we find finger knuckle is more bulky than might be suffering from more severe lung disease;

● If the nails grow slowly, there is no gloss and yellowing thickening, suggesting that something had gone wrong the lymphatic system;

● If the back of the hand vein prominent, and with increasing age, becoming increasingly obvious, but also prompts the possibility of heart problems;

● If the palm of your hand reddening may be liver problems and endocrine disorders;

● If the over-excitement or tension often wet when the palms sweat, there may be thyroid abnormalities;

● hand-shaking could be hyperthyroidism, it could be Parkinson's disease.

  6, the warning signal for the eye

● visual disturbances, dry eyes are not clear about something. This is a harbinger of a weak liver function. If pressing a liver four weeks, there will be swollen feeling, when in addition to timely medical assistance, but also paid attention to using eye health, do not let the eyes too tired.

● If there are frequent eye pain, in addition to using eye fatigue, the elderly happen to beware of glaucoma;

Ophthalmologist after an investigation found that people prone to eye fatigue factor to the following four aspects:

  Eye factors:Was mainly due to refractive errors, Yongyanguoduo, eye disease, eye abnormalities, etc. making.

  Physical and life factors:People over 40 years of age, the eyes begin to age, but not any in time with reading glasses, then prone to eye fatigue.

  Environmental factors:Lack of work or study workplace lighting, reading and writing and working long hours, sight distance is not fixed, such as: read, write and work on the travel and so on, can cause eye stress. Eyes work overload, not only prone to eye fatigue, but also cause short-sightedness and other diseases.

  7, ears always hum

This is the gradual decline of renal function in the signal, sometimes accompanied by quick-fix, back pain, frequent urination and other symptoms, work too tired of people paying particular attention to, in order to work and rest to avoid fatigue and less alcohol, eat less ginger, pepper and other irritating strong food.

  8, the warning signal for the nose

Nose ineffective, and often cough, breathing difficulties and sometimes it is a sign of the gradual decline of lung function. First, the patient should pay attention to diet, quit smoking or control, and do not and regular smokers together. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to enhance physical exercise, to prevent the occurrence of pulmonary complications.

  9, the warning signal for the mouth

Lips felt numb, body wasting away. This shows that the gradual decline of pancreatic function, mainly due to eating disorders, hunger and eat improper, because the pancreas is not good, would bring disaster to the stomach, when the stomach is jeopardized, it will obviously become dry lips. Then in addition to adjust your diet, but also careful not to eat cold, greasy food.

  10, difficulty climbing stairs

● on the stairs if they feel rapid heart beat, palpitation, chest tightness, showed that heart function is weak;

● if they feel chest feel oppressed, this is a dangerous signal, we should find time to see a doctor as soon as possible.

11, work in the signal

● work, if they feel bad memory, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and atherosclerosis may be caused by;

● If you regularly doze off, in addition to lack of sleep, we must also think more of the other reasons;

● If the back pain, in addition to muscle pain, spine or internal organs may also have a defect;

● If the stretching when the back pain, most have to consider sitting posture

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